Monday morning, 8:32 A.M.
July 10, 2012

I cannot believe this child of mine is less than two weeks away from her third birthday.  Amazing.

I also cannot believe that she actually grinned at the camera without me making ridiculous noises or pretending that I was going to eat her face.  Equally amazing.

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  1. By on July 10, 2012

    Love love love this picture!!

  2. By on July 10, 2012

    And what a sweet little grin it is! Her eyes just sparkle!

  3. By on July 10, 2012

    She is soooooo cute!

  4. By on July 10, 2012

    what a doll! you two are gorgeous

  5. By Sarah Christensen on July 10, 2012

    Thanks, everyone.  Isn’t that little smile she’s wearing just adorable?!  I COULD EAT HER UP!

  6. By tracy @mamacreates on July 10, 2012

    that’s a great self-portrait :)

    and because apparently I like it when others have the same “quirks” (if I were describing myself only, I’d have called it a “flaw”, but since I’m making a comparison, opted to not go the self-deprecating route ;)) as I do, I notice your right eye squinks up a little more than your left does ;)

  7. By Sarah Christensen on July 10, 2012

    LOL, oh Tracy, ALWAYS!  I always smile to the right and my right eye squints up more =)

  8. By on July 12, 2012

    oh yes, SO adorable !!! she has grown so much, it’s amazing.. and those cheeks ..

  9. By on July 18, 2012

    What a wonderful picture! I love her smile! She looks so old in this one!!!!!





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