A general life update: infection, injury, preschool plans, and dork-dom.
June 29, 2012

The antibiotics that I was prescribed on Tuesday night kicked in within the first twenty-four hours.  I still have mild discomfort, which I suppose means that the bladder infection is still being fought off, but overall I feel much better.  Normal blogging will probably resume this weekend or Monday; I have so many thoughts zipping around in my brain and I cannot wait to empty them all out!

My back feels much better as well, although it still aches.  I am a firm believer that muscles and bones need to heal under normal stress, so now that the infection is waning and my body is recuperating from four consecutive days of not really eating, I’m focusing on regaining normal activity levels.  So far so good.

Luckily, my package at the midwifery center comes with twelve one-hour massages.  I’m using the first one up next week, baby!

In the meantime, this one’s none the wiser.  She thinks this is the Best. Week. Ever., which is basically what she thinks of every week.  It must be great being three:

I have been using most of my down time over the past two days to work on crafting Charlotte’s home preschool “curriculum” (I use that word VERY loosely).  She will, of course, be spending two mornings a week next year at the French immersion preschool…but at home, I am hoping to focus on more structured art experiences, nature days, cooking activities, science experiments, nature/garden journaling, and story times.  We will probably be continuing our theme units based on her current interests as well and, OF COURSE, we are leaving as much time open to free play as possible.

It’s a much bigger project than I anticipated, honestly.  Donald and I started out by talking about what we wanted Charlotte to take from the next two or three years.  We decided that we want her to have a lot of fun, a strong foundation in nature observation, and a solid understanding of the garden-to-table activities.  In our daughter’s world, “a lot of fun” generally translates to open-ended play and art, big messes, spending time outside, and a plethora of oral storytelling, singing, and reading books.

Also: paint.  Which works out well, actually, because I am as obsessed with looking up paint activities online as she is with smearing the stuff everywhere she can.

After discussing our goals and what we thought Charlotte would most enjoy, we made a list of resources that we felt would fit our family and now we’re in the process of narrowing down that list and figuring out what our average week will look like – when we will have story time, which day works best for nature day, etc.

I know it’s just preschool and that 90% of it is “go outside and have fun, kid,” but I am sooooo excited to see how it goes.  I keep finding these really awesome art ideas that I cannot wait to try out with Charlotte in a couple months and Donald is stoked about getting started with fun little experiments with her each week.

Sometimes I try to take a step back and view our lives objectively.  I like to see where we’re progressing, where we need some work, what succeeded, what didn’t, and the like.  But if I did that right now, something tells me I’d really just shake my head and start laughing about what a couple of dorks we are.

Mostly me.  I’m clearly the bigger dork.  An infected, injured, paint-obsessed dork.

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  1. By Heather on June 29, 2012

    Dork it up, girl. :)

  2. By on June 29, 2012

    Dorks of the world unite!

  3. By Jillian on June 30, 2012

    I’m so glad the antibiotics worked quickly for you too and that your back pain has receded.  I love your plans for Charlotte’s next two years of life/education.  :)  She’ll be so well-rounded when she grows up.

  4. By on July 01, 2012

    can’t wait to hear all the ideas! and please keep us updated on Charlottes education, it’s inspiring!

  5. By Sarah on July 01, 2012

    Love the preschool curriculum idea! Totally looking into this more.





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