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August 11, 2009

Over the past few days, Charlotte suddenly began the slow and steady shift from BLOB to BABY.  She is awake and alert a few hours of every day, and loves to spend those hours glued to my chest.  When we’re indoors, she lays on my chest and stares at us: at my face, at Donald’s face, at my breast, whatever.  When we’re outdoors, she bobs her head around trying to see everything.  She can hold her head up unassisted a little longer every day and she has begun to swivel her head around to follow noises.  It’s ABSOLUTELY THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER to watch this development, to watch her grow and learn.  I can’t believe how different she is already from the tiny infant we brought home.

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  1. By Jinxy @ Jinxyisms on August 14, 2009

    It is wonderfully amazing how quickly they change and develop.





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