January 17, 2011

When you sleep, I wonder what you dream.  When you stand silent in the daylight, I wonder what you think.  And when you lift a dandelion to your lips and blow, I wonder what you wish.

I wonder what you wish most of all.

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  1. By Alicia S. on January 17, 2011

    Last night my son woke sobbing hysterical tears at two in the morning accusing me of flushing our dog down the toilet. Apparently, that’s what kids dream :-P (Btw, thanks for the e-mail!)

  2. By Cynthia Krajcarski on January 17, 2011

    I must say, I am terribly jealous that you guys can still go outside dressed in sweaters. We’re locked inside our house because it’s -18 degrees outside (0 F) and because Isla complains about having to wear a scarf on her face.

  3. By Bethany on January 17, 2011

    You need to write a book - seriously! & with lots and lots of cutie pictures of your sweets.

  4. By kbreints on January 17, 2011


  5. By Sarah S on January 17, 2011

    This is so cute! Dandelions are one of those things I could never tell my kiddos “no” to because they are darling and so fun to blow. Silently though, every time I was thinking “Oh those seeds are going to spread everywhere!‘ The things you sacrifice for your kids. : )

    I really wonder what they do dream of. Everytime I hear them mumbling in their sleep I tip toe in to see if I can catch a snippet of their dream, but it hasn’t worked so far. Once they start really talking to you though, it can be mind blowing and hysterical the things that come out of them. It’s one of my favorite parts of parenting, listening to how their minds work.

  6. By on January 17, 2011

    Every morning I ask my litttle guy what he dreamed about last night. Sometimes he says “TRAAA TRUUU” (trash truck) or “SE CHU CHU” (See’s a train) or “DRI TRUUU” (drive truck). Of course my favorite is “CHTA CHTA CHTA!“ .I have NO IDEA what this could possibly be but he gets a huge smile on his face, and either it’s because I look totally confused or it was the best dream ever!

  7. By monica on January 18, 2011

    Ah so beautiful. You are such a good photographer.

  8. By on January 19, 2011

    Sarah, the expression on Charlotte’s face is inimitable, priceless and genuine. Beautiful; I, too, wonder what she wished ...





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