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September 08, 2013

Our garden has been a tad on the pitiful side the last couple years, but Wyatt is still stopping by regularly and imparting his wisdom.  We’ve slowly begun to build a reliable relationship with him and we see him at least once a week.

More recently, Wyatt has begun to invite Charlotte to help him in his garden.  She mostly stands around telling him about princesses and asking him why his hair is white while he weeds, but they both seem to enjoy the experience.

So the other day when the girls and I were out on the road, Wyatt popped out of his house to say hello.  While we were chatting Charlotte was bicycling around and in the blink of an eye, she just flopped over and fell off the bike.

The two of us rushed over.  “It’s okay, there, Teddy, just a little scrape,” Wyatt said to Charlotte as he brushed her off.  “Nothin’ to worry about, little fella.”

My neighbor has always called Charlotte “little guy” and “little fella” and I have never thought much about it, but…

“I’m not Teddy, I’m CHARLOTTE!” she exclaimed.

“Charlotte?” he said, puzzled.

“YES!  CHARLOTTE!” she huffed as she climbed back on the bicycle.

Bewildered, Wyatt turned toward me.  “Charlotte is a girl’s name,” he said plainly.  “She’s a girl.  Her name is Charlotte.  She’s not a boy named Teddy.”

“Um…no.  She’s definitely a girl.”

“Well who has a boy named Teddy?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.

It was completely dead silent for a minute.

“So it makes sense why she’s always talking about princesses and wearing dresses now,” he finally said with a chuckle.

And now every time we see Wyatt, he calls out “HI THERE, NOT TEDDY!” and it cracks me up.

Little Miss Not Teddy.

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  1. By Lynda M O on September 08, 2013

    Funny how we remind ourselves of names, isn’t it ?~! Had a client once who continually said to me, “You’re not Brenda!“ True enough but after a while my husband began to refer to me as Not Brenda. Used to confuse people - loads of fun, that.

  2. By on September 09, 2013

    Literally ROFL!!!  :)  Thanks for the smile this morning. Glad you’re back.  :)

  3. By on September 09, 2013

    Haha!  So sweet.  And can I say… props to Wyatt that it didn’t seem to phase him much that “Teddy” wore dresses and was obsessed with princesses!

  4. By on September 09, 2013

    I agree, AWESOME that it didnt phase him, that “Teddy” loved princesses and dresses lol. But hilarious that he thought she was a he… ONLY because for years when I was little, people thought I was a boy. I played sports, I got dirty, they didnt know I had a play room full of dolls, barbies, and doll houes, they only saw, my hot wheels, and my basket ball hoop. Until finally one day lining up with the rest of the neighbor hood kids, waiting to be picked to play football, and some older kid pointed to me and i said “I’ll take him” and i stopped my diva foot and said “IM NOT A HIM! IM A GIRL!“ and he stared at me, dumbfounded for a bout 5 minutes… then said “well whatever, you hit like a boy so your on my team” loved that it didn’t matter.

  5. By missjoules on September 09, 2013

    I still think of your Wyatt occasionally (probably I’m just jealous and want my own .)), and I’m glad to hear that he’s still around. I’m another who is glad to hear that he was fine with “Teddy” wearing dresses.

    When I was 7 I was in the line at the pharmacy getting some medicine for my mom, and these little old ladies said “Oh, let this little boy go first, he’s being so patient!“ After that, I grew my hair out.

  6. By tara pollard pakosta on October 23, 2013

    cutest thing I have ever heard!
    did you invite him for tea?!





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