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February 15, 2010

Today’s featured blogger is Stephanie, a woman who loves something called “garlic pickles.”  Personally, I am a fan of neither garlic nor pickles.  I am pretty certain that with the exception of pig’s hooves and snake blood, garlic pickles are one of the single most horrifying foods I’ve ever heard of.

But she also likes the color pink (cheers!), loves Rocky Road ice cream (cheers!), is married to a wonderfully goofy man (cheers!), has a German Shepherd named Kaydee (cheers!), and has one of the cutest baby boys I’ve ever seen (triple cheers!) – so I suppose that I can forgive that garlic pickle transgression.  For now.  SHUDDER.

Mama and THE MONKEY.

    1.  Are you going to try to conceive again? If so, when?

Yes, we will try to conceive again.  We had to go through a cycle of ICSI, where they inject my egg with Senior’s little swimmers, to get pregnant with THE MONKEY.  During our ICSI cycle, they retrieved 12 eggs, 11 of which were mature enough to fertilize, however only 8 were fertilized due to the quality.  All 8 successfully fertilized and matured.  2 were transferred to my uterus, resulting in THE MONKEY’s birth and the other 6 were allowed to rest for 2 more days, then frozen.  4 successfully made it through the freezing process.  So we do have four “babies on ice”, so to speak.  We will try again and it will be as soon as humanly possible.  The requirements of our infertility center is that we be DONE breastfeeding THE MONKEY, first, and I have to have my first cycle.  I have already accomplished the latter, due to mother nature’s complete disregard for my sanity.  However, I don’t feel it would be right or justifiable to quit breastfeeding THE MONKEY just to get pregnant again, even if I do want them close.  We’ll just have to wait.

    2.  Pick a superpower, any superpower. What is it and why?

If I could pick any superpower, I would have to pick cloning or duplicating objects.  This would make it possible to clone breastmilk, to give milk to babies whose mothers can’t breastfeed.  Then I would clone my husband and send him to work so my “real” husband could stay home with us.  Afterward, I would clone another of myself to do the housework so I could keep a nice clean house and still spend 24/7 with my son.  Oh yes.. cloning would definitely be it.

    3.  What are some of your biggest pet peeves?

Uh oh.. I feel a list forming.  I’m actually a very laid-back person but here are some of the biggest things that irk me:
#1: People who feel that there is only ONE right way to raise a child.
~People who cut you off in the grocery store, or anywhere else for that matter, then stop in front of you.
~People who ask you a question then don’t pay attention for the answer.
~People who pretend to listen then form their own conclusion as to what you said.
~People who think they have all the answers to everything.
~People who complain about things that they’re not willing to help fix.
~Slow drivers.
~When I run out of Rocky Road… YIKES!

    4.  What big milestone in motherhood are you most looking forward to?

Simple. I look forward to the day that my son looks me in the eye and says, “Mommy, I love you!“

    5.  Okay, tell us one story that your family will tease you about until the day that you die.

First: when my brother and I were young kids, we would run around the house playing cops and robbers, trying to be sneaky in the process.  My brother had a real knack for the game and could roll his tongue and make the infamous “automatic rifle” noise.  I, however, could not.  So one day I devised a solution and created my plan of attack.  I ran into the room holding my invisible watch going, “pew pew pew”, as if I was 007 and was shooting a death laser from my watch.  I think my brother about peed his pants, that day, laughing so hard.

Second: one day my mother and I was having a conversation about her birth and how crazy it was that she was born in an elevator (literally).  Young kids come with an ass-load and a half of questions, so I was asking about who was there, what they were doing, how it happened, etc.  I probably went as far as to ask what they were wearing.  I was just that type of kid.  I had to have ALL the details. ALL.OF.THEM.  So in the process of asking who attended my mom’s birth, in the elevator.. I happened to ask, “where was your mom when you were born?“  I was dead serious.  My mom just looked at me as if I had just spoken a foreign language.  Then I had realized what I said.  We still talk about it.

At nearly two months.  (I HEART VERY FIRST BABY SMILES!)

As always, if you are interested in being interviewed, please contact me.

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  1. By Dandy on February 15, 2010

    What a gorgeous boy!!  Babies on ice cracked me up :)

  2. By Mailis on February 15, 2010

    What a beautiful baby! Wherever did you get that frog sleeper? It’s delicious.

    “pew pew pew”, huh? You were gonna take your brother out with your pea shooter, then? ;)

  3. By Lauren on February 15, 2010

    Adorable little boy!  And those outifts - ugh - LOVE them.

  4. By christy on February 15, 2010

    stephanie, i can tell you are HILARIOUS!!  your family is beautiful too!

    my husband has a weird obsession with garlic pickles also!  he forces me to pick them and clean them and pickle them, and i dont even eat them!

  5. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 15, 2010

    How is it possible that I’ve gone my entire life without ever hearing about garlic pickles, but now more than one person knows what they are?


  6. By Cynthia on February 17, 2010

    Wonderful interview! I’m also looking forward to that “Mommy, I love you” milestone. I will cry for days on end.

    Wonderfully, beautiful family too… What gorgeous blue eyes THE MONKEY has.

  7. By Gena @ WeAreGeis on February 17, 2010

    Oh man, “Mommy I love you” makes me tear up right now. He’s so adorable. You told me he has awesome sleep habits at 3 months too. LUCKY YOU!

    At first I was mad but then I came here to read this and now his cuteness has dispelled all hard feelings. I am such a sucker for these adorable baby boys! I want one just as cute, SO BAD!

    (Him asleep and all huggy on your arm… Even my hubby said THAT’S ADORABLE. And he’s not the mushy type!)

  8. By Jason on January 17, 2011

    What a great looking family! Congrats on everything and best of luck in the future. O-yeah, I almost forgot….Rocky Road ice cream is the greatest!





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