Her books, my books.
October 07, 2011

This is how it goes:

We go to the library and Charlotte comes home with a book or two.  And I used to come home with a book or two as well, and that would be that.  But now I come home with about five billion books because I want to read the stories and memorize the poems so that I can share them with Charlotte during circle-time later.

Circle-time in our house is basically just story-time on crack.  We sing, rhyme, sing some more, tell a story, sing some more, rhyme some more, sing some more, tell another story, sing some more, have a puppet show, rhyme some more, and sing some more.  You know.  For variety’s sake.  I’ve started plowing through these sorts of books during Charlotte’s naps, making note of the stories and poems I like so that I can find them again later.

This whole homeschooling thing and home-rhymthming thing and home-singing-songs-and-calling-it-circle-time thing is actually turning out to be sort of cool.

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  1. By on October 07, 2011

    I’m so excited to read about your experiences homeschooling! I am graduating as an elementary teacher, so I have experience in education, but not in homeschooling, which I would love to do with my children.

  2. By Sarah on October 07, 2011

    YAY for homeschoolers!! I seriously love it. And now that I finally have enough faith in myself and my kids’ abilities to come up with our own curriculum, I am even more excited!





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