Homesteading lessons learned the hard way:
June 16, 2011

    1.  Unattended dirt in a wheelbarrow is a feline port-a-potty.
    2.  If a bird needs help hatching, chances are that it will not survive.
    3.  Gophers are the devil.  No, seriously.  THE DEVIL.
    4.  Toddlers cannot be trusted around unripe berries of any sort.  They will pick them.  They will eat them.  It is gross.
    5.  Two hundred square feet of bean plants might have been a little overkill.
    6.  One hundred square feet of corn plants might not have been enough.
    7.  After harvesting garlic, everything within fifty feet will smell like garlic for a week.
    8.  On that note, garlic is really hard to braid.
    9.  Toddlers also cannot be trusted around seed packets.  They will open them.  They will scatter them.  They will feed them to the dogs.  It is sad.
    10.  No matter what, the plant you are most excited about (TOMATOES) will always take the longest to germinate and grow.

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  1. By on June 16, 2011

    did you let the garlic dry for a couple of weeks before braiding them? When the necks are dry, they are much easier to braid.

  2. By Momiss on June 16, 2011

    Do you still have Hank?  Does he not dig up gophers?
    Find a boxer, any boxer at all, and invite them over to dig up gophers in your yard.
    This is the only advise I can give you, but I am hoping the beans were green beans.  If so you will not regret it for years if you can them all.  I had enough one year to last us 3 years!!  Also, there never seems to be enough corn no matter HOW much you plant!  lol

  3. By Sarah Christensen on June 16, 2011

    Momiss - We’re keeping Hank in the dog run full-time with Millie while the garden is young.  He kept digging up my corn plants and sweet potatoes!  He did more sweet potato damage than the gophers did.

    Also, the neighbors asked if we could maybe train hiim not to bark as much (eep), and the run is much more readily accessible than who-knows-where-he-is-somewhere-around-here-hm.  Our yard, like most in our neighborhood, isn’t fenced in.  People train their dogs to their yard (give or take) and let them roam around.  Hank’s the worst of the lot at staying in the yard, though.  He always wants to visit every dog on the block before coming back and taking a nap lol, so having him in the dog run makes the bark training much easier!

    Sadly, the beans are mostly cooking beans, but we do have a few rows of fresh eating beans too.  Luckily we have a late season so I might be able to pack in a second lot of eating beans later.  Goodness knows I won’t need cooking beans for eons.

    Mitzie - We didn’t, simply because we didn’t know BUT one of our braids collapsed and we were too lazy to do anything with it so all the bulbs have been hanging out in the breezeway for two weeks drying out and this morning when Donald went to braid them up again, he commented that it was much easier this time than before.  So I think we’ll go that way in the future!





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