It turns out toddlers aren’t colorblind after all. April 29, 2011
A very good friend of mine is half-Mexican and half-Native-American.  She is my daughter’s best friend FOREVER, amen.  Charlotte LOVES her, cannot get enough of her, would totally run off with her and join a band of roaming gypsies if it →MORE...

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I am reasonably certain that I will never live this down. April 28, 2011
I felt the predator before anything else.  I felt fear.  Maybe it was a smell that I could not consciously register or a sound that I didn’t quite overlook or a sight at the end of my visual range…or maybe it →MORE...

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How much do these photos make me want to burst into song? April 27, 2011
Answer: VERY MUCH.

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My lion. April 27, 2011
Lately Charlotte has been engaging in what can only be called imaginative play.  She pretends to tie her shoelaces, then stands up and says DONE!  She gnaws at the air around her fist and when I ask what she’s doing, she →MORE...

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A trim. April 26, 2011
That old orange tree died well over a year ago and has been standing there looking hideous ever since.  Now that it’s been cut down, two other backyard trees are receiving much-needed light. I’ve spent a lot of time dwelling on →MORE...

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Letter to my schatzi: 21 months. April 26, 2011
Dear Charlotte, You turned twenty-one months amazing last week and all we have to show for it is a bouncing little girl.  This boggles the mind, little bird.  How your father and I ever created YOU, someone so much better than →MORE...

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On friends and love aunts. April 22, 2011
I think you probably recognize two of the girlies in this picture.  The other two are my daughter’s Aunt L and Aunt M.  We are old friends.  Old, old friends. There is a beauty in enduring friendships that I cannot quite →MORE...

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Busy busy. April 21, 2011
After three weeks of GO! GO! GO!, our family has one last crazy weekend – this one packed with an enormous family dinner, two egg-hunts, an annual Easter celebration, quite a bit of yard-work, a belated Earth Day event, and spending →MORE...

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My child’s treasures. April 21, 2011
A pinecone from our backyard.  A handful of bird cherries from the neighbor’s trees.  A bit of cactus scraped off.  A sweet pea from her grandmother’s garden.  Perfection.

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The sweetest sight. April 19, 2011
After a late night filled with bitter herbs and dayenu, I wake up to your ten little piggies in the dark before morning begins.  This is always, Charlotte, my very favorite way to start a day.  I wait for the moon →MORE...

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Full spring beauty. April 19, 2011

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This is what I believe. April 18, 2011
“I don’t get it,” the e-mail reads.  “What do you believe?” Naturally, it’s the sort of message that catches your eye when you find it in your inbox.  I wrote back immediately.  Believe about WHAT?! I mean, are we talking about →MORE...

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Kiss kiss. April 15, 2011
Our recent battle has been convincing Charlotte that counters are not for standing on.  Ever.  Under any circumstances.  NO MATTER WHAT.  But when she does something as sweet as this (“KISH MAWMAW, KISH MAWMAW”) it’s hard to keep a straight face →MORE...

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National Library Week and a book called The Library. April 15, 2011
This week is National Library Week, a celebration hosted by the American Library Association.  As such, Steph asked me a couple weeks ago to contribute to Offbeat Mama by writing a post about libraries.  She left it pretty open-ended.  So I →MORE...

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A message from Charlotte to you. April 14, 2011
YO PEEPS, Let me tell it to you straight.  One day my momma was all about telling me to talk.  USE YOUR WORDS, BABY, she begged. And I was like, whatever, crazy woman who birthed me.  I’ll use my words in →MORE...

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Scenes from a Sunday. April 12, 2011
As she wakes up in the morning, Donald asks her how she slept.  Did she have beautiful dreams?, he asks.  She nods.  What did you dream of?, I probe.  FISHIES!, she exclaims.  We babble about the fish a bit and Donald →MORE...

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This one’s for Anaya. April 11, 2011
I believe in milk-sharing.  Informal.  Formal.  All of the above. This is a hard topic to broach with people because formal milk-sharing – that is, donating milk to a local bank where it is pasteurized and homogenized and then either donated →MORE...

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Fuhvee. April 11, 2011
Recently, Charlotte started saying FUHVEE pretty much all.the.time. It turns out that FUHVEE is Toddler-glish for HARVEY.  And that every cat in the world, no matter the sex or the color or the poofiness factor, is named Harvey in Toddler-land. Good →MORE...

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It seemed like a good idea at the time… April 08, 2011
...but now she pushes this chair around everywhere, wriggles up, stands upon it like the queen of the world, discovering the secrets we keep four feet or more off the ground.  I hover about her everywhere, hoping that she does not →MORE...

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Creekside. April 06, 2011
A few hundred feet from our house, there is a small creek.  It dribbles slowly, languidly in the summer until there is nothing left but succulent greens and thirsty bugs.  But given enough rain it will flow with a passion in →MORE...

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Millie in the sunlight. April 04, 2011

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I feel a sudden urge to purge this house of markers. April 04, 2011
She comes to me with a fistful of colored pencils that she found while rummaging about in the art cabinet.  MAWMAW, she exclaims, holding the colored pencils out to me.  CAN! (crayon) She’s close enough, so I don’t correct her.  I →MORE...

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The fuzzy black caterpillar. April 01, 2011
“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”- Hans Christian Anderson I left something outside on the porch to dry and when Donald collected it in the evening, there was a fuzzy →MORE...

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She makes my heart sing, this one. April 01, 2011

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Always back to the chemicals. April 01, 2011
I’ve been reading Katy Farber’s blog, Non-Toxic Kids, for awhile now.  I have a list of blogs like hers that I appreciate and although they make me think, challenge me as a mother, convince me to write to my congressional representatives, →MORE...

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