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June 07, 2010

World, meet Carolina!  The woman has the patience of a saint, TRUST ME ON THIS.  She is an entrepreneur.  She married her college sweetheart.  She applied to be a CIA spy (really) (and was accepted) (REALLY).  She likes Dubliner cheese.  A lot.  She has a website called  And she loves to read.

Which pretty much makes me love her.

    1.  If you could go to the past or future, where would you go and why?

If I could go back to the past, I’d go back to…reading time with my father. Reading has been a solid rock in my life. Curious George and The Berenstain Bears makeup some of my favorite childhood memories. I still remember the first chapter book that I read. I was in second grade and it was called The Wednesday Witch. It was such a momentous moment for me. My grandmother fueled my love for reading by giving me stacks upon stacks of books for birthdays and Christmases. I learned so much through Judy Blume, Nora Roberts, Herman Wouk, and Danielle Steele.

If I could go into the future, I’d fast forward five years when I hope to have my first child. I can’t wait to be at a point in my life when I feel ready to start a family. I look forward to shopping for my little one with the hubby, to decorating a nursery, to experiencing the wonders of the female body, and to feeling the unconditional love that comes with being a mom.

    2.  When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be everything. Doctor, Mathematician, Sociologist, Marine Biologist. But most of all, I wanted to emulate my father. And I thought I wanted to be him so much that I accepted a full-time offer with the same firm he did right after college. BAD idea because I went through a quarter life crisis soon after. That’s when I tried taking Pre-Med classes to see if my passion really was becoming a doctor. Although I found the classes fascinating, I wasn’t that dedicated to studying electrons for the rest of my life. So I quit those and FINALLY realized that my passion was literature. A couple days ago, I handed in my MFA thesis which is a partially completed Young Adult Novel about a twelve year old Guatemalan girl crossing the border into the USA illegally in search of a better life.

    3.  What is the most abnormal thing you have done in the last year?

I created a sport’s bra with a pocket. I never in my life imagined that I’d be an entrepreneur but it came together so naturally that I figured “if it flows I should see where it goes.“ I was running long distances (muah muah muah…not anymore) and kept getting rashes from my iPod armband so I started sticking it in between my sports bra and tank top and voila…gone were the rashes and the tangling of my headphones. The hubby suggested that I create a sports bra with a pocket and so I just kind of ran with his idea and created one. I received my first order in January and have sold about sixty. I have six hundred left. The best-est thing about this idea is that my girls LOVE LOVE LOVE the product. I never thought it’d feel so good to hear positive feedback about the Mi-Bra (official product name). So yes, I’m a bra creator and have become used to the following question from men, “What happens, you know, if a girl is big chested?“ I currently only stock S, M, L, so I respond nicely, through gritted teeth, “I don’t currently stock large sizes.“

    4.  If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

This probably sounds a bit broad, but I despise hate. I just came back from a trip to Egypt and let’s face it…There are a lot of prejudices against Muslims. As my husband and I made our way through the country, we totally noticed that, um, they don’t like Americans either. Not a big surprise. But we did start saying we were Colombian towards the end of the trip (where I’m originally from)….and yes, the reception was much warmer and less hostile. I came away believing that the veiled women and turban dress wearing men are just humans trying to deal with the realities of life as best as they can. Another thing I found interesting is that Sudan is hyped up to be a very very very very bad place here in America. Most people we encountered in Egypt talked of Sudan as a neighbor full of extended family, etc, much like we’d talk of Cali, New York, or Florida. So I’d like to rid the world of hate and if I have to be more specific, I’d get rid of parents that teach their children to loath a certain people, culture, or religion.

    5.  Tell us one story that your family will tease you about until the day that you die.

Well, there are many stories that come to mind :) One that was recounted this mother’s day was when I called the police on the exterminator about six years ago. I was at my parents house alone and had just gotten out of the shower. I was approaching my room in a towel… It just so happens that the blinds to my picture window were open and I noticed a grey van with mannequins in the front driveway (I watch too much Law&Order/24/CSI). I was too scared to enter my room and get my clothes so I just cowered by the doorway dialing my father and then boyfriend (now husband) for advice as to what to do. As I leaned in my head to try to get a glimpse of the driver, the van flashed its lights at me. My father suggested that I call the police immediately and so did my boyfriend. So I dialed 911 and told the operator that “there is a van in my driveway that is flashing its lights at me and has mannequins hanging upside down.“ Two police cars were immediately dispatched and in the meanwhile, I put my gym clothes back on. Once they arrived and talked to the “criminal” in my parent’s driveway they came inside and said…“Miss, the man in the van says he had an appointment with your mother. He’s an exterminator. Do you still want him to go?“ I tried calling my mother and she never picked up so I said, “Yes.“ The exterminator followed the policemen out of the driveway… my mother came home. She confirmed that she had called the exterminator for an appointment. The exterminator never came back for about a year. When he did come, his only condition was that I be nowhere near the vicinity of my parent’s home. This is a classic story that my brothers and mother have not let me live down to this day.

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  1. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on June 24, 2010

    Hey it’s Carolina!!  I didn’t know you “knew” Sarah!  What a small world.  It’s so good to see the person behind the comments.  :)

  2. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on June 24, 2010

    ps - that story about the exterminator is hilarious!  Totally something I would do!





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