Breastfeeders R Us.
September 21, 2009

When I breastfeed my daughter, I do not use a blanket.

Now, look.  I gave the blanket trick a good run.  Really, I did.  But it just doesn’t work for me.  It’s a lot like pregnant sex: VERY AWKWARD.

First of all, there’s the logistics of it.  When the baby cries, my neurons all start firing off screaming FEED THE BABY! FEED THE BABY! and you know what?  They’re not saying things like Grab a blanket! Unfold it! Throw it over your shoulder! Twist your torso into twelve directions at once so that it doesn’t fall off!

So my brain’s broken.

Then, there’s the fact that nursing under a blanket requires hard work and causes insanity.  I was constantly moving my body this way and that way to keep the blanket in place.  And when the blanket slid off my shoulder (because IT ALWAYS DID), it required all sorts of acrobatic skill to get it back in a semi-secure position.

Like letting my baby suck my life force out of nipples didn’t require every ounce of energy I had, I was also forced to fumble with the blasted blanket.  And I was doing the whole thing so as not to send the grocery cashier into cardiac arrest, but my baby didn’t know that.  So my baby was all flailing arms and kicking legs, GUESS SHE MISSED THE PRIVACY MEMO, and no matter how fast I moved, that cashier always got an eyeful.

I mean, if your boob is going to wind up just hanging out in the wind, you might as well not have to worry about picking up a blanket too, right?

Finally, there was the problem of getting my titanic nipples back into my bra or under my shirt without: a) flashing the general public, or b) smothering my child with the blanket as it fell down.  My baby would finish up and I’d be all OKAY, here we are, do I suffocate the kid, OR DO I BLIND MY FATHER?

(Poor Dad.  I’ll let you know when his nightmares stop.)

So before I knew it, I had become one of THOSE women, the sort I never thought I would be, who breastfeeds anytime and anyplace without a blanket.  Before I had a baby, I always thought that the only women who nursed without a blanket were closet hippie nudists or breastmilk fascists, but I’m starting to realize that there are other reasons for women to breastfeed openly in public.  And in my case, it’s because the blankets outsmarted me.

I told you: my brain’s broken.

What are your thoughts about nursing in public?

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  1. By on September 21, 2009

    I’m opposed…you shouldn’t do it in public without a blanket.  It just makes too many people uncomfortable.  Try a Hooter Hider…it’s like an apron but it has a wire in the top so you can see baby and baby can see you.

  2. By huck on September 21, 2009

    If you’re comfortable boobing it in public, by all means…. go for it! The more women nurse openly, the more people will get used to it and recognize that…oh.. hey.. WE ARE MAMMALS… and WE LACTATE…. and it’s one of the most natural things on earth.

    I can imagine a blanket being cumbersome. But if you’re looking not necessarily for a cover-up but for an efficiency-helper… perhaps a ring sling?  My friend is able to put the baby in the sling and adjust things so that she and nurse HANDS FREE! She can push a grocery cart, talk on the phone, or even walk the dog… all while nursing.

  3. By Celina on September 21, 2009

    Maybe it’s just because I live here in Florida where people run around half nekkid most of the time, but seriously—it’s just a little bit of boob doing what God made it to do!  It is a lovely thing!  If you can pull it off, go for it!

  4. By gretchen from lifenut on September 21, 2009

    I nurse without a blanket, but I lift my shirt from the bottom. Top Boob is covered still and the baby blocks my doughy tummy.

    Many people have approached me thinking my babies were sleeping when they were actually nursing. They wanted to see the sleeping baby, oh so cute…

    I think nursing in public is a regional thing, too. In my area, if you bottlefeed in public you will get more dirty looks than if you breastfeed in public.

    It’s sad because we don’t know a woman’s whole story just by watching her feed her baby, however she chooses to do it.

  5. By on September 21, 2009

    Tough subject. I am mother of 4, and I breastfed each of them until they were 12 months. I used a blanket anytime I was away from home. I am fine with a mother breast feeding in public as long as it is done with some discretion. One instance that comes to mind is that of a mother who breastfed her infant in the waiting room of a very busy doctors office. She opened her shirt, undid the flap of her nursing bra, allowed her breast to flop freely as she then proceed to struggle to remove her sleeping child from the carseat carrier.

    In situations where I had to get up and walk while breastfeeding I would tuck the corner of the blanket under my bra strap.
    When baby is latched on, there isn’t much to see even with out a blanket.  It’s when baby gets spooked, chokes, or becomes interested in the person you are talking to that it turns embarassing.

  6. By Julie Momster on September 21, 2009

    When I breastfed the Little Monster, I had only the vaguest sense of not wanting to blind the public. If only because I mean.. they’re my boobies. Nobody needs to see that.

    But with a hungry baby demanding to be fed OMGRIGHTNOW, I got over it pretty fast. I did take the “lift the shirt from the bottom” technique if I was out in public and there was no where more private. But when I was at home? Did not matter. And for any one who happened to come by at feeding time? Well, they knew there was a baby - and woe be to them if they did not want to see the magnificance of engorged baby-feed-bag boobs… they were a little bit S.O.L.

    Even remembering it this way makes me wish me and my monster had been able to do that for longer *sigh*

  7. By Stephanie on September 21, 2009


    For real, the first time Jasper freaked out in public because I was taking too long with the blanket, I decided to forget it. Every so often I use it, and I usually wear nursing tank tops so I’m mostly covered, but yeeeeah.

    I ACTUALLY just had to quit a job over breastfeeding. Stay tuned for details!

  8. By Steph on September 21, 2009

    I tried to hide too - but really it got to the point where if she was screaming for food and it wasn’t the most convenient of all places, I’d have to whip it out… I did my best to be discreet. If anyone saw my boob, it was only because they were trying to :P

  9. By Natballs on September 21, 2009

    I posted an entry on nursing in public once. I think it’s 100% acceptable, but I do use a blanket only because I am not 100% comfortable flashing my titties in every which way direction. Some people look at me funny, but God gave us dem boobiez 4 a reason! Jonah sweats bullets under the blanket, though.

