They sure aren’t for chasing dust bunnies.
February 06, 2010

Weekends are pretty low-key events in the Christensen household.  We wake up early and make stinky baby jokes.  We eat a late, leisurely breakfast and talk about what to do with our day.  We have dinner with family and build memories together.

So our house is not clean.  So our laundry is not folded.  So our dishes are not washed.  So our porch is not swept.  So our lawn is not mowed.  So our floors are not vacuumed.  So our piles of papers are not sorted.  So our mantle is not dusted.

We have laughed giddily, we have kissed deeply, we have enjoyed fully, we have smiled frequently, we have welcomed happily, and we have lived passionately.  Isn’t that what weekends are really for?

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  1. By Megan R. on February 06, 2010


  2. By Megan on February 06, 2010


  3. By *emilie* on February 06, 2010

    i wish i could say “so what” more often. i’m still in that phase where i’m totally stressed out and i’m just gonna “do this this this n that” before i go to bed…

  4. By Alicia S. on February 06, 2010

    Amen, sister!

    They are also good days for… you know, finding out we’re having a baby! :-) My weekend rocks. Hope all of yours’ do too!

  5. By Rebekah on February 06, 2010

    Weekends like that are wonderful.  Can I just say, that that picture of Charlotte makes me want a baby so bad?  My husband and I are waiting a while longer, but that picture makes my uterus hurt!  So sweet.

  6. By Monica on February 06, 2010

    Ha!  Your house sounds like my house! 

    Hey- I’ve been waiting and waiting for some solid food consumption pictures… where are they???

  7. By Mailis on February 06, 2010

    Weekends around here are exactly the same as weekdays. Baby daddy is not in the picture, so it’s me and the little dude all day long…giggles and kisses and snuggles.
    To die for, really.

    I meant to ask…is Charlotte “making strange” yet? Jude has already begun freaking out when he realizes someone new is holding him. 8-/ The yowling is out of this world.

    Congrats Alicia!!!! :D

  8. By Alicia on February 06, 2010

    What I wouldn’t do for some green grass right about now… so jealous. We’re burried under about 2 foot of snow out here on the east coast :(

  9. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 06, 2010

    Alicia S. - Yoo-hoo!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Monica - We stopped the solid foods when I came down with mastitis and just started them up again, so you’ve not seen any photos because I haven’t taken any yet!  I’m hoping to get some this weekend, though =)

    Mailis - Donald and I both come from pretty big families and we see A TON of family every weekend, so I think Charlotte’s been forced into stranger tolerance to some extent.  She panics if I hand her to someone new and then walk out of the room, but most of the time she’s pretty good about it as long as she can still see me…or she isn’t too hungry =P

  10. By Meg on February 06, 2010

    Unfortunately, our weekends are filled with school work. Bleh. I love the picture.

  11. By t on February 07, 2010

    With that face around to squeeze and kiss, screw the dust bunnies. She’s so adorable!

  12. By Chibi Jeebs on February 07, 2010

    After sitting on the floor bemoaning the state of my stove as I scrubbed it, I really needed this reminder.  Thank you.  :)





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