A photo from our morning.
February 22, 2010

This morning, Charlotte and Hank had a stare-down while I washed dishes.  Naturally, the baby won.  There is nothing in this entire universe that can beat a small baby in a staring contest.  Seriously, NOTHING.  And as I’m typing this, looking at this picture, all I can think is that I really do love this whole motherhood gig.  I really really do.

*** If you have a chance, stop by and say hello to Courtney.  She’s a beekeeper.  How cool is that?!

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  1. By Cynthia on February 22, 2010

    They find the most normal things incredibly entertaining. Isla was totally in love with trees… We’d pick a leaf for her everyday, so that she could hold it on her walk.

  2. By Alicia on February 22, 2010

    Jude laughs - like REALLY laughs when our dog Buddy walks down the steps behind us. It’s like, the funniest thing in the world to him. It’s amazing what they find interesting…

  3. By Weekend Cowgirl on February 22, 2010

    Very cute picture of baby and dog!

  4. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 22, 2010

    Cynthia and Alicia - It’s so true.  Charlotte is perfectly happy with a stick or watching me fill and empty a glass of water lol!

    Weekend Cowgirl - Thank you =)

  5. By Stephanie on February 22, 2010

    Jasper love, love, loves staring contests. My brother keeps trying to beat him to no avail.

  6. By Katelyn on February 22, 2010

    We have the same bumbo chair!  I left you a bloggy award, BTW :)

  7. By Katelyn on February 22, 2010

    You’re welcome!  Thanks for the feedback on the name….I had a feeling I could count on you to like that photo :)

  8. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 22, 2010

    Katelyn - OH MY GOODNESS!  How could I not?!

  9. By Stephanie on February 22, 2010

    NICE! I love the baby activities. Aren’t they the best?!

  10. By Heidi on February 23, 2010

    Am I seeing your reflection there, by the dishwasher? Or is it just a mirage?

  11. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 23, 2010

    Heidi - I don’t see it, but I suppose it’s possible?!

  12. By Julia on February 25, 2010

    Very cute!  And just thought I’d share that my boy howled like a wolf (just learned that animal) when he saw your dog on the computer screen :).





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