From my front porch.
September 05, 2011

These two make my heart go thump thump thump.  Aren’t they so sweet together?

Our three-day weekend is all about the small moments.  Watching Charlotte play with her cousins.  Grilling with the family.  Cutting open a 35 pound watermelon from our yard.  Lazing about in our pajamas.  Checking on my high school buddy, due with her first baby any day.  Baking bread.  Borrowing the neighbor’s rooster to fertilize some eggs.  Getting dirt under our fingernails.  Snapping photographs.  Teaching Charlotte (unsuccessfully) how to ride a scooter.  Reading fairy tales over and over again.

I hope that yours is going splendidly too.

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  1. By Sarah on September 05, 2011

    35 pound watermelon! Egads, woman!! You are the solution to world famine!

  2. By Sara on September 05, 2011

    Sounds lovely! We went to Las Vegas to visit out of town family, and it was a trip from Hell. We are so happy to finally be home. :) I’m pretty sure we are going to boycott any further three-day holiday weekend travel.

  3. By on September 05, 2011

    Awwwww, that picture is so adorable!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend! :D

    In our sea of love

  4. By on September 06, 2011

    We scored a new dresser and so rearranged the bedroom and deep cleaned a bit. Restful? No. Needed? You ma’ betcha.





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