  10. By on September 21, 2009

    im currently struggling with this subject.
    i plan to try to breast feed, but havent given it too much long term thought. (beyond the “Unddercover” i have purchased. i dont plan on purchasing a pump. cant afford it-so then i wont need to bother with extra milk supply bags…i cant afford nursing bras-or tanks…
    thankfully im a stay at home mom-and plan do the things i need to around the nursing schedule. I’m sure when the time comes i will realize how unrealistic im being. but i’ll hope for smooth sailing for now :)
      As far as nursing in public-more power to you!! *personally* if i cant cover i will feel awkward and not want to do it-because my breasts and i have a hate/hate relationship. maybe if my Little one will nurse-my view on them will change-but through 2 other kids - i hate my breasts and they hate me.

      if you go to before the 25th and enter the PROMO CODE ** BACKORDER ** you can get a FREE $32 nursing cover. (the price of the item) you just have to pay for shipping.
    good luck to you all :)

  11. By bethany actually on September 21, 2009

    I had exactly the same experience as you. Before I nursed I never imagined I’d be comfortable nursing in public without a blanket. At first I tried to occasionally use a blanket if I was with someone I knew would be uncomfortable (with my dad I always went into another room, because the poor man just didn’t know how to handle it) but most of the time I just used the baby’s head as cover, and you couldn’t see much when she was nursing anyway. I also never liked lifting my shirt from the bottom, so I tended to wear shirts I could pull back from the top, like you in these photos. I remember once when she was tiny, just a couple of months old, nursing Annalie as I walked around a Stater Brothers in Redlands with my mom. I had left the blanket in the car, and really I didn’t care at that point, I just wanted my baby to get fed. My mom was kind of embarrassed that people were seeing something, and I was just bewildered at the time that she considered that important when clearly, my baby needed to eat. It’s funny how those hormones will do that to ya!

  12. By Elizabeth on September 21, 2009

    I always wore a tank top under my shirts and then would just hike up the shirt - over boob, and hike down the top of the tank.  That way I never had any exposed skin, as I didn’t want to flash anyone and I did a lot of NIP.  Also, I would nurse in a mei tai.  Totally hidden. 
    I think that it’s important, for my bond with my baby, to nurse on demand and if I’m out… I’m out and I will nurse.

  13. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 21, 2009

    Ann - Instead, I opt for nursing tops and I never whip it out until the baby is in position, so that her head blocks as much as possible.  I try to be discreet and I nurse behind a sling or wrap more often than not.  I’ve just found that nursing works best for us in the open - she latches better and I’m more relaxed.  Is there a reason that you find nursing openly to be uncomfortable?

    Huck - It’s true, the sling is awesome for nursing.  I am constantly nursing on the go or nursing while I’m doing laundry, etc.

  14. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 21, 2009

    Amanda - You’re not being idealistic.  I nurse on demand and it works beautifully.  Sometimes she throws me for a loop, but I’m usually able to predict within about 20 minutes when she’ll be hungry.  Also, even though I needed a pump for excess milk early on, my supply has since adjusted and now I only pump when I want to.  If you do want a pump, one option is to check out milk banks.  The one that is near me will give you a pump if you promise to give them any extra milk you have down the road.

    Bethany - I’m the same way!  I prefer shirts with a slit in the side or that pull down.  I feel much weirder about flashing my belly than I do about flashing the top of my boob lol.  I never expected that!

  15. By Vicky on September 21, 2009

    Personally I had no problem nursing in public.  At every point in a persons life they are going to see a boob.  If people have an issue then DON’T LOOK!!  I have heard though that shawls, the kind that attach around your neck are good, however it’s still hot as hell outside so you know.

  16. By Kate on September 21, 2009

    I am not a mother yet, so I don’t know how it feels to be the one doing the nursing, but I think public breakstfeeding is beautiful and an important part of life for everyone to see. I love to see women interacting with their babies in public.

    Flashing some skin, and even some nipple, is not the worst thing for people to see. What about those parents who discipline in public? That’s far worse for a bystander, I think.

  17. By sarah on September 21, 2009

    It is probably the oldest and most animalistic ritual on the planet and should be seen as such. nothing wrong with it at all. those who are uncomfortable shouldnt look! like it’s not possible to divert your eyes, or for heavens sake actually look people in the eye while talking.

  18. By Laura on September 21, 2009

    I do not breastfeed, so I don’t REALLY know how I would personally feel about nursing my son in public. From a bottle-feeding mommy’s perspective, I don’t care if other moms want to nurse in public, as long as they are halfway discreet and modest about it. I mean, seeing someone’s entire boob and a baby eating doesn’t make me uncomfortable or anything, it just is kind of awkward. I mean, I wouldn’t want to see a non-nursing lady’s boob hanging out of a shirt while I’m out.

    I agree with one of the PP that said they are there for a reason. I think many people have forgotten that though. For many people they are for nothing more than looks. I think it is important to remember other people’s perspective, and keep in mind how you would feel if you were on the other side of the baby.

  19. By erin on September 21, 2009

    I have only used a blanket a few times when nursing in public, when *I* felt uncomfortable, and only once when visiting my mom out of consideration for my grandfather.  Nursing in front of my mom, dad, grandmother, friends, whoever - not a problem.  Grandpa?  Hmmm… no, uncomfortable. 

    It’s sad that we’ve gotten to the point where people are uncomfortable with nursing.  Sometimes the way other people eat, all slobbering all around and general gross-ness, makes me uncomfortable, but if I said anything to them I would be pilloried.  And yet nursing moms get all this flak about nursing in public.  Besides, as someone else mentioned, the baby covers my poochy belly and all you can see is as much boob as if I were wearing a low-cut top.  What’s wrong with that?

