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July 22, 2011

I have been reading Alicia’s blog for…awhile.  A year?  Longer?  I don’t know.  I lost track.

Recently, she created this, a breastfeeding illustration she entitled “Gesture”:

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Which is beautiful.  Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

She modeled it after Melissa Jordan’s recent breastfeeding picture, which is also beautiful just for the record.  And I totally think she should beg Alicia for a copy to frame in her home because I’m not even the person in the photograph and I would frame it in my home, but whatever.  I also own a praying mantis, so clearly I’m weird.

I think that more people should read Alicia’s blog.  I think that more people should check out her portfolio (the children’s illustrations are super cute).  And I really extra think that everyone should go over to her post with the illustration and say WELL DONE.  Oh, and if you have any freelance work?  She’s brilliant.  Hire her.  Now.  If this website ever generates enough income to work with, I totally will.  I don’t have that sort of talent in my pinky fingernail.

Anyway, WELL DONE ALICIA, I love it!

Alicia Stucky’s blog | Alicia Stucky’s illustration | Melissa Jordan’s photo

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  1. By Alicia S. on July 22, 2011

    Wow, Sarah!! Thank you! This was such an amazing surprise. You totally made my whole week!

    (Don’t feel bad, if you’re a weirdo for that, I’m definitely a weirdo for painting it without the actual person in the image knowing about it until I was done, lol. I figured I was taking a risk she’d either love it or think I was a little strange :-P Luckily she’s very awesome.) Honestly, I’d LOVE to make something for you and Charlotte, if you have an image in mind you’d like a painting of—my gift to the birthday girl!

    And really, a million, million thank you’s. Seriously.

  2. By Carol Crawley on July 22, 2011

    At the risk of completely embarrassing my darling daughter, I felt the need to comment. I ‘discovered’ her talent when she was two and while other children played, she drew amazing pictures. While she was growing up, our house was filled with sketch pads, pencils, charcoal, easels and the mess she left in the wake of one of her inspirational moments.
    I feel such incredible love and pride in her. Knowing she will someday humiliate Mary, Matthew and Scarlett in the same fashion, I felt free to comment.
    Thank you for the lovely comments, Sarah.

  3. By Kim on July 23, 2011

    Oh Sarah, thank you so much for introducing these two great women to me!!!!  That picture is just amazing, love it.

    love you.





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