This year…
January 01, 2011

Ringing in the new year in the nightgown her great-grandmother made.

I vow to have a blast with you at home.  I vow to love on you and your father as often as possible.  I vow to remember what’s important and let slide what is not.  I vow to show you and your father every day how much you mean to me.  I vow to read a little less and play a little more.  And I vow to let you twirl in your nightgown for as long as you like.

Because I remember twirling in my own when I was little.

Happy New Year!!  What are your resolutions?

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  1. By missjoules on January 01, 2011

    Not hugely exciting, but definitely do-able: To get this baby OUT!

    Other than that I’m aiming really low, like, shower once a week. Cause I don’t need failed new years resolutions messing up my new baby time :)

  2. By Carolee Kingdon on January 01, 2011

    WooHoo!  Rock out Charlotte!!  And, Happy New Year to you. 

    My resolution is to get going on the walking again. 
    Love you lots, Grandma Carolee

  3. By on January 02, 2011

    WOW - sounds like you have all your priorities in order!!





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