  20. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on September 21, 2009

    That’s a good question and one I haven’t thought about yet.  I will probably use some sort of cover-up simply because I’m pretty conservative and have never been comfortable with flashing a lot of skin, boobs or otherwise.  I also remember my husband telling me how someone at church was breastfeeding in the open and how uncomfortable it seemed to make people because everything was showing.  I can’t get that out of my mind. :)

    But to others who don’t have my issues, I say go for it!

  21. By Stephanie on September 21, 2009

    I am one of those who feels awkward, now, because the baby isn’t here and screaming for food…. yet. I am sure I’ll try using a blanket at first, but by all means.. feed when baby needs to feed. Whether I have a blanket handy or not. I’m sure I’ll get there quickly.

  22. By Alias Mother on September 21, 2009

    Before I had a baby, I couldn’t imagine how I would breastfeed in public.  I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it.  But, if you are going to nurse it’s going to happen.  And the first time I had to do it?  The world didn’t end.  After a few months, I really didn’t think much of it, though I did try to find an out-of-the-way spot and be discrete.

    Now that’s it’s been a few months, I once again think it’s a little weird that I, a paragon of modesty, used to whip my shirt up in public.  But I know that when kid #2 comes along, I’ll do it again without worry.  Because in the end, it’s natural, it works for me, and dammit, I refuse to be shamed by it.

  23. By Jennifer W. on September 21, 2009

    Since I was unable to breastfeed Avelyn I don’t know what I would have done if the opportunity arose.  That being said, many of my friends are staunch breastfeeding supporters, and would whip it out in front of anyone as long as we were indoors and with people we (mostly) knew.  When in public however, the majority use the Hooter Hiders from  They come in great prints and hide the assets.  I admit that no matter how important I think it is, I don’t like to see an uncovered feeding when I’m out and about.  Of course FEEDING a BABY to SUSTAIN LIFE is the most important part, but I have limits as to how much of the MOTHER I want to see ;)

  24. By Kiza Olson on September 21, 2009

    just like i don’t want to see somebody’s butt crack, i also don’t want to see anybody’s boob (or much cleavage, for that matter)...
    yeah its natural, but so is pooping, and I would rather just not see it.
    i have breastfead 3 babies and I am due with my 4th, but just because its natural doesn’t mean everybody wants to see it.
    there are plenty of ways for it to be a pleasant experience for everybody… and i think covering most of yourself is a good starter.

  25. By Carlyn on September 21, 2009

    See people forget that, womens breasts were intended for food… before they became a sexual “part”. Your baby needs to eat, and thats more imporant, then other people feeling “awkward”. If your comfortable enough to nurse in public with out a blanket, good for you! A friend of mine, nursed in public with no regaurd to the people around her, and her theory was.. my child is more important.. well one day a women was staring at her.. so she moved her baby looked the women dead in the eye and said “Want some?“ I thought I was going to die from laughing, the women just walked away.

  26. By Mama Bub on September 21, 2009

    I used a hooter hider - there was no way I could wrangle a blanket and a squirming baby all at once.  I just wasn’t comfortable enough to nurse without being covered. That said, I fully support every woman’s right to nurse their baby when necessary. I was just WAY too self conscious to nurse exposed.

  27. By The Urban Cowboy on September 21, 2009

    When it comes to nursing your baby, I say do whatever you are comfortable with.

  28. By Monica on September 21, 2009

    I let it all hang out.  I tried, I really did, with a blanket, and my first kid just wouldn’t have it.  And like you, as soon as baby starts to cry, I am shirt up, bra down, baby latched before my brain has even registered the situation.  I have not used, not once, a bresatfeeding pillow, cover-up, or anything with Ivy because I just can’t be bothered. 

    I do make an attempt, with Ivy constantly popping off to look around while I’m nursing her at the park/in the metro/etc, to then cover up my exposed parts until she gets interested again.  I just got used to the stares. 

    I’ve never had a negative comment, but several nice ones.

  29. By beyond on September 21, 2009

    this is always such a hot topic in the US. being from europe, i never really understand why this is a controversial. breastfeeding women are not exposing themselves indecently! i don’t know why anyone should be troubled by that. every woman should breastfeed the way she and her baby feel the most at ease.

  30. By Mommica on September 21, 2009

    Well, I was uncomfortable with it for myself, not for anyone else. Especially in the beginning when my nipples were all scabbed up. NO ONE wants to see that! I just ended up not going out in public very often, which kind of sucked, until the day I started pumping and could bring a bottle with me. That was a great day.

  31. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on September 21, 2009

    ps- big thanks to Amanda for mentioning the special.  I just ordered me a coverup.  :)

  32. By Brianne on September 21, 2009

    First you pics are great! Makes me want another seeing your little one! Anyway I think that people are getting over the whole seeing a boob thing. I am uncomfortable with it for myself but not for others. I am just weird like that and you would think having two natural childbirths, I should say vaginal not natural becuase I had epidurals both times! Anyway as I was saying after giving birth you think you would be over being modest in anyway but whatever! I think its true too that you see more dirty looks towards bottle fed babies. But I also agree with another commentor that its sad that we judge others, its a personal choice and its non of anyones business!

  33. By Megan on September 21, 2009

    They’re just boobs, everyone’s got ‘em!  I’d rather my FATHER not see mine, but whatever!  Loved that part about your dad’s nightmares : )
    P.S., the pic below of Charlotte in baby carrier, and Donald playing with her TO DIE FOR!

