gDiapers!  (my unsolicited review)
September 02, 2009

So.  gDiapers.  WHERE DO I START?

When we were first married, Donald and I decided that early on that we wanted to focus on making healthier choices.  Part of our plan to make healthier choices has included a decision to ensure that we are slowly morphing into green freaks.  We want our children to inherit a better world than we were born into and while that may never happen, it’s well worth the effort.  So, little by little, we try to make choices that are healthier.  Not just for us, but for everybody.

When I was pregnant, that little pact of ours lead us to gDiapers.  And here, let me just save you the angst: gDiapers rock.

I really, really thought that gDiapers would not work.  It took me two weeks to work up the nerve to even try them out because I could not figure out where I was ever going to get the energy to clean up the enormous mess that I was positive they would make.

So imagine my surprise when they did not make a mess at all.  Imagine my surprise when they successfully contained the foulest, most abundant, most liquid blowout diaper we had ever encountered.

gDiapers do take some getting used to, though, I will give you that.  I mean, come on, the diapers freaking Velcro in the back.  They’re cute and all, but let me repeat that for you: THEY VELCRO IN THE BACK.  I consider that a horrid design flaw.  At least half the time, I put the diaper down backwards and have to turn it around.  You would think I’d learn by now, but, um, nope.  No, sirree.  No such luck.

Also, when it comes to the flushable inserts?  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.  Trust me.  The first time we tried it out, we did not do the reading.  So when the insert was soiled, we dumped it in the toilet and watched with horror as it literally sopped up all of the water in the bowl.

Um, yeah.  As it turns out, using the flushable inserts requires you get your hands a bit dirty.  When the insert is finished, you have to tear off the shell and dump it into the toilet in two separate pieces.  CONSIDER YOURSELF FOREWARNED.

Overall, however, I have found that gDiapers are pretty awesome.  If I could afford to use gDiapers all the time, I gladly would.  As it stands, though, we only use them when we’re out and about.  And although “out and about” isn’t quite “all the time,“ I am glad we have the opportunity to use them as often as we do.  They’re absorbent, easy-to-use, wonderful diapers.  And maybe one day, sometime after Hank stops raiding my compost and devouring the contents, I’ll actually try to compost a few of the inserts.

Also, go on and admit it: they’re pretty damned adorable.

*** By “unsolicited,“ I mean that the company that manufactures gDiapers has no idea that I am writing this review.  NO IDEA.  Several of you reader-folks did, in fact, request that I discuss our experiences using gDiapers.  I fully intend to continue to update our experiences as we go.  Right now, of course, it’s easy to love gDiapers: infant poop isn’t solid.  I’ll let you know how things change as Charlotte grows.

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  1. By Alias Mother on September 02, 2009

    You’ll understand why they velcro in the back when Charlotte gets a bit older and has manual dexterity.  We use cloth, and we cannot leave the Buddha just in a diaper because the velcro?  Not enough anymore.

    We need new diaper covers for the next round o’ baby and I’m looking at snap varieties.  Don’t say I can’t be taught!

    Thanks for the gDiapers review.  I never tried them because the ongoing cost seemed like a turn-off (as opposed to cloth, which is a one-time purchase) and we are on a septic system and I didn’t feel like possibly replacing the whole thing over diapers.  But I love the concept.

  2. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 02, 2009

    Alias - We’re on a septic system too, which is part of the reason we decided to only use them out and about.  I know that gDiapers were designed with septic in mind, but its still a big risk.  I hate the smell when they pump it; I don’t want to imagine the stenh of having it replaced.

  3. By Stephanie on September 02, 2009

    No worries—we’re using disposables, same brand for months, and I still sometime put them on backwards.

  4. By gretchen from lifenut on September 02, 2009

    It will be interesting to hear if they do a good job during the height of poopy blowout diapers, which is around 4-6 months: the intestines hold much more, but the poo isn’t solid because baby isn’t eating substantial foods yet….

    That’s when you get the up-the-back poops. Poop in armpits. That sort of thing.

    I was looking at gDiapers yesterday at the store, actually. Then I looked at Archie. Then the diapers. I said no.

    But I am glad they work for you!

  5. By Brooke on September 02, 2009

    If you’re already using cloth and just adding gDiapers to the mix, I’d recommend using cloth inserts, instead of the disposable ones.  I was in need of more diaper covers, and I found a great deal on some gDiaper covers.  They work really well with bumGenius doublers (we use two at a time), and they also work well with our cotton prefolds.  As for the up-the-back poop, we have NEVER had a blowout in a gDiaper.  In fact, we’ve never had a blowout in anything other than a too-small cloth diaper and cover or a poorly put on bumGenius.  And this girl can poop!

    The problem I’m having with the gDiapers right now is that a) the velcro seems to be failing, and when I put my baby in her first fall outfit (which didn’t fit as tightly as her summer onesies, and I suppose that was the problem), the diaper came undone while she was rolling around; and b) some part of the diaper seems to be giving her a weird irritated patch of skin a couple of inches below her belly button.  I’m sad to think we may have to quit using them as covers, because the size medium we got is supposed to last to 28 pounds, and I was really counting on that (she’s not quite 16 pounds just yet).

  6. By erin on September 02, 2009

    So glad you love your g’s!  I love mine too.

    1. Since TK is not yet big enough to pull on the velcro tabs, sometimes I just put them on backwards.  Intentionally.  There’s not much difference in the fit front to back so I don’t worry about it, and it doesn’t affect the way that poly liner inside fits.

    2. You will get the hang of velcro-ing them in the back if you start using them all day every day.  Roll up one hip a little, velcro, roll up the other hip a little, velcro.  TK thinks its fun to be rolled around like that while getting changed.

