36 Weeks: A wee one this way comes.
June 16, 2009

With less than a month until my due date, Donald and I are experiencing what is probably best described as the calm before the storm.  We can almost feel Life breathing down our necks, waiting to pounce on us and bash our heads in with sleep deprivation, and so we have responded by focusing entirely on preparations.

Last night, Donald installed the car seat.  It was THE EPIC PREPARATION, something akin to the icing on the baby-prep cake.  And even though I had nothing to do with the installation, I will admit that it filled me with an absurd sense of pride.

It also filled me with the feeling that an enormous load had been lifted from my shoulders.  And, as is the case in pregnancy, I am fairly certain that the enormous load was repositioned in between my hips.

The baby is sitting very, very low in my belly these days.  Every morning, I wake up and waddle to the bathroom and then Donald and I stare in disbelief because THE BABY HAS DROPPED EVEN LOWER, OH MY GOODNESS, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!  I am pretty sure that if this kid tries to drop any further, a head and a shoulder will pop out.

As the baby has taken to beating up on my pelvis and cervix, two other notable things have begun to happen.

First of all, I have started to contract.  Right now, I experience a labor pain about once an hour.  This isn’t anything to write home about, as I can apparently go on like this for weeks, but it has also scared the crap out of us.  Donald and I both stayed home yesterday – me so that I could rest up and spend some time listening to my body, and him so that he could drive me to the hospital if a head or a shoulder popped out.  We want this baby to stay in for at least another week, and we both appreciated having the time off to focus on what my body was telling us so that we knew how to approach the next few days.  Now that we’ve figured out the contraction rhythm, we both sit around staring at my belly.

Staring, of course, helps keep the baby in there.  This is why we stare.  Staring is caring.

Second of all, I have really begun to experience my first MUST HAVE THIS NOW OR SOMEONE WILL DIE cravings.

I crave ice water, cooked carrots, and strawberry popsicles.  Mostly ice water.

I’m a little disappointed, as I was very much looking forward to sending my husband out at 3am to purchase chocolate chip ice cream and a jar of pickles, but it turns out that he can satisfy my cravings with a very quick trip to the sink.  It’s outrageous, really.

Now that I think about it, this whole update is ridiculous.  Gear-wise, I am ready for the baby.  Gestation-wise, I’m begging the munchkin to keep the home fire burning in my womb for another seven days.  And cravings-wise, I would like a glass of ice water.

I’m a sorry excuse for a pregnant woman.

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  1. By The Football Wife on June 16, 2009

    That’s the cutest tummy I’ve ever seen—yours, not Donald’s!  I craved cereal & rootbeer throughout my pregnancy, but you’ll be so glad when it comes time to deliver that you’re well-hydrated.  Rest up—that car seat will be filled soon!

  2. By on June 16, 2009

    Good to see that the bambino stayed put yesterday. Let me just tell you though, that when I had to me induced at the start of my 37th week, my friend, who is a pediatrian told me, “Don’t worry, get past 34 weeks and it’s a cake walk”. She was right, the baby was fine at 8 lbs 3 oz and 22 1/2 inches. (I married a giant too)

  3. By Tatiana on June 16, 2009

    So cool!  I’m very excited for you.  I never had any contractions or even the BHC ones, so when I actually went into labour I spent the first three hours going “Um, this is probably false labour since I haven’t had one yet”....

    ... I didn’t actually accept that I was in labour until my water broke, then I was like OH MY GOD HONEY WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

  4. By Megan R. on June 16, 2009

    I love the fact that your photos tell just as good of a story as your words do.  You have been given a gift with both.  Hope the baby stays put like you want it to….happy staring!!!

  5. By kbreints on June 16, 2009

    Oh my! So exciting! I will be thinking about you two (three) and praying that things go smoothly…

  6. By Crystal on June 16, 2009

    Glad to see there’s no baby. Yet. With my 3rd child, the false labor contractions started at about 25 weeks and lasted until I gave birth at 38 weeks. There at the end, they hurt. A lot. And were coming every 5 minutes for an hour at a time and then just stop, only to start back up again the next day. Fun times.

  7. By Katelyn on June 16, 2009

    I hope the bambino stays put too.  Ice-water is a good craving.  I craved salad, of all things, pretty consistantly.  And I think I ate ice-cream everyday as well ;)

  8. By lceel on June 16, 2009

    SWMBO always went for Ice Cream.  Never any pickles, though.  At the time, she hated pickles.  She likes them now, though.  I guess raising three sons will drive you to pickles.