  34. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 21, 2009

    Megan - Yeah, in my case, I think my father would rather not see mine.  I figure he’s already been scarred for life by putting up with me as a teenager, so what’s a little boob in the mix lol.  To be fair, though, I was just kidding.  I would have blinded my father, but he turned his head and covered his eyes =P

    Monica - Same here.  I’ve received a few positive comments and one woman gave me a thumbs-up for nursing openly in public, but I haven’t received a single negative comment or dirty look.  Of course, it’s only been a couple months.  I’ll let you know where I’m at after a couple years.

  35. By Megan at FASS on September 21, 2009

    Well0 I guess my answer is I am thinking about it, but I can’t seem to DO it without the effing boppy pillow.  I lack the coordination just yet of walking and feeding, or propping her up myself. 

    And if a blanket is too complicated in public….I guess a pillow is out of the conversation.

  36. By Megan@SortaCrunchy on September 21, 2009

    I think the main reason women breastfeed in public without covering up is because breastfeeding is normal.  It’s the biological norm for how humans feed babies, and it’s only our overly sexualized culture that has problems with that fact.  The problem is the culture, not me, not my baby, not my boobies.  So, yeah.  Not a big deal, really.

    Good for you for going with what works!  I’m proud of you, mama.

  37. By on September 21, 2009

    I think breastfeeding moms need to do what is best for them and their babies…It doesn’t bother me in the least to see a mom openly nurse, but I never did it myself.  I preferred going to my car or even a dressing room on occasion.

    At the beginning, I was so uncoordinated that I needed to be able to have my boob out just to position her correctly…I’m with you, the blanket was a nightmare to deal with.  As she got older, I needed a somewhat quiet place so baby wouldn’t rip off my nipple turning her head to see what the noise was she just heard!  For me, feeling comfortable also helped me immensely with let-down.

  38. By Elizabeth Mackey on September 21, 2009

    This country is so puritanical it makes me sick sometimes. Nurse away girl!!! I’m with the person who said that if more people did it comfortably in public, it wouldn’t be such a big deal!! I nursed on demand too :)

    Funniest nursing story that I should share with you:
    My youngest daughter got the flu when she was 10 months old, and had to be in the hospital for the weekend. I had to pump my breast milk, because she couldn’t nurse. I went into the visiting room in the pediatric wing and pumped away. There in the room sat three high school kids, visiting their friend. They kept staring at me and wondering what the heck I was doing. Finally one of them asked me, and before I could answer, one of the guys says “Don’t be stupid, it’s a lung machine!“ I laughed so hard. I finally told them I was pumping breast milk, and they were dead silent and immediately turned away!! So funny!!!

  39. By Beth in SF on September 21, 2009

    Well, more power to you, but I could only nurse coverless in front of my husband.  If you still want something, they make shawls that go around your neck, solves the slipping and sliding issue, and also the putting the boob away issue.  Just google “breastfeeding shawl”.

  40. By Veronica on September 21, 2009

    I’m all for it. Isaac hates a blanket over his head, hates it with a fiery burning hot passion. I wouldn’t use it anyway, but the fact he hates it means I’ve never even thought about bothering.

    I think I’m lucky in Oz, I’ve never been asked to stop feeding and the only person who gets openly uncomfortable is my BIL and he’s open about it and just doesn’t look at us while I’m feeding. I think it makes him nervous that he might see my nipple. Sorry Ad.

    As for people saying ‘I don’t want to see it, you shouldn’t do it’ I don’t want to see obese people in lycra, men with their pants showing arsecrack or unshaven stinky armpits. I however don’t get a say in what they wear/their personal hygiene, so they don’t get a say in how or where I feed my baby.

  41. By Ola on September 21, 2009

    I think it’s amazing that women are flashing their boobs in music videos and dressing like tarts (sorry about being so cynical!) and then when women breastfeed, which is perfectly natural and the most nurturing thing a mother can do for her baby, they get funny looks.

    Where have we gone wrong as a society?

    Luckily I am like Veronica in Oz and it is illegal to discriminate against anyone for breastfeeding in public.

    That being said, I am still quite shy about breastfeeding in public. Not because I am concerned about the actual feeding, I just don’t like to flash my boobs around :)

    Btw, loving the pics of Charlotte. She is beautiful!

  42. By on September 21, 2009

    I found the longer I nursed, the more in-tune I became with when my babies would need to be fed. I scheduled things around that…nursing in the car BEFORE going into the store. There was no way I wanted to be pushing a cart and nursing. I’m all for being discreet…and walking while nursing is hardly that. You asked!

  43. By jaimey on September 21, 2009

    You ROCK! I am very PRO bf-ing (you may have noticed from my FB page lately… LOL) anywhere anyhow! Good for you for doing it on here and for being you. When people in general take to eating under a blanket, my child will too until then… I am a bf-ing wherever it is my baby is hungry type of girl too!

  44. By on September 22, 2009

    I’d forewarn anyone from purchasing an udder cover with that kind of promo.  It sounds too good to be true.  Please check out the validity of it.  Do a google search before ordering…

  45. By on September 22, 2009

    It’s really funny to watch the faces of guys when they realize that you’re breastfeeding.  They don’t know where to look!!  What can I say?  I’m easily entertained…  I solved the “privacy” issue out in public by wearing a nursing cami under my shirts.  I’d lift up the shirt from the bottom and kept the cami covering the rest… all that was exposed was what the baby needed to latch onto.  At home, I wasn’t worried about privacy—even with company.

  46. By on September 22, 2009

    It doesn’t make me uncomfortable but it does make other people so why do it? Go sit in the car or in a fitting room.  There are so many options

  47. By on September 22, 2009

    Tabitha (From Single to Married) , I’m glad at least someone noticed and took advantage.

    Susan : its quite valid, the promo came from an email sent directlty from the company itself. they reason being because they are on backorder, and the shipment of the product isnt the same duration as one that isnt backordered.
    but seeing as how the 25th (estimated ship date) is so close, i didnt see any reason not to share the “wealth”

    I WILL however do a search at snopes and report back if that makes others feel better about freebie.

    just trying to help.

