Letter to my munchkin: 28 months.
November 21, 2011

Dear Charlotte,

You’re twenty-eight months old now.  I had to look up your last letter to find out, exactly, because I’ve started referring to you as “almost two and a half” instead of by months.

I still remember when you hit about two weeks old and I stopped counting your age in days.  Mostly because labor fried my brain and I simply couldn’t keep track any longer.  So I came out of the bedroom one day holding you, tears streaming down my face, and blubbered on to your father for AT LEAST twenty minutes about how DEVASTATING it was to refer to you in weeks instead of days.  YOU WERE GROWING SO FAST, WAH!

Seriously.  Never fuck with a postpartum woman, Charlotte.  That’s lesson number one.  They aren’t stable.

ANYWAY, going from that to twenty-eight months seems impossible.  I was crying about counting your age in weeks yesterday, Charlotte, YESTERDAY!  I swear!

Tomorrow I’ll probably be waving to you as you drive off to college and in a week I’ll be watching your children graduate from high school.  I know that when you’re ‘almost two and a half’ that time stretches on forever and ever so that every hour feels like an epoch, but trust me: time flies.

Our family!

Over the last week, you’ve really put together how to jump.  Like.  With both feet.  Leaving the ground.  Simultaneously.  And hovering above the ground for a fraction of a second.  And then coming back down.  Kind of at the same time.  ISH.

Okay, maybe not at the same time.  So maybe you’ve learned how to gallop.  But you call it jumping and that’s good enough for me.

It’s really cool to watch, but also IT’S ABOUT TIME.  I’ve spent the last several months bunny hopping around this house so much that my shins practically scream just thinking about it, and I am really thrilled about leaving that phase of my life in the dust.

Stinkface with Grandpa yesterday morning.

This month your love of the outdoors has really taken off.  We spend countless hours outside these days – and I’ve been really surprised but I think you’re beginning to enjoy even the silent bits of nature time.  You understand now that when the moon comes up it is in one part of the sky and after dinner it is in another part.  You love watching slow things: a trail of ants, a determined snail climbing up a tree, a worm plunging through the dirt, a hawk circling around and around its prey.

Meanwhile, your love of naptime has really taken a hit.  You were never a big fan of that whole nefarious sleep business ANYWAY, but lately you’ve begun going to extreme lengths to get out of napping.  The other day, you asked me to lay down with you.

You closed your eyes and pretended to be asleep so convincingly that it wasn’t until I was halfway out of the room that you opened your eyes and said MOMMA!  I NOT SLEEPING, NO, MOMMA!  So I laid back down with you and you fussed and made excuses, so finally I just closed my eyes and pretended to sleep so that maybe you would too.

I woke up twenty minutes later to an empty bed.  HI MOMMA!, you greeted me from the floor behind the bed.  DID YOU DREAM SO BEAUTIFUL?

Sigh.  And with that, my momma naps came to an end.

I will always love those little toes.

If you don’t get your nap, by about three o’clock you turn into a raving lunatic hellbent on destroying the world with your tortured screams, but convincing you to sleep is one of the most exhausting parts of my day.  Sometimes when I close the bedroom door behind me I feel like I’ve narrowly escaped with my life.

I never could have seen it twenty-seven-and-a-half months ago when I was crying about you being an old fart, but being with you at this age is wonderful.  It’s more physically exhausting than anything I’ve ever done before, but it.is.awesome.

We love you more than bears love honey,
Momma and Daddy

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  1. By yols on November 21, 2011

    Love that second picture!

    It’s amazing to see how the outdoors fascinates toddlers. I live in the big city and almost every weekend I take my 15mo old to the park. He spends the day following ant trails. LOL

  2. By on November 22, 2011

    i had to read that “nap war” part to my husband, and then to my mom also.

    i’ve always felt like life with a little one would be SO.MUCH.EASIER if you didn’t have to worry that much about nap/sleep time.

    there are times where it just works out, and then times where it’s like a dark cloud over the day…

    just think when she’ll be a teenager and not wanna get OUT of bed…





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