A baby yet.
October 12, 2009

Dear Charlotte,

So I guess you’re no longer an infant.  You are twelve weeks old today, filled to the brim with hearty laughs and loud farts and an unbelievable quantity of drool, which places you squarely in the BABY category.  You don’t even hate tummy time anymore.

I thought that when you reached this point that I would bemoan the passage of time.  Then this morning, you were right there when I woke up and you flashed me the biggest I LOVE YOU SO MUCH smile when you realized that I was awake.  How could I possibly wish you smaller when you pull cute shit like that?

The coolest part of the last two weeks is that you have completely abandoned that wimpy, feeble, wheezing laugh you started out with and have replaced it with what can only be described as a full-belly chuckle.  It takes you awhile to get going – there’s a bit of a smiling here and gurgling there – but then this squeaky sound flies out of your mouth and it’s followed by another squeaky sound, then another and another and another, and suddenly WE’RE IN BUSINESS, PEOPLE.  It is almost impossible to stop you chortling away once you’ve started.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  Your father and I are big believers in laughing.  There are a lot of things that I cannot provide you with – things like winning lottery tickets and that pony you’ll want the day you turn six – but I guarantee that you will grow up in a house that has good, vigorous laughs crammed into every nook and cranny.

The SO NOT COOLEST part of the last two weeks is that you are becoming very grabby.  Most of the time, you grab my hair or your father’s fingers, but you have also been known to reach into your diaper at the most inopportune moment.  More than once, I’ve turned my head to chuck a dirty diaper into the pail and when I look back, your fingers are covered in poop.  If you don’t grow out of this phase soon, I’m going to design a baby straight jacket.

Even though you’re well on your way to becoming a poop-flinging monkey, all this use of your hands has given us a few great stories.  Most of the time, all your newfound sense of touch means is that you lay on our bed and try to shove an entire blanket into your mouth, but a few days ago, you really outdid yourself.  I was changing your diaper and you started reaching down at your chubby little thighs and then you released the loudest, stinkiest, longest fart of them all onto your hand.  At first, the burst of gas surprised you, but then you started laughing so I started laughing and pretty soon we were both laughing so hard that I thought our hearts might give out.

That’d make a great line on a tombstone.  Death by farting.

In other news, your new favorite thing to do is hang out with me.  No matter how gross and sweaty and stinky I am, all you want to do is nuzzle and cuddle and lay in my arms.  You love it when your grandparents bounce you up and down in front of the mirror.  You love it when your father makes funny faces while you wake up.  You love it when anyone plays peek-a-boo with you.  But more than anything, you love snuggling up next to me, nestling into my chest and flashing that beautiful baby grin up at me.

I am the ultimate indulger of this behavior since one of my favorite things to do is love on you.  So we end up spending huge chunks of every day just lying in bed together giggling and nursing and making funny faces and snuggling.  I cherish this time together and I hope that you take your time growing out of this phase, I really do.

A little love from Grandpa never hurt anybody =)

Actually, just take your time growing up.  Period.


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  1. By tracy on October 12, 2009

    i LOVE your blog! i’m so glad i found it through my sister’s. now if only i can have a child half as cute as yours…

  2. By won on October 12, 2009

    She is simply beautiful, and you are blessed.

  3. By kbreints on October 12, 2009

    So funny. You are marching right up to my very favorite age.. 4 & 5 months… it is just the most fun… Though I think that every age brings something new and fun to the table… that is a period of time that I look back at and LOVE.

  4. By Stephanie on October 12, 2009

    Awww.. happy 3 months, little one!

    She is just precious!

  5. By erin on October 12, 2009

    Isn’t that first smile in the morning the best?  I mean, every smile is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I just love that first grin each morning, just for me.

  6. By the domestic fringe on October 12, 2009

    I haven’t visited in so long….

    Your baby is just beautiful!!!  Congrats…sorry it’s so late.

  7. By Stephanie on October 12, 2009

    wow - i can’t believe she’s 3 months already!

  8. By Melissa Schlothan on October 12, 2009

    As much as I’m not a baby fan, I can’t wait to see her when I get home.  You three are going to be at A. Dorthy’s for T-day right?  I’m running a race that morning, but I’ll be there…hopefully. ;)

  9. By Brittany at Mommy Words on October 12, 2009

    I can’t believe she is 12 weeks!  Yep - she is almost at that terribly cute but can sit up and be so funny and still cannot move by herself and make you nervous age.  You are nearing even more perfection…and more sleep!  She is gorgeous!

  10. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on October 13, 2009

    12 weeks - unbelievable how much she has changed during that time!  And I love that she’s laughing and is such a happy baby too!

  11. By Heidi on October 18, 2009

    Picture #2 makes me want to have a baby. She looks like a sack of potatoes in that little giraffe getup. I just love it.

  12. By Mrs. Sitcom on October 19, 2009

    SO sweet, and funny—and I love all the photos.  She’s such a cutie!





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