The birds and the bees.
March 07, 2009

I was standing by the photocopier when he walked by.  And I was still standing by the photocopier when he snuck a second glance and walked by again.  Then he looked around and approached me.

-  Okay.  I haven’t really been keeping tabs on things, but WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!

He pointed at my belly.  I looked down and then at his finger and then back at him.  He’s my father’s age, this man, and the sort of person who remembers me dressed up for Halloween twenty years ago.  He’s sarcastic and sociable and generally not the sort to be taken seriously.

-  I mean, when did you start to show?  It seems like your dad just told me yesterday and NOW LOOK AT YOU!
-  Well, I am 20 weeks in…
-  I just, I mean, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

I cocked my head to the side and raised an eyebrow and smiled.  He doesn’t usually give me opportunities like this, so I run with it.

-  Well, you see, Coworker.  When a man and woman love each other very much…

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  1. By Eric Hegwer on March 07, 2009

    When my brother asked me that same question I replied “Well it only takes about 20 minutes”.

  2. By Kimberly on March 07, 2009

    Very sweet. I have a 9 year old that may need you to explain to her someday. I have a feeling you’d be better at it than me.

  3. By Clare on March 07, 2009

    Heehee. If I had been drinking something, I would have spit it out I was laughing. Perhaps it is because I am a new reader, but I am happily amused by your snarkyness.

  4. By Allison on March 08, 2009

    Haha. Well, that talk is better late than never, right?

  5. By the domestic fringe on March 08, 2009

    LOL.  The things people say to pregnant women are always interesting.

    Thanks for visiting the domestic fringe.  Hope you come back soon!


  6. By kbreints on March 11, 2009

    So cute!





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