  48. By on September 22, 2009

    anyone interested, i am getting conflicted info on this uddercover bologna. i will be reaching out to thers from the original place i heard about this, and will report bnack when i get more info.

    a search at hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

  49. By MyHormonesMadeMeDoIt on September 22, 2009

    I don’t have a baby yet so right now I am convinced I will not nurse in public.  I am a big fan of the Hooter Hider, it will solve the blanket not falling off problem and keeps men in the room a little more comfortable.

    Mostly, I guess I cannot, in all fairness judge until I have a crying baby that needs feeding.

  50. By on September 22, 2009

    Amanda, Don’t you think it odd that a company use a promotion for free breastfeeding covers for months on end?  I do—and personally for me, it raises some huge red flags… no, entire color guards.  Typically, such promos last for only a few weeks.  It gives me enough reason to stop and investigate which is something I think anyone ought to do.  Be an informed consumer. 

    There have been so many complaints about unauthorized charges to credit cards after the purchase of the item in question.  It’s too coincidental to be coincidence.  Honestly, I usually take these kinds of things with a huge grain of salt—considering the power of the mob mentality.  In this case with so much at stake, I would suggest investigating the company before making a purchase—or if you have already made a purchase, save receipts of your purchases and watch your credit card statements carefully.

  51. By on September 22, 2009

    Hooter hiders are lame. They’re not ‘hooters’ they’re your breasts for feeding your baby. I never used a blanket anywhere, for anyone. It’s not like you’re waving them around squirting milk all willy-nilly. I assume :)

  52. By Laura on September 22, 2009

    You are awesome! Whip out that boob and don’t worry about others. People need to get over it! Breast feeding is a natural, non-sexual act. I do it all the time :)
    Also, you are a wonderful photographer. Can you write a post on your top 10 photography tips? I love taking pictures but royally suck at it. If I had half your talent, I would be so happy!
    Please check out my link to my blog. It’s a newbie, but hopefully helpful to those with children!

  53. By Joe @ Irrationaldad on September 23, 2009

    People need to stop being prudish. It is a 100% natural activity. Every mammal on the planet has nipples, so why is it that human women must keep theirs covered? It’s stupid. If anyone tries with the argument that it’s a sexual organ… first, No. It’s not. second, while many men find the breast sexual in nature, that doesn’t mean that’s what it is. Especially concerning providing nourishment and the best possible meal for one’s baby.

    Kudos to you for saying “screw it” and doing what’s best for your baby whenever necessary.

  54. By on September 23, 2009

    Couldn’t agree more with Brittany. I don’t have hooters and I certainly don’t have udders. I have breasts, breasts that I used to feed my babies. In my area, blankets were too hot, cars were too hot to sit in and I will NOT feed my child in a restroom stall. When we traveled with an infant in Europe, the department stores and train stations had rooms with chairs and a table for changing the baby. Mom and baby got to sit in comfort and no one had to see. I love that picture of you nursing Charlotte.

  55. By andrea on September 23, 2009

    I was much more worried about nursing in public with baby #1 which led to a less than stellar nursing experience for the first 6 months and a lot of stress for both mom and babe. This time around I’ve been much more open about it and although I try to be discrete, I have found that giving both of us a little freedom has worked so much better.

    I’ve never been offended by a nursing mother in public, covered or otherwise so it mystifies me that something so natural can make so many people uncomfortable.

  56. By on September 23, 2009

    Susan, i appreciate you pointing the entire thing out to me. if you hadn’t-i would have been none the wiser.
    i have already made the purchase, and am watching my statements. so far so good. only the cost of the shipping i approved of. only time will tell at this point.

  57. By on September 23, 2009

    i have just recieved a reasurring email from the company at Uddercovers, if anyone is interested in its contents-regarding the legitimacy of the company, plese feel free to email me.

    (its a long email-and i just dont want to blast it here on sarah’s blog)

  58. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 23, 2009

    Amanda - You can post it here, it’s not a big deal.  That way, if nothing else, anyone following the discussion can see it through to the end.  If you do post it, just let me know if you want me to delete your e-mail address from that last comment.

  59. By on September 23, 2009

    you are a very unattractive young girl and it is with in my studies and very true that the general public does would rather visualize a beautiful young blond with her breast hanging out and not someone as unattractive as you. Sorry men are visual creatures lets not scare them.

  60. By Amber on September 23, 2009

    Ruth, put down the crack pipe

  61. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 23, 2009

    Ruth - This is the second comment of yours that I have found on my site.  Please tune down the antagonism.

    That said, I’m a very plain looking person, you’ll never hear me deny that, and I am sure that many a person would prefer to see a beautiful blonde’s boob over mine, especially where a baby is concerned, but that is beside the point.  If you would like to contribute constructively to the conversation, which in this case relates to your opinion about nursing in public in general (not just me nursing), then I certainly welcome you.  But if you are only here to make inappropriate comments about my looks, (or, in the case of the other comment: my husband’s behavior and my marriage), then I respectfully ask you to leave or to address your comments to my e-mail.

    Thank you.

