On the final stretch.
October 26, 2012

I am so close to delivering this baby that I can FEEL it.  Literally.  In the form of three thousand Braxton-Hicks contractions a day and unyielding heartburn and a pubic bone that is so fantastically bruised I cannot move without pain.

But. Still. No. Baby.

One of the biggest difficulties that I have encountered during this pregnancy is the general lack of a due date.  Because Donald and I were actively trying to prevent a pregnancy, I was not keeping track of my menstrual cycle.  I had not, in fact, resumed paying attention to my body’s patterns after our pregnancy loss because I had no plans of ever attempting pregnancy again.

So.  How long were my cycles after our pregnancy loss last summer?  When did they resume?  How many days of each period did I spend bleeding?  When was the first date of my last cycle?


And as a result, although we’re pretty sure that the baby is “due” the last week of October or the first week of November, there is really no way for us to be certain.

At the beginning of this pregnancy, I found this to be a boon.  When I was waiting for Charlotte, people started calling me several times a day toward the end of my pregnancy to make sure I hadn’t had the baby yet – and to offer unsolicited birthing and parenting advice by the truckload.  By the time she arrived a week late, I was receiving pressure from friends and family alike (but not from my OB) to have labor induced.

Unsurprisingly, that experience taught me to never divulge a due date again.  And not having a firm due date makes that goal particularly easy to manage.

It would, HOWEVER, have still been nice to actually HAVE a due date so that I could know what to expect and whether or not to pin my hopes on every passing twinge.

At any rate, today I am meeting with my midwife.  Wish me luck and dilation!  Because, frankly, I can only take so much more raspberry leaf tea and pineapple before I start breaking out the big guns.

** Charlotte is three years and three months old.  I am (approximately?) 39 weeks pregnant.

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  1. By Catherine on October 26, 2012

    Oh mama, I’m sorry little bub isn’t here yet, but at least you know it’s soon!  I went 42 weeks (with rock solid due date) with my daughter and it suuuccckkkeeedddd.  So, I know where you are!  He/She will be here SO SOON!  Can’t wait to read about your little one’s arrival!  :)

  2. By on October 26, 2012

    Sex made me go into labour. I had bloody show the next morning and that night I was in full on labour, 10 days early. Just sayin’. Although, that might be hard with your pubic bone.

    Also, I may have missed this… But why didn’t you get a dating ulrasound? My periods before Baby 3 were like clockwork, exactly 28 days apart, but since I only had 2 cycles before getting pregnant they still wanted me to have a dating ultrasound. I didn’t mind, my student midwife couldn’t find the heartbeat and I wanted to see the baby.

  3. By on October 26, 2012

    Also, I find it so hilarious that we think of the due date as doomsday… Until we’re 8 months pregnant.

  4. By on October 26, 2012

    Sarah, I have to say, I am SO excited and happy for you. I know how much you wanted this.

    Coincidentally, 2 other friends of mine (my best friend and my cousin) both suffered losses and had difficulty conceiving for years (and years… and years…), and one just had her baby boy, and the other is due any time now. How amazing that everyone I knew who had difficulty conceiving are all having babies at the same time. October feels like a miraculous month :)

  5. By Sarah Christensen on October 26, 2012

    Cynthia - I don’t feel very comfortable with ultrasounds (one of those hippies who isn’t convinced they’re safe lol), so I only had the one ultrasound at 19 weeks that the birthing center required - and the bare minimum at that.  The center required the ultrasound so that if there were any obvious birth defects or placental problems they could recommend me to an OB for a hospital delivery somewhere with a higher level NICU, but there were not.  At the same time, they performed basic measurements…but the problem is that while most babies fall within a specific growth pattern, not all do.  The measurements were consistent with a child around 19 weeks, give or take a week, which meant that my baby was due around Halloween, give or take a week =)

    MC - That is AWESOME!  Congratulations to your friends!

    Catherine - Two weeks!  You’re a warrior =)

  6. By on October 26, 2012

    When people ask whens my baby due I always say December. Then they ask “when in December”......I grudgingly say early December. Then the dreaded “oh well…. what DATE in December?“ I think to myself you just asked 2 times when my due date, is isn’t clear I don’t want to give it to you! Then I think, my hormones are definitely out of control :)

  7. By Court on October 26, 2012

    We had the same due date issue with #2 - I was on BC at the time, and still ended up pregnant.  I had one midwife give me an EDD of 10/20, another give an EDD of 10/5 and a 3rd give me an EDD of 9/20.  He was born the 19th of September, and I tried everything short of castor oil to get labor going once I hit 39w.  He was measuring about a week ahead at 39w, and I was having pretty hard prodromal labor.  Every night for a week, I had hard, consistent contractions.  Ate tons of pineapple, spicy food, etc.  It was finally trying EPO that seemed to really get things going.  Tried it on the 17th (oral dose at night.)  Took another oral dose the morning of the 18th, and started labor later that night at 7:30.

  8. By Sarah Christensen on October 26, 2012

    Court - First of all, seriously, best blog name ever!

    Secondly, how did you feel about the evening primrose oil?  I’ve been a little worried about trying that, but it’s something the midwife mentioned too.  She said if I don’t have a baby by the presidential election, then she wants to start trying a few things - and one of those things up for consideration was evening primrose oil.  I’ve heard alot of people recommend it, but I’ve read some scary stuff too, did you ever worry about it?

  9. By on October 27, 2012

    Have you ever heard of ‘the salad’,
    It is delicious. It supposedly induces labor. It is a fun place to go with friends, the salad is yummy, and they give you this book of testimonials that you can read and add to. Its sort of a nice unifier with other PLs (pregnant ladies). It might be a fun thing to try!

    Good luck in the home stretch, no pun intended. :)

  10. By Court on October 28, 2012

    Thanks - I need to update the blog, though… lots of changes :P

    On the EPO - I was nervous about using it vaginally, because I had a c-section with my first LO, so I stuck to using it orally.  It dulls the effects, certainly, but from everything I’d read it seemed like the scarier effects were more likely to occur by treating it like a suppository. 

    Castor oil was what really scared me, and so did the thought of induction.  I was completely miserable, was experiencing 12 hours of PDL for 12 hours overnight (so therefore, completely exhausted) and was making no progress.  My midwives group has a strict policy of no going past 41w, and I had no expectation of progressing any further without doing *something*.  The stress of the PDL was also making my blood pressure do whacky things, and while I knew it was normal for me (due to previous experience) it was making the two midwives I worked with nervous.  It really was a matter of weighing pros and cons for me.

  11. By on October 29, 2012

    How was your midwife appointment last week?  Any dilation to boast of, or is baby planning on staying nice and cozy for a few more days (hopefully not weeks!)?

  12. By on October 29, 2012

    Well…my midwife doesn’t check for dilation or anything like that (by my request), soooo…who knows about dilation?  I’m not showing any prelabor signs so the midwife did say she suspects I had another 7-14 days from Friday.


    That said, on Saturday my Braxton-Hicks really picked up in intensity, which has continued through today, so I’m really hoping for this upcoming weekend or early next week =)  The biggest hitch is actually that Donald started a new job TODAY, so in an ideal world he’ll get his first week under his belt before having to take some time off for a delivery!

  13. By on October 31, 2012

    I’m in the same boat. So far due date is early January but baby is measuring about a week ahead. So, I’m kinda expecting a late Dec arrival.

    Good luck!!

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