Let’s just hope she develops her punchlines a bit before sending her resume to SNL. May 31, 2011
Charlotte tells jokes now.  JOKES!  Like a real person or something! About a month ago, it became clear that she has all of her colors down.  She can differentiate between BOWN! (brown), GAY! (grey), YEH-YO! (yellow), OWAGE! (orange), PEEK! (pink), WED! →MORE...

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Gnome-hunting. May 27, 2011
Over the past few weeks, the way that Charlotte plays has drastically changed.  I keep telling people this, trying to put my finger on HOW it changed and WHAT is different, but all I can come up with is that it →MORE...

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Rae Gun’s circus elephant onesie and diaper cover. May 27, 2011
Cute, cute, cute. Rae Gun’s circus elephant on Etsy | Rae Gun’s blog

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My baby loves me. May 25, 2011
“Golly,” I tell her, sweeping her bangs to the side, “I sure do love you.” She smiles coyly, tilts her head to the side, blushes, scampers away.  Two seconds later, she returns with a yellow dandelion in her hand.  She holds →MORE...

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Breastfeeding yoga. May 25, 2011
I posted a link to this photograph on my Facebook page over the weekend, but I am still so impressed by it that I can’t help but post it again.  The human body is amazing.  And.  Just.  Wow. If you happen →MORE...

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Mama Kopp’s Curious George wooden toy. May 24, 2011
Oh my goodness, children’s fiction meets wood toy meets beautiful water-colors?  This woman is after my heart. Mama Kopp’s Curious George toy on Etsy

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Making hollyhock honey. May 24, 2011

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Naptime: IT’S A BATTLEFIELD. May 23, 2011
Luckily, my enemy is adorable and smothers me with kisses when she wakes up.  Otherwise I would never survive.

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Critter Monday: thieving child. May 23, 2011
Our daughter is completely and wholly obsessed with chicken grit.  I keep telling her that the grit is just small stones and oyster shells - both of which are readily available to her in her sensory kit, at her grandparents house, →MORE...

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Stay tuned. May 23, 2011
A couple months ago, I received an invitation from Healthy Child, Healthy World to begin receiving their blogger newsletter.  Usually I turn these sorts of invitations down, but I have a very soft spot for Healthy Child, Healthy World.  As I’ve →MORE...

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Letter to my starshine: 22 months. May 20, 2011
Dear Charlotte, I have no idea where the last month went.  It feels like I sat down yesterday to write you a letter saying that you were 21 months old. On that note, it feels like a couple days ago I →MORE...

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Mulberry season is my favorite by far. May 18, 2011

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Toilet Training, Part 3: REVERT. May 16, 2011
I had a completely different post planned for part-three and that post pretty much said BOW BEFORE ME, FOR MY DAUGHTER CAN USE A TOILET, but it turns out that the universe is basically good for one thing and that one →MORE...

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Summertime creek. May 16, 2011
Our creek is still running, but it has dried up considerably with the heat of the last few weeks.  It rained this weekend, so here’s hoping that there is a bit more water when I take Charlotte there this afternoon!

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You may grow, but… May 13, 2011
We’re waking up in the morning, a tangled mess of legs and sheets and frantic cries for milk.  She suckles and we lay in silence listening to the neighbor’s rooster and she twirls her hair around her finger and smiles coyly →MORE...

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A few books about babies. May 12, 2011
It’s been awhile since I featured any books here and my only excuse is that we’ve been busy.  But you know what they say about excuses – THEY ALL STINK – so I guess it’s time to just move on and →MORE...

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SEFF!, she cried.  SEFF SEFF SEFF. May 10, 2011
Over the past few weeks, Charlotte has entered a new phase of toddlerhood and OH MY GOODNESS it is kicking my ass.  It is the phase of SEFF!, which in Toddler-glish means SELF!  As in: I can do it myself, mother, →MORE...

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Celebrating you, celebrating us. May 09, 2011
This was the third year that I celebrated Mother’s Day as a mother or a mother-to-be.  It was pretty awesome.  Flowers.  Omelets.  Mulberries.  Family pictures.  Cards.  Sweet pea seeds.  Hugs.  Gardening.  Laughter.  Phone calls from friends.  Jokes with my grandmother.  Tortillas →MORE...

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Walking at the zoo. May 09, 2011

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Trying to look regal. May 06, 2011
...but I know the truth.  Anything with that much fluff simply isn’t meant to be taken seriously.  Don’t look at me that way, Leroy.  Take it up with evolution.

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A welcome reminder: to love, to cherish, to appreciate, and to not bash Twitter too often. May 06, 2011
Last night, our city was on fire.  We found out when we were walking home from dinner with my parents.  Hey Sarah, the neighbor called out.  Do you see the fire? And, sure enough, there it was.  A bulb of glowing →MORE...

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This one is for a superprincess. May 05, 2011
It is warming up in southern California.  Yesterday, it reached somewhere around five billion degrees in the shade and it took all of my superhero powers to think up a park in the area with shaded slides. Just for the record, →MORE...

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Tippy toes. May 04, 2011
Her favorite mode of transportation…

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Why aren’t Californian schools involved in the Green Ribbon Schools program? May 04, 2011
Last week, the Department of Education unveiled a new Green Ribbon Schools program.  The program, if I understand the literature, is basically designed to encourage schools to become more sustainable, more involved in child health, and more focused on shaping environmentally-conscious →MORE...

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Our spring morning routine. May 03, 2011
It’s the perfect sort of morning.  Quiet.  Light.  We eat breakfast.  We take a walk.  We water the squash, the pumpkins, the melons.  We open the chicken coop.  We feed the cats.  We release the hounds.  We water the strawberries, the →MORE...

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The night Osama bin Laden died. May 02, 2011
My parents called last night. “Since you don’t have a television,” they said, “we thought you probably don’t know yet that Osama bin Laden is dead.” In my entire life, there have been exactly three times that I can remember WANTING, →MORE...

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