  62. By on September 23, 2009

    the truth hurts, you are busy overcompensating (an intensified and exaggerated striving to compensate for a strong feeling as of inferiority)

  63. By on September 23, 2009

    per Sarah’s request-*The Email* response from Uddercovers Owner:::

    Re: backorder promo
    Udder Covers Sales <>
    Add to Contacts
    To:  Amanda Morgan <> 

    Hi Amanda,

    There is a lot of misinformation online about our company and so I want to put your mind at ease. From the moment you enter our site, you are directed to a secure server brought to you by Go Daddy and when you begin to shop, there is an “s” which stands for secure in the address bar so it reads “https://“. There is also a padlock icon that shows up as well similar to an online banking experience. We work with Comodo which is similar to Hacker Safe and they verify that our site is secure daily as well as offer an insurance policy of $250,000.00 just incase. We offer PayPal payment options as they protect the buyer as well. We work with which is the largest merchant company in the world. All credit card numbers are encrypted when entered in our site and going through’s system. There is no middle man company. We do not store credit card information in any of our systems and do not store them on servers either. No one here has any access to credit card numbers at all until the customer gives it to us over the phone and we have to look up that type of information through only. It’s hard to work with on a customer service level but it protects us as a company and you as the end user. There is only 3 ip addresses that have access to our system. We do not work on wireless browsers. Our companies are also in good standing with the BBB and Milk Bands has been around since 2005 with a very good reputation around the world. I do believe that this false information that you may read online about us is pushed by competition of ours that wishes to put us out of business by saying things like this about our company on forums or blogs and some women out there like the gossip. It’s not to their best interest to have a company selling product as cheap as ours when they’re trying to keep their prices high. It’s also not in our best interest to rip women off so that they can let all their forum friends know in a matter of seconds. We do not do business that way. If you have any specific questions for me, I can go ahead and answer them for you. We answer our phones over here unless we’re getting orders out or taking our kids to the doctor and such. We take care of our customers and want to be around for the long haul and can’t do so if we were practicing illegal activity or people didn’t trust us. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,

    Jenny Pierce
    Milk Bands LLC and Udder Covers
    PO Box 912 , Lehi , Utah , 84043 , USA
    t: 1-801-766-2290 | f: 1-801-766-8441

      ——- Original Message——-
      From: Amanda Morgan
      Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 7:52 AM
      Subject: backorder promo

      to whom it may concern,

      it has recently been brought to my attention that the promo code i used to order my product is in fact a scam. it is too early to tell, because the back order date is Sept. 25th. today is only the 22nd.
      but if someone could contact me back in regards to this situation i might be able to sit easier. thank you for your time.

  64. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 23, 2009

    Ruth - Again, I respectfully disagree (I know who I am and what I look like and it does not bother me) and I request that you stay on topic and tune down the antagonism or else direct it to my e-mail.

    Thank you.

  65. By on September 23, 2009

    I don’t have children, but I find nursing in public fascinating.  I never know where to put my eyes, not because I’m embarrassed or because I think the mother should be elsewhere, but because I find it hard not to stare in wonder and curious fascination, and I don’t want to be that creepy person who won’t stop staring.  I’m just intensely curious about the entire pregnancy/birth/nursing process, and I’m never certain that my cursorily will be welcome, or understood for what it is rather than prurient voyeurism.  Which is one reason I love this blog.  Sarah’s frankness and humor makes this my “everything I wanted to know but was afraid to ask” fix.  Keep ut the good work, Sarah.

  66. By on September 23, 2009


    beyond the email i have posted from the owner, who i am still in communications with, i posted a Journal entry about the subject on my community birth board @ here is a link with a few POSITIVE responses of women who used the code and GOT THE COVER IN THE MAIL!!

  67. By April on September 24, 2009

    eff the blanket.  my goodness, it’s too hot, it’s too awkward and my kids HATE it.  it’s a little boob for goodness sake… there are 12 year olds with their butts, bellys and boobs hanging out all over the mall and no one says a word, but goodness forbid you try to *gasp* FEED YOUR CHILD?! 

    LOL, let them stare.

  68. By Jessie on September 25, 2009

    Women should nurse wherever and however they feel comfortable.  This country has abysmal breastfeeding rates.  I’m sure part of the reason for that is that women feel ostracized when they nurse—they have to cover, they have to leave, they have to hide, they have to feel SHAME.  Breastfeeding past the first couple months is soooo much easier if you can do it wherever, whenever, without special equipment (one of the perks of using the breast instead of a bottle!).

  69. By Jinxy @ Jinxyisms on September 25, 2009

    Good for you Sarah!

    At home I always have a boob hanging out.  I do use a Uddercover (I got mine about 8 months ago with their promo, noting weird ever hit my card) when in public or we have male company.  I do it mostly for my hubby.  He already has to share my boobs with the baby, he doesn’t like sharing them with his friends too.  I also don’t like showing my belly.  Lily hates being covered though so I’m trying to get more comfortable with top boob showing.

  70. By caramama on September 25, 2009

    Good for you, Sarah! :-)

    With my first, I was using one of those shawl covers at first and going other places to nurse, including a bathroom a couple of times. I would also leave the room if we had male guests over at our house. It just felt all wrong to me. After the first couple of months, when I finally started feeling more comfortable in my role as mother, I stopped. I had a big conversation with my husband because he was uncomfortable about it at first.

    I explained to him (and anyone else who wanted to know) that not only was it more difficult to do using a cover, I also felt like I was not contributing to the solution. I’m comfortable with my body and with nursing, therefore I felt I could help make it more normal to see women nursing in public so it can become more accepted. It’s just feeding your child, for goodness sakes.

    With my second, I have only used the sling to kind of cover in certain situations. But I don’t use any real cover, and I lift the shirt from the bottom usually. And now I will nurse no matter who is in my house. When my dad or other male is over, I just tell them that the baby is hungry and I’m going to nurse him. THEY can leave the room or look away if they are uncomfortable!

  71. By Desiree Fawn on September 26, 2009

    We LOVE nursing in public and, like you, I never cover up more than my shirt is covering. I’m all about nursing on the go, in a sling, wherever, whenever!
    I’m SO glad that I am able to feel this comfortable—especially now that my daughter is a few days away from being 8 months old and people are starting to ask “when are you going to stop doing that?“ questions.
    When? Not for a LONG time. As long as she wants boob, she can have it—here, there, EVERYwhere!

