Always the best choice.
June 18, 2009

Donald proposed to me on a Friday evening.  We were living together in a teensy weensy apartment in a very bad part of town.  I am not exaggerating the size of the apartment, by the way.  I’ll bet you couldn’t stuff a termite in there IF YOU TRIED.

Regardless of the size of the hovel apartment, it was the perfect place for the two of us to begin our lives together.  We put our toothbrushes in the same cup and our dishes in the same cabinets and our pillows on the same bed and it seemed like life really couldn’t get any better.

Sometimes life gets better in spite of you.

I cannot remember how or when we decided to tie the knot.  I assume that there was a day when we were just two people in love and that the following day we were two people who wanted to spend an eternity pissing each other off, but I just don’t remember when that happened.  At any rate, it didn’t take long.  Once we decided, we acted on it.

Donald picked a ring he knew I would love and placed a special order for it.  Then, on a quiet Friday evening in March, he lowered himself onto one knee, grabbed my hips, pulled out a ring, and asked if I would marry him.

Four months later, I did.  I happily, giddily, excitedly walked down the aisle to the only man I have ever loved.  To the only man who makes me laugh as often and as heartily as Donald does.  To the only man for me.

I have made a few good decisions in this life (and also MANY truly horrid ones), but I will tell you this.  None of those good decisions measure up to letting Donald slip that ring onto my finger.  Looking in his eyes and telling him that YES, of course I would marry him, there was nothing I wanted more than to share toothbrush space from here on out, is one of the best choices I have ever made.

No matter how long we’re married, he still takes my breath away.

Only now, instead of being breathless with amazement at being in love, I’m breathless because I’m laughing at the punk.  I guess this is the best part of marriage: IT EVOLVES.

Hank doesn’t care for mushy blog posts.  All he wants is a good belly rub.

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  1. By Joe @ IrrationalDad on June 18, 2009

    I remember when wife (then girlfriend, and also named Sarah) and I moved in together. We had mis-matched plates, bowls, forks and spoons. I really felt like an adult when we bought replacement dinnerware and packed away our mis-matched stuff for a future garage sale (this was 6 years ago, and the damn stuff is currently in the basement, STILL ours because we don’t want to deal with the hassle of a garage sale). I love the fact that hers and mine has evolved into ours. Congrats on a happy marriage, it makes like so much fun.

  2. By on June 18, 2009

    Is that your garden?

    It’s beautiful!

  3. By kbreints on June 18, 2009

    I would have to agree… being able to evolve together is the greatest gift. Just because one stage in yoru lives together is wonderful, does not mean that the next completely different stage will not be just as wonderful.

  4. By alison @ cluck and tweet on June 18, 2009

    I love being married.  15 years and 2 kids later, he’s still my best friend.  “Sometimes life gets better in spite of you.“  What a great line.

  5. By Buckeroomama on June 18, 2009

    ...and here’s to many more years of evolving. Together.

    What a beautiful post.

  6. By Elizabeth Mackey on June 18, 2009

    This post was especially nice to read today for me. It is my 26th wedding anniversary today!

  7. By lceel on June 18, 2009

    Recognizing that love evolves is a BIG step in the right direction.  So many, many people seem to miss that.  I guess they didn’t read up on that chapter in the “Marriage for Dummies” book.  But I am so glad you’ve come to recognize that so soon in your marriage.  That is SO good.

    Well done, Sarah.  Well done, indeed.

  8. By Jinxy @ Jinxyisms on June 18, 2009

    I love how love evolves and its so nice to see someone else appreciating it.

  9. By Notesfromthegrove on June 18, 2009

    So sweet.  I feel the same way about my husband too…in spite of some terrible decisions I’ve made, I know I can always feel good about saying, “YES”.  I loved this.  Thanks for sharing.

  10. By Elizabeth on June 18, 2009


  11. By Elizabeth on June 19, 2009

    That’s so sweet! :)

  12. By Heidi on June 19, 2009

    You made my insides gooey. I like when you post about love instead of your vagina.

    I second Kate on this one: Is that your garden?! I love it.

  13. By theArthurClan on June 19, 2009

    I think that’s one of the most wonderful parts of marriage…evolving and letting that person get to know the whole, true you.  It sounds like you are one of the lucky ones with your true love.  :)

  14. By Stephanie on June 19, 2009

    So sweet.
    So very sweet.

  15. By Elly on June 19, 2009

    Oh <3. That’s really lovely :)

  16. By the animator's wife on June 19, 2009

    Wow, great post!

  17. By Lori on June 22, 2009

    very sweet post.  if he makes you laugh, you will love the way he makes your child laugh.

  18. By Awww so cute.... great job! on June 24, 2009

    Yeah I am pregnant! I am only 18 weeks. And yes I do have a pretty big bump…... so yeah! great job!





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