An original.
April 07, 2009

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After my post about leaky pregnant boobs last week, I received quite a few questions with regards to how I process my images.  I will probably try a tutorial at some point in time, but until then, I thought I’d post a photograph from the same batch of pictures.  This is what the images from that particular shoot looked like before they touched Photoshop (with the obvious exception of the rounded corners and the watermark, which I apply to all of my web images).  I know this is an understatement, but the photographs just aren’t quite as nostalgic and whimsical straight from the camera.  It takes quite a bit of self-control to post something that I have not editted when the original makes me look sunburned.

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  1. By Emily on April 07, 2009

    Yeah, say what you want.  You are still going to wind up as my photographer some day.  I don’t have the patience for it.  :)

  2. By Elizabeth on April 07, 2009

    You take amazing pictures. You look beautiful also. :)

  3. By Dianna on April 07, 2009

    I still like it this way even if it’s not quite as whimsical.  You always get the sun so well.  (Spotted the jeans this time!  I did sort of the same thing today!)

  4. By mommyknows on April 07, 2009

    You are so darn cute!





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