  72. By Natalie@Naddy's Blog on September 28, 2009

    My husband, who is amazingly supportive of nursing, once compared a nursing cover to waving a flag over your head that says “I’m nursing!“ ;-) Not that that is bad, but if you’re trying to be discreet about it it kind of seems a bit backwards!

    I live in a nursing tank and a ring sling right now, and have had mothers who have nursed many children double check and ask if I’m nursing. It is hard to tell whether she is eating or sleeping, so knowing that makes me more confident in nursing at the grocery store, at the mall, during church, etc.

    Sometimes I like retreating for some mama baby time and nursing her somewhere quiet, but especially in the early months when she was nursing a lot, I didn’t want to go hide and feel isolated every time she needed to nurse.  I would rather get to continue shopping/eating lunch/worshipping/talking with friends, and I don’t think that is unreasonable!

  73. By on September 28, 2009

    Just wanted to put it out there that:



    only charged S&H for it.

  74. By Sara @ The Football Wife on October 04, 2009

    First, who is Ruth and what’s her deal??

    Sometimes there’s just NO time for a blanket.  My baby just turned one and she LOVES nursing.  I have nursed in the middle of the Ikea cafeteria, at football games, at church (with my baby dressed as the infant Jesus), the mall… I could go on. 

    Boobs are food.  ;)

  75. By Marisa @ where's the party? on October 07, 2009

    I am totally for breastfeeding in public and even “whipping it out sans cover up” if needed because there’s a point:  The baby needs to be fed (and I understand this since I’ve gone through it).

    What I do not understand is why many moms are feeling the need to post a picture of them breastfeeding on their blog (and some are NOT discreet).  And, usually, it’s not one picture or two - it’s a few. 

    I hope that you and every one else doing this understands that these photos are most likely being downloaded with a simple right click and will possibly be on someone’s hard drive forever.  Disturbing.

  76. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on October 07, 2009

    Marisa - I look at it very differently.  Every image can be esily downloaded, breastfeeding-related or not, so I just make sure that the pictures I post are photos I would be okay with if they turned up on national television.  And these I’m okay with.  I don’t think they are going to humiliate my child in her adolescence and I did make sure the vitals were covered by mouth or head.  Perverts will be perverts whether I like it or not and in my opinion, they’ll probably be perverts offline as well as with their right-click button, which bothers me far more.

    The reason I post breastfeeding images on my blog is because seeing breastfeeding images on other blogs and seeing women breasyfeed in public were the only two things that convinced me to keep breastfeeding in the early days when it hurt.  If only one other woman like me exists, then posting them might be a waste, but I don’t think I’m that unique.  In addition, this is a blog about motherhood and, quite frankly, breastfeeding is a huge part of my life as a mother.

  77. By Brittany at Mommy Words on October 20, 2009

    Hi Sarah, I know I am late to the discussion but first of all, I do not think you are plain looking at all.  I think you are a beautiful woman and mother.  I don;t know why someone would take the time to be nasty like that on someone’s blog.  EW!

    Second, I sometimes used my Hooter Hider and sometimes did not.  On a plane, I did.  I was often flying by myself and since I know the person next to me did not choose to sit not inches from me, I will cover up.  Never know where a boob will fly on take off or landing :)

    I also used it when in the mall if I could not find a mothers room and was in the middle of the concourse.  This was first because again, there were people who I did not want seeing very close by and second because our mall is freezing and yes, even nursing, I am always cold.  I don;t know who said it but we should not alwasy have to go nurse in a bathroom stall - yuck!

    Otherwise - yep I nurse in public.  I have found lots of shirts that pull down and I do have nursing bras.  With 2 kids 19 months part and a third on her way I need easy access and I can;t have my whole torso showing while I chase a 2 year old through a shopping center!

    It was great when I figured out how to nurse in a sling but man it took a LOT of practice.

    Good for you!

    Oh also - I get being fascinated by nursing.  I am too to be honest and I do it!  Most moms who are comfortable enough to nurse in public are probably okay if you ask them a question or say hi since you are not trying to be mean or perverted :)

    Love the blog Sarah!

  78. By on October 21, 2009

    Hi Sarah,
    Just found your blog and I love it.  Congrats on your baby!  I am currently nursing my second child and I do not use a blanket, and I truly do not care if it bothers someone that I am nursing.  There is a big difference in flopping out ones breast for a while before even getting your child out of their carrier, as one comment mentioned, and discreetly nursing.  I’ve never had a problem with “too much breast” being shown.  KWIM?  For those who are uncomfortable, ask yourselves, are you REALLY seeing a lot more exposed boob than you would if a woman was wearing, say, a low cut top?  Or are you just uncomfortable because you KNOW a breast is being used to feed a hungry infant and perhaps, if you stared for long enough, you might catch a flash of, OMG, a nipple??!!?  Hmm?  No one has ever said anything negative to me, but I DID get a dirty look once from a woman while I was IN the LADIES LOUNGE (read: fancy bathroom) at a department store.  - because I used to do that; go somewhere “private” and nurse my son.  Now, with my daughter, she gets fed when she needs it, usually hanging on for dear life in her sling while I am chasing my son.  Talk about multitasking.  Good times.  I can’t even believe it is ever an issue.  Good for you for doing what feels right.  Lovely pics by the way.  :)

  79. By Cambria Copeland on October 29, 2009

    I say nurse how you are comfortable. 

    I was one to use a hooter hider in public, until my kiddo started to push it away.  I was more comfortable.  However, in a pinch, I went without.  That’s just me…

    Bottom line, the public doesn’t have to look.  We look over so many things with others, what’s the problem with overlooking one of the most natural acts a human could do. 

    Good for you!

  80. By ajira on November 10, 2009

    I just literally started reading your blog and already I’m dying to meet you. I know we’d be best of friends. I’m a first time mama (sort of- grew up with large, okay, HUGE family so have loads of baby care experience) and loving every second of it. What a thrill.

