Today I am beginning Focaccia 3.0.
June 22, 2010

When I finally do manage to successfully bake a delicious loaf of focaccia bread, I have every intention of sharing the recipe and a bunch of photographs and talking about my mistakes and all that jazz.  But in the meantime, all I have to say is that in the past few days, I have spent more time thinking about that cliche “success only comes before work in the dictionary” poster my teacher hung over her chalkboard than I did during my entire sixth-grade year.  Somehow, I think she imagined that it would have popped into her students’ heads when they were writing a dissertation, but no.  No.  Instead it turns up when I’m up to my elbows in sticky focaccia dough.

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  1. By Christy on June 22, 2010

    That looks so yummy.  I can’t wait to see the recipe.

  2. By Megan on June 22, 2010

    I am SO not a baker… I have a sneaking suspicion that my own feeble focaccia attempts would look eerily similar…

  3. By Dianna on June 22, 2010

    I actually made jalapeno-cheddar focaccia last night. It turned out surprisingly good actually. Yours is quite a bit thicker than mine, how are you making it?

  4. By on June 25, 2010

    ha ha, when I see this do you know what puzzles me the most? How did you take a photo of both your hands all sticky with foccacia dough?  hee hee
    Keep trying, I’m 100% sure you’ll make a successful batch soon ;)





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