Lovely unidentifiable flower.
February 27, 2009

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  1. By Emily on February 28, 2009

    Isn’t that a flowering peach blossom?

  2. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 28, 2009

    Emily - I don’t think so.  It’s on a bush in our front yard.  The bush stands about four feet high and about four feet wide and the flowers are a little larger than my thumbprint.  We have peach trees that blossom and they have a more wispy look to them.  This bush has like five hundred of these flowers on it.  They come in every range of white and pink.

  3. By on June 04, 2009

    this looks like it is a wax flower. very pretty….

  4. By on November 08, 2011

    Almost certainly a non-native member of the rose family, which would describe flowering peaches, as someone else suggested, along with about a thousand other plants.  If you take a high-res close-up next time it comes into bloom, I might be able to ID it for you (I’m a local plant biologist), but it would have to be pretty detailed.  One of the little joys of nature is that to identify a plant you have to take highly detailed pics of its reproductive parts ; ).  Best way to find it would be in Sunset’s big Western Garden Book.





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