    It bothers me that people are fine with women showing their breasts in a sexual context but when it comes to using them for what they’re actually built, suddenly folks get all prim. Honestly. I usually want to ask them to go eat their lunch in the bathroom with a blanket over their heads. *sigh* I say that each mama should do whatever she’s comfortable with. Me, I’m all about my baby. Other babies are not bothered by it. The adults who are bothered need to get over it or not look. That simple.

  81. By on November 15, 2009

    The first time I breastfed in public I was at a Destination Maternity and I used the blanket. I was hot… he was hot… it was awkward and I felt very disconnected as we couldn’t make eye contact during the session. The next time I breastfed in public I was at a museum. I had my son in a HotSling and when he was hungry I just opened up the slit in my nursing top. No one suspected a thing, nor could they see him at all… but I had full view of his face, and he mine. Sometimes I’m out shopping and I’ll nurse in the parking lot (in the car) without any sort of cover. I’m slowly getting to the point that I can feed him anytime/anywhere. I always wear a nursing tank with a t-shirt (of the same color) layered over it. That way I can lift up the t-shirt, flap down the nursing bra, and I’m totally covered. The monotone thing is very deceiving and it just looks like we’re snuggling.

  82. By on December 13, 2009

    I think nursing in public is something that everyone should get used to… I’m not going to let my baby go hungry just because someone may be unsettled by knowing that my breast is exposed under that blanket.

    I do have one suggestion for you, if you’d like to try it… I use a scarf. Get a big pashmina style scarf, rest it on your neck so both sides are even, cover your boob with it as you get situated, put your daughter’s head underneath the scarf at your boob and let her suck away. It’s easy, and you don’t have to worry about it falling off. You can even get away with uncovering her head a bit so that she can still see you.

  83. By on December 26, 2009

    I’m not a mother and obviously have never breastfed but I’ve seen my aunts and cousins breastfeeding their kids and I always thought it was such a beautiful act.
      Although my family is fairly conservative, no one really seemed to mind mothers openly breastfeeding their babies. Most of them used a lightweight cotton scarf when they were in public places so that they could breastfeed easily and keep the baby comfortable.

  84. By Cindy on January 18, 2010

    If your going to breast feed the public and show every boy, child and man out there your boob than feel free to walk without a shirt on outside as well. I mean, initially its really the same thing. So clearly I am opposed to it. Just because you are a mother (as I am) doesnt give you extra prevledges to expose. Have a little respect for yourself. Being a mom is hard work- along with tossing that blanket over your shoulder.

  85. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on January 20, 2010

    Cindy - I do not have a problem with people disagreeing with my decision to breastfeed in public sans blanket - it is, after all, an each-to-their-own sort of topic - but I do have a problem with you implying that in so doing, I am displaying a fundamental lack of self-respect.  Neither Charlotte nor I like the blanket, so we do not use it.  If the place is particularly formal, we leave the venue so that we can nurse privately, but most of the time “public” is a pretty casual atmosphere and both my husband and I have had numerous women (and men) of all ages - parents and not - applaud my choice to nurse openly in public.  If anything, I have more self-respect knowing that I have the confidence to feed my child however we are both comfortable, regardless of the occassional naysayer.  I just don’t think it’s a choice that can at all be linked to self-respect.  Laziness, ineptitude, social dysfunction, exhibitionism,  WHO KNOWS, even if I disagree, you can probably make a good case.  Self-respect, though?  Not so much.

  86. By on January 20, 2010

    Kudos Sarah.

  87. By on January 23, 2010

    I have grown to think that this discussion is not only silly, but completely primitive. I am American, but have lived in Europe for the past 4 years. I’m also married to a European. This discussion would NEVER come up here. Seeing a breast here may as well be a daily occurence (I should mention I live in Scandinavia and breasts are not usually covered or blurred out on tv or in magazines, but things are not nearly as wild as one would think) and nursing one’s baby is not subject for scrutiny. As some others have mentioned - they are just breasts. Pornography coupled with perverse males and puritanism have caused way too much controversy about something as completely non-sexual as feeding one’s baby.

    I love that you just care for your baby without worrying about some peoples’ silly hang-ups, Sarah!

  88. By The Feminist Breeder on January 27, 2010

    “I mean, if your boob is going to wind up just hanging out in the wind, you might as well not have to worry about picking up a blanket too, right?“

    Exactly.  Which is why I haven’t bothered with a blanket or a cover.  That, and I don’t want other new moms to think they should be hiding it.  I nurse freely as a signal to other moms that I think it’s perfectly okay and normal for us all to do the same.

  89. By on September 14, 2011

    i realize this post is ridiculously old, however i’ve recently discovered/fell in love with your blog. i have been going back through the archives and reading old stuff while my daughter naps. we do not have a super supportive “network” of people around us in regards to the way my partner and i choose to parent. so, your writings and photographs have been so helpful and encouraging. i appreciate that. i was shocked to read one readers comments on your “attractiveness”, of all things. although, i’m sure this womans bizarre comments had little effect on you, i found it slightly comical because over the past month, i find myself thinking, “GAWD! this sarah person is so freaking beautiful.“ and also, “fuck, i wish MY hair would do that.“ etc. so, there you have it. thanks for writing, thanks for nursing in public, thanks for being awesome, and also what shampoo do you use!? :)

  90. By Alex on October 10, 2011

    By the way you are very beautiful Sarah, that Ruth woman was probably just jealous of you and your family.

  91. By on November 15, 2011

    I personally think you should try to cover up if there are little boys or teenage boys around.  Boys that are going through puberty don’t care about the “beauty of breastfeeding”, they see SEX.  Boobs.  They could literally be getting excited by looking at your boobs.  To them it is porn.  Although I DON’T FEEL this way, to my little brother and nephews, it totally is.  Hopefully you manage to cover up in the eyes of pubescent boys.  People manage to every single day..

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