At Prehistoric Pets.
February 01, 2013

A couple months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a reptile store and zoo called Prehistoric Pets in Fountain Valley.  Charlotte had a blast; she fed mealworms to turtles, saw a two-headed snake, touched and held a couple different types of lizards, watched a tortoise be fed lunch…experiences like these are like the three-year-old version of meth.  She was INSANE about reptiles for the rest of the day and in the weeks and months that have followed she has continued to express an interest in reptiles.  A few days ago, she asked me when little girls shed their skin…and maybe when she sheds her skin, she can grow a blue skin instead?  OR PINK!  MOMMA!  CAN SHE HAVE PINK SKIN?!

NOPE, kid; paper white is all you’ve got to work with.  It comes with lots of summertime jokes about your legs being used to guide down lost spacecraft and an increased incidence of skin cancer.  I’m sorry about that in advance.

At any rate, I meant to take her back…and then the baby was born and our social lives took a nosedive.  But now that we’re getting out and about again more frequently, something tells me another reptile zoo visit might be in order.

** Charlotte is three years and six months old.  Evie is twelve weeks old.

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