Moby wrap.
November 04, 2009

I have to admit that I was not really sold on the idea of the wrap at first.  When it arrived in the mail, I took it out of its package and looked at the booklet and was like YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.  And when Charlotte was first born, I was scared to death of even trying to put it on.  But I’m glad I eventually did, because if this wrap has saved my life once, it has saved my life a million times.  If something ever happens to me, bury me with it, okay?  Because I don’t think I could ever bear to part with it.

Somewhat related (but mostly not): when I first heard the term “babywearing,“ I honestly thought it was some sort of sick, twisted skinning practice that a child-molesting pervert had thought up.  No, really.  I did.  I mean, come on, BABYWEARING, that’s what it sounds like, right?

No?  Just me?  Really?

Okay.  So, wrap: good.  My brain: not so much.

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  1. By Carlyn on November 04, 2009

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I THOUGHT THE SAME THING! I saw it online actually, and was HORRIFIED at the word, until i clicked on the link lol. Cant get my sister to wear Bug. (nickname i gave my nephew, when born he looked like a glow worm lmao)

  2. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on November 04, 2009

    Carlyn - RIGHT?!  Was that the best name they could give it, REALLY?!

  3. By on November 04, 2009

    I have the moby wrap and still can’t figure out how the model in the picture looks so smooth and pretty, and i look like a sweaty mess after trying to figure out how to tie it and slide my son in without him screaming at me. did you follow the instructions or did you make up your own wrapping? i still haven’t bonded with my moby…

  4. By Buckeroomama on November 04, 2009

    I love my Moby Wrap.  One of the best baby “gear” we got!

  5. By erin on November 04, 2009

    We do not have a Moby wrap.  I wear her in a Baby Bjorn or a Snugli (which also converts to a backpack, AWESOME, best $5 garage sale find EVER).  Is it just me or does the Moby wrap kind of look like a straightjacket?

    Also, unrelated, is it the angle of the picture or do you just have the smallest bathtub ever?

  6. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on November 04, 2009

    Erin - The tub is TINY.  When I was in labor, I went in there to try to relax at the beginning and I couldn’t stretch my legs out fully, so I wound up with worse contractions than before.

    Also, the wrap is totally like a straitjacket, but its awesome.  I’ve only used the stroller once and thought it was just too much hassle, so that’s how I wound up with a billion carriers.  What I really prefer about the wrap over the bjorn is that it’s much warmer for her and easier to tuck blankets into.  That and I can wear it sans baby while I drive.

    I know, let me dazzle you with my high fashion.

    Kiki - I tried following the booklet, but what actually helped me the most was watching another woman put one on.  The wrap was a two-person operation until I saw someone else use it.

  7. By Elizabeth on November 04, 2009

    I couldn’t live without my wrap.  Sawyer is sleeping there, right now!!

  8. By Elizabeth on November 04, 2009

    Also, there are loads of great videos on YouTube to help any struggling wrappers out there.

  9. By Carlyn on November 04, 2009

    Yes the name is terrible, I completely agree. Everytime I hear it I cringe a little its a rather disturbing word lol. but it does fit what some mothers do, they litterally WEAR their baby… but the phrase totally kills me.

  10. By Cate Subrosa on November 05, 2009

    I will not shut up about the wondrous Moby Wrap! No one should ever have to take care of a baby without one!

  11. By erin on November 11, 2009

    HAHA I am SO glad I am not the only one who wears their baby carrier while they drive!  And here I thought I was clever.  It’s just so much easier than taking it on and off every time we get back in the car to run another errand. :)





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