Four years. July 29, 2011
To my hubby, We celebrated four years of marriage yesterday.  I feel like two minutes ago I was peeking out the window, seeing you tall and handsome, eager to get this show on the road.  Then I blinked.  Now we’re here. →MORE...

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It’s been awhile since I regaled you with a tale about my boobs. July 27, 2011
Yesterday when we were out, Charlotte requested MOOK! PEAS! (milk, please).  It was a hot day, so I looked around for a bench in the shade.  I found one, not altogether secluded and not altogether open, and I cradled my two-year-old →MORE...

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Learning to swing. July 27, 2011

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The bully. July 25, 2011
Charlotte encountered her very first bully at the park last week. It’s not that she hasn’t been pushed around before, because she has.  She’s had her hair pulled and her toes smashed and her face gnawed into by an overexcited eleven-month-old.  →MORE...

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I almost forgot to tell you that our entire family dynamic has changed! July 22, 2011
As a heads-up, this illustration by Alicia Stucky is one of my favorite works of art ever.  It is exactly 500% awesome.  Please, everyone, give her some love. On our afternoon walk a few days ago, Donald stopped suddenly in the →MORE...

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Alicia Stucky.  Read.  Love.  Be inspired. July 22, 2011
I have been reading Alicia’s blog for…awhile.  A year?  Longer?  I don’t know.  I lost track. Recently, she created this, a breastfeeding illustration she entitled “Gesture”: Please click here to see the original post. Which is beautiful.  Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. She →MORE...

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Two. July 20, 2011
My baby is two years darling today.  We are spending time with good friends, learning to say ‘hello beautiful’ in Farsi, baking herb bread with fresh garden rosemary.  We are napping pressed together in the bedroom, playing puzzles as long as →MORE...

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Cherokee trail of teans bean. July 19, 2011
Donald has a small fraction of Cherokee in him on both sides of the family.  He has exactly zero cultural ties with the Cherokee nation, but I bought a few different Cherokee crop seeds anyway.  I thought it might be fun →MORE...

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A fraction less plastic. July 18, 2011
My family had a very positive weekend on the plastic-free front.  We purged our house of plastic Tupperware and replaced them with BPA-free glassware. Almost.  We left a couple larger plastic pieces, but will eliminate those as soon as we pick →MORE...

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Growing pup. July 18, 2011
Millie is nearly seven months old at this point and HOLY COW has that dog grown.  When we brought her home, she was smaller than our (then) kittens.  I carried her in a sling for easily the first month we had →MORE...

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Grandmother. July 18, 2011
My mother-in-law came into town recently.  Charlotte took to her like a fish to water. Do you have any treasured memories with a grandparent?

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Sadly, I have no one to blame but myself. July 14, 2011
I’m not sure exactly when it began, but at some point several months ago Charlotte became obsessed with descriptive words.  BOO-FUL!  Beautiful.  COOT!  Cute.  CAZY!  Crazy.  HAPPY!  Happy.  SEEPY!  Sleepy. And, of course, BIG! and ITTEL! Charlotte gives big and little →MORE...

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All you need is love. July 13, 2011
One of the hardest parts of parenting a toddler is, for me, that my daughter spends so much time in her own little world.  I wonder how much of her surroundings really sift through the whimsy and the fantasy and the →MORE...

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Taking flight. July 11, 2011

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Kids. July 11, 2011
My cousin announced her pregnancy over the weekend.  After the usual YOO-HOO and WHOOPEE and OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO EXCITED I COULD EXPLODE (I didn’t have a chance to break into the jokes about champagne HAHA NOT FOR YOU, →MORE...

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Tomorrow, I’ll do better. July 09, 2011
I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting my food column off the ground.  I want to talk about food industry and culture, I want to post recipes, and I want to share the successes and failures that my family encounters →MORE...

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The dishes. July 07, 2011
She wants to wash dishes with me.  Every day we go through the same routine, the same give and take.  She pulls the faucet toward her, shrieks BABY TUN! (baby’s turn) excitedly, and I tug it back my direction.  No, I →MORE...

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My child is obsessed with forts. July 06, 2011
The fort in this photograph is from several weeks ago, but I lost interest in snapping pictures of each fort around seven hundred forts back so that one will have to suffice. At this point, seven hundred isn’t much of an →MORE...

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I know it’s always a mess… July 06, 2011
...but I really love her hair.

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The fire. July 05, 2011
Last night, my parents called me.  Have you seen the fire?, they asked.  Fire?, I said.  Fire, they said.  It’s huge.  It’s in the creek, only a few houses away from you. Thanks, I said.  I love you.  Good-bye. I ran →MORE...

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Five hundred and fifty-eight days. July 01, 2011
Donald and I have been trying to conceive a second child for eighteen months.  A year and a half.  Or about five hundred and fifty-eight days.  Not that anyone’s counting. When you are hoping for a miracle, five hundred and fifty-eight →MORE...

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