Letter to my dragon girl: 38 months. September 25, 2012
Dear Charlotte, You hit thirty-eight months last week and the biggest news I have to offer you with regards to milestones is that THIS is the month you started preschool. This month, you started attending a local French immersion preschool two →MORE...

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Progress. September 23, 2012
A few weekends ago, a large pine tree in our backyard felled a massive branch.  It wiped out the fence between two neighboring properties.  It took three days of labor from Donald, my father, and one of the neighbors to chop →MORE...

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She went to the aquarium with Grandpa… September 20, 2012
...and she fed lorikeets and she met a baby seal and she touched a mermaid’s purse and she hasn’t stopped chattering about it since.  Grandparents really are the best.

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Today, 38 months. September 20, 2012
Today, I was going to write about the book I am reading (Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth) and how it is blowing my mind.  The way I read these books three years ago differs so significantly from how I read them →MORE...

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The postpartum kit. September 18, 2012
*** I know that talking about postpartum is not everybody’s cup of tea, so here!  Look!  Gratuitous picture of a cute kid in the laundry basket! During my first pregnancy, everybody imparted parenting opinions and regaled me with birth stories, but →MORE...

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In the laundry basket. September 18, 2012
When she was an infant, I carried Charlotte in the laundry basket all.the.time. on laundry days - and even after she became too large for me to carry her this way, she has continued to love playing in the laundry basket.  →MORE...

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Our family’s postpartum preparation, Part 1: the physical recovery. September 18, 2012
This post is intended to clarify how my family is preparing for the postpartum RECOVERY after the birth of our second child.  It is probably overkill, but I’m okay with that.  Better safe than sorry!  (I plan to follow this up →MORE...

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33 Weeks: Questions. September 17, 2012
After approximately eight months of insisting that “her” baby is a boy named George, my daughter has recently changed her tune.  Charlotte is now convinced that the baby is a girl named Evelyn. “Well, what if the baby is a boy?” →MORE...

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An ordinary afternoon. September 14, 2012
It’s just the two of us, cuddled together in bed.  The way we have snuggled from the very beginning. Her legs are longer now and her hair has more tangles.  She smells more of paint and dirt and sweat and peaches →MORE...

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The bee sting. September 12, 2012
A little over a week ago, I dropped Charlotte off to enjoy some time with her grandfather while I met a buddy at a park. Half an hour after arriving at the park, I was stung by a bee. For most →MORE...

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Preschool: the recap. September 10, 2012
Charlotte’s first day of preschool went well.  Donald and I went to the campus together to drop her off and as soon as she recognized her room, she jumped right in.  She was so busy playing that it was hard to →MORE...

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And then she went to preschool… September 07, 2012
...and she did not cry.  And I did not cry.  And when we left, her father and I looked at one another and said, “Well, that was basically a non-event.”  After weeks of fretting (what if she didn’t want us to →MORE...

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Reading on, reading on. September 05, 2012
Over the past three years and change, one of the aspects of parenthood that I have personally found both enjoyable and rewarding has been reading about topics that pertain to my parenthood.  From homemade art supply recipes to analysis of the →MORE...

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As further evidence that my child kicks ass… September 03, 2012
...she called herself a “stick-wielder ninja girl WITH A BIG STICK, MOMMA, WATCH OUT!” And then she asked me to take a picture so that I wouldn’t forget it.

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