Ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE A WINNER!!
March 06, 2009

Last night, Donald and I sat down with the list of potential names that were entered in my contest and picked a winner.  It was a tough thing to do, mostly because he would have rather spent the time pinching my butt or trying to seduce me, HOWEVER we did (eventually) (heh) prevail.

And so, without further ado, ALL HAIL JEAN FROM WORKING MOMMA 24/7 for she has won.  This photograph has been christened “Photo Echo,” a name that Donald and I both liked.

© 2009 Helios Media, Inc.  Click here to see this photograph on Flickr.

Is that not a photo echo?  I think she really hit the nail on the head with that one.

A lot of the other entries really made us laugh as well, such as Kimberly’s suggestion that we call the photograph “The Three Cheeses.”  Tee-hee.  There are, ahem, several people in Donald’s family who call him Cheese or Mr. Cheese or Uncle Cheese, and so I’m pretty well convinced that Kimberly is telepathic.

Tabitha suggested “Family Fun with Photos,” so I blame her entirely for the fact that my husband will probably speak in alliteration for the next month.  And both Heidi and Eddo mentioned variations on the Russian babooshka doll theme, which was pretty clever.  I love those little nesting dolls!  I also really liked Allison’s suggestion that we call the photograph “Layered.  Like an onion.”  It appealed the inner Shrek in me (oh come on, EVERYBODY likes that movie).  And both Kim and Mom24 made art references which were very neat and were very serious considerations as well.

Thank you all so much for participating!  I had a really good time with this, so in conclusion I would like to offer you the following image.  This picture needs a name as well, the same rules apply (although this time, the prize will be a $25 gift card to Target,) and you can leave a comment here to tell me what you suggest! =)

© 2009 Helios Media, Inc.  Click here to see this photograph on Flickr.

(For the record, we are not torturing Anastacia.  She likes to have her face rubbed and if we put our fingers together in a ring, she shoves her face through and PURRS like it’s nobody’s business.  The bulging eyes are just a happy side effect for those of us who are stuck rubbing her face twenty-five hours a day.)

(Donald made me include that disclaimer.)  (He’s paranoid.)  (But I included it anyway because he was nice enough to both impregnate me AND allow me to take photos like this.  Happy sigh…)

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