    *SWMBO = She Who Must Be Obeyed

  9. By on June 16, 2009

    You know, I believe (hope!) that most of us, anyway, get to rest comfortably in the knowledge that our parents wanted us.  But I was reading your post today and thinking how totally cool it is that your child will have such concrete proof of how excited you two are.  Good luck with these last weeks.


  10. By Kathleen North on June 16, 2009

    I have no children of my own, but LOVE following your blog. You have such humor and truth that it is refreshing! I have heard though that to keep the baby in, you must stand on your head. KIDDING! Really truly kidding. Terrible humor. Good luck though! My friend is due this week with her 2nd child and we are just waiting anxiosly!

  11. By Trenches of Mommyhood on June 16, 2009

    Thinking of you!

  12. By Jinxy @ Jinxyisms on June 16, 2009

    I hope your baby keeps cooking for you.  My girl was born at 36 weeks 3 days and she’s small but she’s perfect.

    Good for you with the taking it easy and listening to your body.  Too often people don’t do that and its so important especially when your pregnant.

    Way to go with the preparation and getting the car seat it already.  My hubby had to leave the hospital and put the car seat in before he could take us home.  I kept telling him to install it for about a month before Lily was born but did he listen to me, oh hell no.  He didn’t want to drive around with an empty car seat and besides “the baby’s not due for two months, I"ll put it in before she’s born” yea right.  :)

  13. By Katie on June 16, 2009

    I was disappointed with my cravings, too.  Lemonade and strawberries.  I felt like I was back in elementary school.  I totally wanted to be the “GIVE ME TACOS OR DIE” woman.  Maybe next time…

  14. By Allison on June 16, 2009

    I hope the baby stays put! I didn’t experience that early-contraction stuff, but I know lots of women who did. And, like you said, it lasted for a LONG time before the baby finally decided to make its debut.

    You could still make Donald go get you ice cream at 3am. I mean…NOW is the time ;)

  15. By Kate on June 16, 2009

    Love the belly pictures! Gorgeous.

    Here’s hoping an elbow doesn’t pop out in the next week :) Hang in there!

  16. By erin on June 16, 2009

    Oh my!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed still that BC will stay put for now.

    I did crave ice cream at the end of my pregnancy.  Cherry Garcia, and like nobody’s business.  I went through cartons of it.  Be thankful you’re craving ice water, because it’s cheaper.

  17. By courtney from mommie blogs on June 16, 2009

    good to see you are still preggers!  hang in there and act on those cravings…  it will make you feel better :)

  18. By Megan at FASS on June 16, 2009

    Sorry excuse?  No, you’re absolutely beautiful.  You are handling all this the best you can and better than most I am sure.  Approaching it with humor as you do will help you and Donald through the staring AND caring.

  19. By Elizabeth on June 16, 2009

    So cute, though.  It’s really exciting to read your thoughts before babe arrives.  I’m thinking of you.

  20. By Elizabeth Mackey on June 16, 2009

    Cravings are so funny. With the first, it was red sauce pasta, oranges, burrito supreme, and chocolate. Second daughter, it started early on with red meat, canned spinach, and pork and beans. Then it stopped,and all I wanted was ice water with lemon slices in it!!

    what is up with the ice water craving??!!!

  21. By Tara on June 16, 2009

    The installing of the carseat is always so monumental - because without it, you can’t bring the baby home.

    We got into a big fight while installing ours.  Mostly because I was big and pregnant and bitchy and we couldn’t find the manual and it was raining outside…  Glad your installation went smoothly!

  22. By Jennifer W. on June 16, 2009

    Kevin had to go install the carseat in the parking garage after Avelyn was born.  I’m glad you are more prepared than we were.  She was born at 37 weeks, 2 days.  Maybe mini Saronald (that’s a Sarah and Donald baby) will wait until then too :)

  23. By Daphne on June 17, 2009

    You look fabulous, alright? such sweet photos!

  24. By A Free Man on June 17, 2009

    Sleep now. Seriously. Sleep will be the most precious commodity in your life in roughly four weeks.

  25. By on June 18, 2009

    What cute belly pics!

  26. By Elizabeth on June 19, 2009

    Still looking great! It’s almost time ! :)





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