July 18, 2011

My mother-in-law came into town recently.  Charlotte took to her like a fish to water.

Do you have any treasured memories with a grandparent?

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  1. By wordplayhouse on July 18, 2011

    Grandma’s are great. They have all the time in the world to read, tell stories and cuddle. I enjoyed so many stories about when my grandma was a little girl. How funny how times have changed since she went to school in a horse-drawn sleigh with a hot stone at her feet to keep them warm during snowy Minnesota winters!

  2. By erin on July 18, 2011

    Oh my word, Donald looks just like her.  And so does Charlotte.

    I don’t remember it, but one of my favorite stories is that when I was 2, I was obsessed with buttons.  My grandmother would sit me on her lap and let me button and unbutton her blouse forEVER.

    She and my grandfather were avid square dancers, and I thought her square dance dresses were so beautiful, and my grandfather was so dashing in his matching shirts and bolo ties.  Grandma also had a whole rainbow of petticoats that I just adored.  When I was 6 my mother made me a square dance dress just like one of my grandmother’s, and it was my favorite dress for the longest time.  My mom still has it in her hope chest.

  3. By cambria on July 18, 2011

    She looks so happy!

    I have so many great memories of my kids with their grandparents… I only wish we lived closer to them. They are lucky to have all those people who love them fiercely!

  4. By on July 18, 2011

    My grandfather once told me “If everyone liked the same thing, they’d all be chasing your grandmother. There’s always room for tutti-frutti.” I love that. I miss him, gone at 84 in ’94 after 61 years with that incredible Grandmother.

  5. By Cynthia Krajcarski on July 18, 2011

    I think that the best memories with your grandparents are the ones that you don’t even know you’re making. I’m sure we did some pretty spectacular things, but my favourite memories of my Nanny are when we would feed the birds at the pond.

    There was one time when I was 6 or 7: My mom took us to visit my Nanny and I walked into the kitchen to see her cutting up an entire loaf of bread so that we could go to feed the birds—I almost cried because I didn’t even have to ask.

  6. By on July 18, 2011

    Erin - RIGHT?!  Charlotte is like a clone of Donald.  Tonight my parents broke out an old album of my baby pictures after dinner and I was really surprised how little Charlotte and I look alike.  Our smile sometimes, our expressions every now and then, but that’s really it.  SOB!

  7. By Carolee on July 19, 2011

    Hey, Sarah!  Thank you for posting those pictures.  It was a wonderful surprise.  Charlotte is a real kick and I really had fun with her.  With her little tan cheeks and her shock of almost white hair, I was whisked off to the summers when mine were all little. *sigh*
    Hugs, to all of you! 

  8. By Sarah S on July 19, 2011

    Aw….Grandma’s are the best.

    I have tons of memories with my Nana but one of my favorite things about her was that she always had a fully stocked art closet. It felt like such a treat to open that up and grab all kinds of art supplies out. I always keep a stocked art closet now in our house for our kids because I loved it so much.

  9. By Nicole on July 22, 2011

    I love reading your blog and your pictures are amazing.  You seem to capture the most beautiful simple moments in life!  Bravo!





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