17 Weeks
February 11, 2009

I did not expect to relish pregnancy.  Quite frankly, I expected to hate it because my mother hated it.  I expected to find pregnancy uncomfortable and demanding and to experience turbulent morning sickness the likes of which I had never known.

Instead, I have found that I love being pregnant.  Maybe this is because I have yet to reach the bulky third trimester, or maybe this is because my brush with nausea was unfathomably brief, but I have not found this pregnancy to be particularly difficult or painful.  With the notable exception of those times when Donald feels he is ALLOWED to breathe within ten miles of me, I don’t even mind the acute sense of smell.

What HAS surprised me about the past few months is how quickly my body has transformed from being MINE to being completely alien.  It seems that at every turn, I encounter aspects of pregnancy that nobody ever told me about.  Like the sensation that my breasts have grown three cup sizes OVERNIGHT.  Like my body’s MIRACULOUS ability to fill my bladder every twenty seconds.  Like a hunger so intense that I froth when dinner is ten minutes late.  Like stepping on the scale and thinking, “gee, couldn’t I see my ankles yesterday?”  Like the complete inability to sneeze without experiencing, um, minor, um, incontinence.

And, of course, like waking up to find that my belly is now a magnet for every woman IN. THE. WORLD.

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  1. By Katelyn on February 11, 2009

    Thank you for your comment on my blog!  So happy to hear you’re enjoying your pregnancy, I knew there were such people out there, lol.  I enjoyed the important aspects of my pregnancy ;)  Congratulations!

  2. By Angella on February 11, 2009

    Oh, the belly-touching.  I remember it well…and how STEAMED I got.

  3. By LeahK on February 11, 2009

    Yeah, isn’t it a trip to find out that pregnancy isn’t horrible and miserable for everyone? I hope you keep enjoying yours like I enjoyed mine!

  4. By violetismycolor on February 12, 2009

    Hi Sarah,

    I thought I would come visit you since you had visited me.  Pregnancy, yes I remember it well.  I actually have enjoyed the whole experience from pregnancy through now…kids out on their own in College, in Grad School, and one even living abroad.  These days are all precious.  Enjoy them.

    So, how did you find ME?

  5. By Tara on February 12, 2009

    I was in the same boat as you - I fully and completely expected to HATE being pregnant.  I had a short temper, was easily irritated and obsessed with my weight.  I was completely surprised to find that I actually enjoyed it (for the most part). 

    The belly touching thing was hard for me in the beginning when I first started to show.  I would freeze in complete horror and discomfort when people touched my belly.  Eventually I didn’t mind it so much though - but it depended on who was doing the touching.  And there is a difference between “touching” the belly and “rubbing” the belly.  The rubbing was too creepy for me (unless it was husband)

    And don’t forget it’s still your body (even though it’s been hijacked) and if you’re uncomfortable with the touching, don’t be afraid to put a stop to it.

  6. By Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah on February 12, 2009

    I was the opposite. My mother LOVED pregnancy. I thought I was going to die.

    In fact, I almost did die.

    We’ll talk after the baby is born. :)





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