Always back to the chemicals.
April 01, 2011

I’ve been reading Katy Farber’s blog, Non-Toxic Kids, for awhile now.  I have a list of blogs like hers that I appreciate and although they make me think, challenge me as a mother, convince me to write to my congressional representatives, and provide links to articles I often use as launching points in extensive research when it comes to keeping my family safe…I try not to read them too often.

The things these people write about scare the shit out of me.

Last summer, Katy wrote a piece on Enviroblog (another place I’m not allowed to visit too frequently lest I internally combust) about a chemical study she had been a participant in and it took months before I was able to calm down about it.  I looked around at our lives and it didn’t matter that we have less exposure than most – someone making a far greater effort than I was had higher levels of chemicals in their body than I wanted our family to have and I found that terrifying.

When I told my husband about it, at first he listened.  He listened while I rattled off about chemical studies – some big, some small, some reputable, some questionable – and he listened while I laid out my concerns on the table.  He listened when I said that I felt betrayed, when I said that I felt that my child HAS A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT to a healthy life and a healthy world and that I felt that her rights were being violated.  He listened while I tore apart our lives, convinced that by not doing more we were letting our child down.

Then he said, okay, enough, just stop.  We do the best we can and we hope to do a little better and learn a little more as time passes.  We work toward the ultimate goal one day at a time and we take pride in the steps we’ve already taken.  We cannot stress out about things like this – the stress isn’t any healthier for us and it doesn’t accomplish anything.  We are not letting our child down.

He’s right, of course.  My husband usually is.

With time, I forgot about that blog post.  This past week, however, I read two posts that brought it all back.  I read this post at Inhabitots, which inspired me to reconsider small changes we can make in our lives to improve our family’s future.  And then I read this post at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, which gave me hope that ordinary people can still make extraordinary changes.

I hope those links give you a little hope and inspiration too.

Non-Toxic Kids | Non-Toxic Kids on Facebook | Non-Toxic Kids on Twitter

Enviroblog | Environmental Working Group on Facebook | Environmental Working Group on Twitter

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families | Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families on Facebook | Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families on Twitter

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  1. By Jill Anderson on April 01, 2011

    Reading your post made me think of a company my mom told me 7 years ago who makes naturallly based products. I became a customer then and have now been one for 7 years. That company is Melaleuca. You do have to be a member to buy anything and a current member has to set up your membership. You can check it out at If you want more info, let me know. I love all their products. Especially their laundry products.

  2. By Courtney L @ Bundle of Wonder on April 02, 2011

    Once again, thanks for the information!  I, too, get overwhelmed at the thought of all the chemicals in our everyday items/foods.  If I’m not careful, I’ll end up rocking in a corner in my padded room.  Seriously.  I guess I’ll just let you do the research and I’ll read the fruits of your labor :0)

  3. By on April 03, 2011

    Yeah.  Norwex is a good-er, too.  I use (and sell) it (but just because I like it).  Lemme know if you have questions.

  4. By Cynthia Krajcarski on April 08, 2011

    Jill - I don’t know if it matters to you. I find that people who care about the environment pretty much go hand-in-hand with the people who care about the welfare of animals… So, knowing that, Melaleuca is actually listed on PETA’s list of company’s that test on animals. My mother-in-law was obsessed with Melaleuca and she was always trying to get us to try it out. Once I found out that they tested on animals, we never started using their products.





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