...of Hank. She took it by accident while she was banging it on the floor.  Which is, as far as my child is concerned, what the point-and-shoot is for. I am so proud.

Apr 06, 2010
...Hank gives the baby a big slobbery kiss first thing in the morning.  He just steps out of his kennel, licks her forehead, and then heads straight for the porch like nothing ever happened.

This morning, Charlotte and Hank had a stare-down while I washed dishes.  Naturally, the baby won.  There is nothing in this entire universe that can beat a small baby in a staring contest.  Seriously, NOTHING.  And as I’m typing this, looking →MORE...

One of our biggest struggles with Hank is controlling his desire to howl.  Left to his own devices, that dog would howl at anything and everything.  Sirens.  Leaves moving.  Fellow dogs.  Our neighbor’s cat.  Church bells.  The snail that happened to →MORE...

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Jan 28, 2010
One of the single funniest e-mails I’ve ever received came from Kim.  She claimed that there is no way that Hank is a German Shepherd and that he must, in reality, be some sort of twisted kangaroo-dingo mix.  As soon as →MORE...