Summer heat. June 30, 2011
I recognize that TECHNICALLY summer just started a few days ago and that all this warm weather I’ve been calling summer was REALLY spring and what-not, but apparently southern California didn’t get the memo that summer is just beginning.  I know →MORE...

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Bedtime for a hummingbird. June 29, 2011
When I drop her in the bed, she whimpers, fusses, cries.  NOOOO!, she exclaims.  She twists onto her belly in protest, pushes me away.  Sweetheart, I coo.  It’s okay.  We’re just lying down.  NO SLEEPING ALLOWED!, I tell her. She giggles.  →MORE...

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I have been reduced to talking about cat turds. June 28, 2011
Last night, determined to outwit the birds that keep eating my seeds before they germinate, I went out at dusk to plant new melon, squash, and gourd seeds in our field.  The cats were, naturally, very curious about what I was →MORE...

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If this man keeps adoring his daughter… June 24, 2011
...he will never be under-sexed again.  Oh my.

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Our summer. June 23, 2011
We’ve been filling our summer with hikes in the local canyons, waiting until we cannot see a single person, then whooping at the top of our lungs.  It feels powerful.  And we’ve been filling our summer with chalk drawings scattered across →MORE...

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On the road toward a plastic-free life. June 23, 2011
I remember bumping into Greenpeace volunteers several summers back at the grocery store.  One of the volunteers said that he had to stand in the sweltering heat collecting signatures about climate change when he could be playing with his kids because →MORE...

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The baby-wearing daddy. June 23, 2011
Whenever Donald wants to get any yardwork done that isn’t too dangerous (like taking down an overgrown shrub), he straps Charlotte on his back.  He thinks it’s practical.  I think it’s sweet.  She thinks it’s boring.

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Letter to my warrior: 23 months. June 21, 2011
Dear Charlotte, The last month has been really rough for our family, in large part because all three of us spent the majority of it sick.  Coughing until we vomited and/or bled sick.  High fevers sustained over several days regardless of →MORE...

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For they are the sultans of my heart. June 20, 2011
I’ve been thinking for weeks about what to write for Father’s Day. Do I write about my grandfather?  About my father?  About my husband? Everything I can think of to say about these men – about the men who created me, →MORE...

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The postcards. June 16, 2011
“Dear Charlotte,” it begins.  “You’re here!” I scribbled my first note to my daughter while she lay peacefully in my arms the day after her birth.  I had searched for months during my pregnancy for the PERFECT postcard – and I →MORE...

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How I measure my parenthood. June 16, 2011
Sometimes I look at the bottoms of her feet at the end of the day and I think that if they’re filthy - covered in mud from walking barefoot through the garden, or covered in paint from swishing a paintbrush to →MORE...

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A pea plant in the garden. June 16, 2011
A few weeks back, it became apparent that the beets we were letting go to seed were much larger than we had thought they would be.  They grew over seven feet high!  Because we had not foreseen this, when I planted →MORE...

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On the state of the blog.  And me. June 14, 2011
After reading through the comments and e-mails (and a couple pissed off text messages from buddies), MAYBE I SHOULD CLARIFY…I am not going anywhere.  I am not discontinuing my website; it is here to stay, I think. The truth is that →MORE...

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Lately. June 13, 2011
There are so many things that I want to write about. I want to write about adoption – how the conversations in my little family over the past few months have rocked my world.  I want to write about our homestead →MORE...

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Hiking day. June 09, 2011
In the morning, the sunlight was peeking into the bedroom windows when I woke up.  I looked outside and I knew that it was a hiking day. Warm weather makes my legs itch for the trail, makes my heart yearn for →MORE...

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Superheroes also breed potty-mouths. June 07, 2011
After years of not being a gardener – not even, in fact, taking the time to mow the lawn most weeks – it is a bit of a shock to me that this year gardening is our number one activity.  But →MORE...

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Children, I think, are one part mud and two parts magic. June 06, 2011
Because Donald and I were both born and bred here – right down the rival high school attendance – we have the good fortune to live very near people we bonded with over crayons, hopscotch, and summertime popsicles. Scratch that.  My →MORE...

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I have become THAT woman. June 03, 2011
Sometimes I go somewhere and leave my baby in the capable hands of relatives.  Relatives like my parents who managed to get me to my 18th birthday with all limbs intact.  So obviously that means they’re trustworthy with a three-foot-tall dictator. →MORE...

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Communicating through…chalk? June 02, 2011
I asked Charlotte how she slept?  And did she have beautiful dreams?  And how was she feeling today?  Like a pirate or a mermaid or a wizard or a silly little girl? She said CHALK!  So I gave her chalk.  And →MORE...

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