And then she went to preschool…
September 07, 2012

...and she did not cry.  And I did not cry.  And when we left, her father and I looked at one another and said, “Well, that was basically a non-event.”  After weeks of fretting (what if she didn’t want us to leave?) and wondering (how would she handle being spoken to in French all the time?) and preparing, there was nothing to it.

I cannot wait to hear all about her first day when I pick her up at noon!

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  1. By on September 07, 2012

    Yay!! Let us know how it goes. What kind of cup is she holding?

  2. By Sarah Christensen on September 07, 2012

    It’s a KidBasix Safe Sippy!  We bought two used from a thrift shop a couple years ago ($7 each at the time, but I think new they run between $10-18 each depending on if you get the old model that we have or the newer Safe Sippy II) and we still use them daily and love them - the only complaint I have is that I have to buy some replacement rubber rings because ours are cracking and drying from the dishwasher, which makes the sippy leak.  But I guess since we’re talking about something I bought secondhand and have been using daily for over two years, I probably shouldn’t be bothered at spending $3 for replacement parts lol.

  3. By on September 07, 2012

    She looks so big in this picture!! I bet you are one proud Mama!

  4. By Gena@BakeAllTheThings! on September 07, 2012

    Aw, I’m glad it was so easy for her! I can’t WAIT for you to post all sorts of cute stories she shares and conversations your family has about her adventures!!

  5. By Karen on September 09, 2012

    Little Charlotte looks so grown up!

  6. By Julien on September 09, 2012

    She is so big!  I was just reading back through your pregnancy posts (and infant pictures of Charlotte) and was wondering how this one compares?  I can’t wait to hear about her first day of preschool!

  7. By Alicia S. on September 09, 2012

    So looking forward to Monday’s post, hopefully about her first preschool experience. Go Charlotte! :-D





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