Miss Poops-a-lot.
January 21, 2010

Charlotte knows that diaper-changing time is playtime.  This means that I have been the honored recipient of many a projectile poop…but it also means that when I start dancing around a certain way, she starts grinning and squirming excitedly because she knows that her favorite diaper-changing song is coming.

It’s to the tune of that Sir Mix-a-lot song.  You know the one.

I like cloth-diapered butts and I cannot lie.
The other mothers won’t deny
That when a baby’s brought in with FuzziBunz on
They can’t help but say: “WHAT A CUTE BOTTOM!”

It makes her laugh EVERY TIME.

What are some of the funny things you do to make a kid laugh?

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  1. By Dandy on January 21, 2010

    That is really adorable!

    Congrats on the bloggie awards nomination!

  2. By Hannnah on January 21, 2010

    Haha I love it! Woohoo for cloth-diapered butts!

  3. By Natballs on January 22, 2010

    Jonah hardly EVER poops- 2,3 times a month. That’s it. When he does it is EXPLOSIVE. I don’t know whether I should be happy about this or not.

    Also, my googlereader is acting a fool with your blog again. Invalid GET data, whatever that is.

  4. By on January 22, 2010

    Haha! That is adorable! We have a song for Nia… We call her the poop-a-loompa:

    Poopa, lumpa, poopity-doo,
    I’ve got a poo-poo waiting for you!
    Poopa, lumpa, poopity-doo,
    I’ve got a poo-poo waiting for you!

    What do you do when your butt is a mess?
    Call for the Mom and hope for the best!
    What do you do when your butt starts to smell?
    Cry out with a great bug yell!

    (Then repeat)

    Nia laughs hysterically, and gives those little baby squeals that could make toughest person smile. Of course, we also squat-walk to the room while singing the song. It adds a more umpa-lumpa feel ;)

  5. By Megan R. on January 22, 2010

    that is a great one!  I make up songs for everything…so I hardly remember them since they are spontaneous.  Finnley always laughs when I say “WHOA”, though.  She thinks it is so funny the suprised way that I say it.  Don’t know why…she is just a goof!

  6. By nku on January 22, 2010

    Awesome song - it cracked me up!

    Random babies I don’t know always seem to laugh when they look at me. I guess I just have one of those faces. Either that or it’s some kind of massive baby conspiracy!

  7. By Heather on January 22, 2010

    that is hilarious!  no kiddos here, but your song made ME laugh!

  8. By on January 22, 2010

    Congrats on the Bloggie Nomination 2010!

  9. By mommica on January 22, 2010

    When Lillia was younger, all I had to do was say the word ‘hiccup.‘ I guess it’s just one of those words…

  10. By Sandy on January 22, 2010

    Congrats on the Bloggie nomination!  That is where I found your website!  I love all the pictures that you take of your little one, they are sooo cute!!!

  11. By Sarah on January 22, 2010

    I can’t believe I am about to share this but the most horrific one that I have come up with has to be “Oh, me so hungry. Oh, oh me so hungry.“  Thankfully, I don’t sing it outloud because I know I would rue the day she would sing it to someone, such as her fairly religious grandmother.

  12. By erin on January 22, 2010

    Hannah loves it when I dance, probably because I am a horrible dancer and look like a crazy spazz.

    I also sing her a diaper song, to the tune of Abba’s “Super Troupers” - She’s a super pooper, wipes are gonna find you, all up on your bum, wish it’d been number one.  I can’t believe I just admitted that, because Brian doesn’t even know that.

  13. By Alicia S. on January 23, 2010

    When Matthew was just coming out of the newborn stage, I tried everything in the worl to make that kid smile - finally, it happened one day. All I had to do was was tap his chin, then his lips then his little nose with my pointer finger and with each tap say “booop” higher than the one before.
    “Ga boop, boop, BOOP!“
    It was the simplest thing, but he smiled everytime.

    Now that he’s two I do all kinds of ridiculous gymnastics with him when we play to make him laugh - like taking turns with him rolling overtop of our heads, telling eachother “Watch this! Watch this!“ each time. Or we chase eachother around the house, jumping out from around corners roaring like monsters… But every once in a while I’ll do that little “Ga-boop, boop, boop” thing just to see if he still remembers.

  14. By Julia on January 24, 2010

    VERY cute!!  This should be attached to the cloth diapers given as gifts at baby showers :).





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