More ladybugs.
March 11, 2011

UPDATE: After we showered and ate this morning, I took Charlotte to the beach.  It was closed and there were signs and vehicles everywhere attesting to this.  When I asked why, someone said that there was a tsunami warning.  I looked at the ocean and it looked calm and I thought they were making stuff up.  We went to the zoo instead and when I called Donald to let him in on our change of plans, he told me the news.  My heart aches for you, Japan.  You are all in our thoughts.

I’m singing “A Beautiful Morning” as she wakes up, tickling her cheek with the back of my finger, making sounds that make her laugh, tickling her neck with my kisses.  Did you dream of beautiful things?, I ask her.

She is silent for a moment, considering, and then she nods.  YES!, she nods emphatically.  What did you dream about?, I probe.  LAY-BUH, she says.

She immediately wants to go out into the field, stand in the waist-high grass, pick up the ladybugs.  My teeth are chattering and my hair is not combed and I am still wearing my pajamas, but I let her.  The beetles crawl along her hand and she looks at me elated.  LAY-BUH!, she shrieks.  Her smile lights up the day.

It’s a beautiful morning, indeed.

How did your morning start out?

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  1. By Courtney L @ Bundle of Wonder on March 11, 2011

    Ours hasn’t been quite as sweet since it began with a leaking poopy diaper.  We cuddled in bed, released the hounds (something Harper gets a kick out of), ate eggs and toast, and played with “ba” (balls) and momma’s “sha” (shoes).  Great start to the morning I have to say :)  Happy weekend to you and yours!

  2. By on March 11, 2011

    That is so wonderful, I just imagine her smile. I wanted to take the kids on a bug hunt next week, still need to find a good place to go but I think it will be tons of fun.

  3. By on March 11, 2011

    Mine started out with me checking on my 13-month old son and husband asleep on the couch.  E was wearing only a diaper and had curled himself up around my husband’s head like an adorable naked baby hat.  :) 
    Then there were new shoes and new toothbrushes for both kids, which is always good times for the under 6 set. 
    And we were out of the house before 6:45, which is always good times for the moms with a long commute and a day care stop set.  :)

  4. By on March 11, 2011

    I wish ours had started as sweetly. It was one of those hellish mornings with my two kiddos. Not enough time, no listening, and bad behavior so our regular Friday morning treat of donuts was nixed. I am really hoping the rest of the day goes much better. Happy Friday to you!

  5. By Christy on March 11, 2011

    Your morning sounds much more lovely than mine! Alarm sounds at 4:50 a.m….hit snooze until 5. Crawl out of bed, shower, throw together a breakfast for work, get dressed, leave for work by 6:20 a.m. Blow imaginary kisses through the door of my still-sleeping 2-year old. Sigh.

  6. By Alicia S. on March 11, 2011

    My son woke up at 5:00 a.m., my usual blogging time, just after his baby sister finished eating and going back down to sleep for the morning. So instead of blogging, we worked on our online reading program and phonics games over a very early morning breakfast. We got craft time out of the way as the sun was just starting to rise. He is now taking a nice, early nap :-) (and I’m catching up on some blogging)

  7. By on March 11, 2011

    Six inches of snow overnight and an early morning call from my oldest. “ Did you hear about the tsunami warnings for the West Coast? Do we need to call Grampa?“  Too much excitement for me.

  8. By on March 11, 2011

    sweet ! i always find it amazing how children’s brain works non-stop. whenever my daughter learns something new, she will whisper some new words related to it during the night..

    my morning was good. SUNNY ! (yet still wayyy too cold for bugs to crawl out).

  9. By on March 11, 2011

    Our morning was amazing. We woke up on time to a small whimper on the monitor but my 16-month old fell right back to sleep. So my husband and I snuggled in a warm bed for 30 minutes before forcing ourselves out to get ready. My son had to be prodded several times to get him to wake up. Each time he shuffled away from his Dad and tried to keep sleeping. LOL Why doesn’t he do that on weekends!?!?!? Still, it was a nice change of pace for once….

  10. By on March 11, 2011

    I thought of you guys this morning when I heard aout the tsunami warnings. When I read your update, I almost had a heart attack. There is always a calm before the storm they say, and I imagine that hold true for tsunamis. I’m glad that you guys are safe and sound. My heart breaks when I think of the devestation in Japan. The images of that wave are so scary.

  11. By on March 11, 2011

    Natalie - We are so far inland and so elevated that a tsunami does not pose a threat to us.  Whenever maritime issues arise - tsunamis, hurricanes, etc - we’re always on the lookout because a really bad one could displace some of our relatives…but it’s highly unlikely that any of them would make it this far inland.  Our biggest threats are fires and earthquakes.  My understanding is that the waves did damage some ports and harbors and that a few beaches stayed closed all day as a precaution, but most of our beaches were open by mid-day.

  12. By dandy on March 12, 2011

    Ours started out with screaming.  I’m not sure why but lately Peanut has been waking up crying hysterically in the mornings and after his naps.

    All the beaches around here were closed and parts of PCH as well





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