On reading. February 29, 2012
A couple days ago, Donald and I stood in the dining room watching Charlotte race around the room and asking ourselves when the right time is to teach her to read.  We both have always assumed that we would allow her →MORE...

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Constellation Activity Kit by Nature-Watch. February 29, 2012
A couple weeks ago, I found this nifty idea on Pinterest (with which I am completely obsessed, OH MY GOODNESS) and I have been thinking about it ever since.  Now that it is warmer in the evenings, I am gearing up →MORE...

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Today is Donald’s birthday. February 28, 2012
Happy birthday, hon.  You’re a good man - steady, compassionate, thoughtful, supportive, hilarious, patient - and a better father.  Thank you for waiting in that airport for me.  I love you like crazy.

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Letter to my darling girl: 31 months. February 24, 2012
Dear Charlotte, On Tuesday you went shopping for your Aunt R’s wedding dress with: Gigi, Poppa, Grandma, Aunt R, and Auntie E.  All weekend long, you were excited about TRYING! ON! A! BEAUTIFUL! WEDDING! DRESS! so I packed your diaper bag →MORE...

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Afternoon. February 23, 2012
Her body is covered in mud when she says it.  I LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL, MOMMA, she says.  She is naked, save her underpants, and her hair is tied back into a ponytail.  The sun is shining in her hair. I am →MORE...

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And with that, my uterus exploded. February 22, 2012
  - Thank you for helping me make brownies, little monkey.  -  NO!  I AM NOT A MONKEY!  I AM A SWEET PEA!

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Mostly, this is about a bruise. But it’s also about a wedding. February 20, 2012
On Friday, Donald worked from home and we all had a very low-key day so that we could party like crazy Friday evening at my cousin’s wedding (the groom requested a passing reference in my blog: STEVE, THIS IS A PASSING →MORE...

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So I disciplined like the sissy liberal I am.  And it worked, February 16, 2012
A few weeks ago, Charlotte hit her friend at the park.  Twice.  With a stick.  I was mortified.  I knelt down to her level, grabbed her hands, and asked her to look at my eyes, please.  She looked at the sky, →MORE...

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Great-grandparents. February 14, 2012
My grandparents, Charlotte’s Gigi and Poppa, have been showering my daughter with more love than she knows what to do with.  Yesterday when I told her that we were spending some time with them, she nearly exploded from sheer excitement. This →MORE...

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No, it’s not my first language and YES, I’m speaking it to my kid.  So what? February 13, 2012
About three months ago I finally worked up the courage to begin speaking French to Charlotte more consistently (at least a little bit every day) and outside of the home.  Since we spend SO.MUCH.TIME. outside of our house, this has made →MORE...

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C is also for: Catch up, Momma, you’re eating my dust. February 10, 2012
Sometimes I am left with the general impression that my child is secretly running circles around me.  A few days ago, for example, Charlotte asked me about letters. So I went on this long, rambling explanation of how mail works, right?  →MORE...

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Dear Child. February 08, 2012
Dear Child, Yesterday a social worker came to our house to talk to your father and me.  We answered what felt like thousands of questions over the course of five hours.  For months we have dreaded this meeting, but now it →MORE...

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My dad thinks this is the funniest story in the universe. So clearly it is. February 07, 2012
Recently Donald and I have been trying to teach our daughter her middle name.  So a few days ago, we were driving in the car and I asked Charlotte if she knew what her name is?  Her whole name? She shrieked →MORE...

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Ten things I love about my daughter right now: February 06, 2012
    1.  A few days ago, Donald gave her my old broken college laptop (I thought we recycled it a million years ago, but…apparently not) that cannot even turn on.  He set her up at the coffee table and Charlotte →MORE...

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I love election years. February 03, 2012
About a week ago:     -  Hello, is this Mrs. Sarah Christensen?    -  This is she.  How can I help you?    -  Hello Mrs. Christensen.  I am X calling from Republican Something-Something and we are conducting a survey →MORE...

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Filthy feet, happy girl. February 02, 2012

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On skunks and hard questions. February 02, 2012
A couple weeks ago when we were walking home from dinner at my parents’ house, Donald and Charlotte and I saw a skunk.  We gave it a wide berth and continued on our way, but something about our near encounter of →MORE...

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