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October 08, 2012

Donald took the last week off work to help prepare our home, yard, and freezer for the baby’s arrival.  It was indescribably nice having him home for such a long period of time.  We took one day as a family to visit Disneyland, which Charlotte thought was AWESOME INCARNATE.

Sadly, I did not remember to charge the camera battery before we went, so you’ll have to make do with this:

About five minutes after she woke up, she met Ariel and Cinderella’s fairy godmother because they just happened to walk past where she was devouring her sandwich.  That event alone solidified her belief that Disneyland is the core source of all the happiness in the universe.

Later, when some dancers and princesses in the evening parade waved in our general direction (at approximately seven billion people standing in our vicinity), any doubts Charlotte may have had about this theory evaporated into thin air.  When we’ve talked to her about what she did at Disneyland, what she enjoyed (flying elephants! spinning teacups! ferris wheel! carousels!) and did not enjoy (pirates!), the number one thing she talks about are those princesses.

So I guess we can officially say that the hardcore make-believe work of childhood has begun in the Christensen household.

All I have to say about that is that it is about time.  I never could figure out how to talk to my infant without feeling a little foolish and I’m not particularly patient at playing more than a couple rounds of peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek.  But I can play at random three-year-old fantasies (“How about I am a baby kitten and you are my momma cat?  Does that sound like a plan?”) for eons.

I’m pretty stoked about this phase.

But I’ll admit that a part of me wonders how long I’m going to last before I realize that my three-year-old can play fantasy for much, MUCH longer than I can…

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  1. By on October 08, 2012

    What kind of wrap is that?? It looks awesome!

  2. By Sarah Christensen on October 08, 2012

    Samantha - It’s an Ellevill Zara Tri-Green, size 7.  It was a surprise gift from some mommas in my parent group and we LOVE it to pieces - it’s super soft, airy for hot weather, and supportive enough for Charlotte (which was our big concern about woven wraps).  When we wrapped her at Disneyland, we wrapped her in a double hammock back carry and I just adjusted the wrap so that the V came up really high against her neck and it ended up supporting her neck and head pretty well - although as you can tell by the picture, it could use a little work.

    Also, poor Donald looks irritated in this picture, but he really wasn’t.  There was just limited shade and quiet in the middle of the day when she fell asleep and there weren’t really any places for him to sit down, so we were just hanging out waiting for her to wake up lol.





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