    3. Gretchen, they certainly do hold those massive poops at 4-6 mos.  TK is starting to have those (she’s almost 4 mos) and good Lord are they awful.  Rank, too.  But the g’s hold them just fine.

    4. You’re right, DAMN are the expensive for the flushies.  And the gCloth refills are no better.  I made my own for about $2.00 each.  That is less than half the cost of the gCloth refills and vs. sposies, will pay for itself in about 8-9 uses.  Let me know if you would like me to make some for you and send them, if you want to keep using your g’s.

    5. What other clothies are you using instead?  FULL REPORT, please. :)

    (Sorry this is such a long comment!)

  7. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 02, 2009

    Brooke - When we bought the gDiapers, we didn’t see any cloth inserts, so we’ve discussed those.  Part of the reason that gDiapers with the disposable inserts work so well for us out and about is that it cuts down on the weight of the wet bag.  If the grandparents take her out, we don’t want them to have to worry too much about the wet bag and they’ve been pretty enthusiastic about the gDiapers, soooo…

    That said, it’s still alot less mess with the cloth inserts than the disposables, probably, so we might change over yet, WHO KNOWS.

    My biggest problem with them is actually the snaps.  I can make those plastic liners out of a cloth that has plastic on the outside so that the plastic doesn’t rub her too much, but I can’t find any freaking snaps to fit the ones that are already in the gDiaper cover =(

  8. By aimee @ smilingmama on September 02, 2009

    Thanks for this post. We used disposable with #1 but are considering something like this for #2 so I need to start researching!

  9. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 02, 2009

    Erin - I will totally take you up on that offer!!

    Also, we use:
    a) Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers, LOVE (I’ll make another post on this soon),
    b) Generic flatfolds, birdseye and prefolds with Thirsties covers.  Oh my goodness, these are the messiest of all, but they are the perfect backups and they worked the best for us when she was freshly baked.  We had trouble using gDiapers or Fuzzi Bunz at first because she was just too narrow between the legs.

  10. By natballs on September 02, 2009

    i JUST heard about these last week! I want to try them so bad!

  11. By erin on September 02, 2009

    I think (think) the g’s are a size 12 or 14 snap.  Poly resin.  You won’t be able to set comparable snaps without a press or snap setter.  i.e. or  I think the liners are 1 ml PUL.

    My mom and I have been experimenting a lot with the g’s because we love the system so much.  We can make the covers, but the liners I think will be cheaper to buy, but then there is the issue of attaching the liner to the cover.  Hence trying to find the right snaps.  So it may end up to be easier to just buy the covers (they come with a liner of course) and a couple extras liners and just keep making the soakers.  At the moment I have about 25 soakers (the flushie insert) and by the time I’m running low on those, the diaper pail is full anyways so I just do laundry.  Don’t know how long they’ll last though but still cheaper than buying the gCloth inserts.

  12. By Stephanie on September 02, 2009

    I am so playing it cheap and going with disposables. I know how good cloth diapers are for the environment but in our house, we have enough laundry as it is, plus I’m already busy enough as it is.. there’s no way I’d have the time to clean cloths diapers. Not to mention that the pure thought of it just sounds SOOOO appealing.

    So… I’ll stick with disposables.

    That’s great that they work for you, though! Awesome!

  13. By on September 02, 2009

    I’m interested that you and your readers love gdiapers, because I HATED them. We use FuzziBuns and I wanted something other than disposables to use when, oh, let’s be honest, when I didn’t get the Buns washed quick enough. I thought the snaps were too awkward to use, they were too hard to refill while trying to hold on to a squirmy baby, the cover rubbed her little legs raw and the whole flushing thing was a pain in the butt. Funny, but the fastening in back didn’t phase me at all. So I love my FuzziBuns and use 7th generation chlorine-free disposables when I’ve been too lazy to get a load going.
    Also, a healthy and environmentally conscious thing for you to try (if you aren’t already- I don’t actually know) is to become a vegetarian. Great for you and great for the planet! And great for the cows and chickens and….

  14. By erin on September 02, 2009

    Oh, and we use Nature Babycare (compostable/degradable) sposies when I’m too lazy to do a load.  Can you tell I love this post?

  15. By on September 02, 2009

    Not sure if anyone else said yet, but while they are little feel free to put them on “backwards” as it doesn’t (usually) affect anything. We love them too! :)

  16. By jaimey on September 02, 2009

    GRetchen- I have used g’s on my 2.5 yr old son since 3 months and we have had 2 blowouts… both times in the jumperoo. Nothing otherwise. If you have a good seal you really do have nothing to worry about. :)

    Also, as for ongoing cost you can use cloth in them as many people including myself do. they even make their own cloth insert which is currently back ordered its so popular!

    (no I don’t work for g’s)

  17. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on September 03, 2009

    Diapers - another thing I have to learn about.  I agree with you though, they’re pretty darn cute!

  18. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 03, 2009

    Tabitha - You’ll be fine =)  In my case, as soon as I had the baby, current events just flew out of my brain.  There’s more space in there for things like diapers now =P

  19. By Megan on September 03, 2009

    I’ve finally recovered from the anger of having to wait for several days to see/hear what you had : ). 

    Many congratulations!  Little Charlotte is a beauty!  Love the originality and beauty of her name.

  20. By Nancy on January 23, 2010

    I’m a little late here but oh well. I tried GDiapers, and I hated them. My daughter, like yours, was EBF and I found that BF poop was just too runny and I was constantly cleaning the liners, despite ordering more of them so I would have more back-ups. Also, yeah… expensive. I had only four covers for that reason. We switched to ‘sposies because we don’t have our own W/D but next time around (meaning this April), I’m sticking with plain old prefolds and snappis. (And yay, moving to an apartment with a W/D!)





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