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July 09, 2009

Somebody in the early weeks of their pregnancy recently asked me if Donald and I were freaked out machines of PANIC about the cat litter box during my pregnancy.  I answered the question truthfully and pointed out that Donald had long been the person in our relationship who dealt with the cat litter box ANYWAY, which alleviated a good chunk of our concern.  Then I thought that it probably would not hurt to explain our ultimate cat litter box solution.  May it help women around the globe whose uteruses (uteri?) are expanding daily!

Or may it bore the socks off all of you.  Either iether.

At any rate, for the majority of our time living in this house, the cat litter box has resided in the spare bathroom.  It was a horrible location for several reasons.  First of all, there was a window directly behind the cat litter box, and the evening breeze ALWAYS swept the odors du jour into our bedroom.  There’s nothing quite like drifting off to sleep to the fragrance of cat crap.  Second of all, one of our cats (*cough* ANASTACIA *cough*) is a moron.  If the cat box shifted during cleaning - even an inch - it made her nervous and skittish.  As a result, several times a week, we would catch her doing her business with her front end IN the cat litter box and her back end hanging out in the the open air.  This is, admittedly, HILARIOUS to watch…when it’s not your bathroom floor that she’s pissing all over.

And third?  Nobody likes cat litter grit under their feet, nobody.  Especially not somebody who is over for dinner and just wants to make a quick run to the john.

A few feet off the spare bathroom, our house has a hall closet.  It’s a small closet as closets go, and I’m not even sure WHY it’s there.  Opening the door blocks off the hallway, which makes it terribly inconvenient to actually USE, so Donald and I have long used it only to store enormous buckets of extra cat litter.

Several months ago, THE GREAT IDEA came to us to move the cat litter box into the hallway closet.  And so we have.  First, Donald crafted a tray that takes up the entire bottom of the closet, so that when Anastacia forgot to put her back legs in the cat box before use, she couldn’t ruin the floor.  The tray has a wood frame and a rubber matte.  That’s what he was working on in this image.  He wasn’t bending sheet metal; I just let that comment stay there because it never hurts to let your husband feel like a superhero from time to time, right ladies?

After the tray was created, we moved the cat litter box into the closet.  We trained the cats to it by leaving the closet door unhinged for awhile, and then by using a door stop to keep the door cracked open for awhile.  After the cats (even Anastacia) were successfully trained, Donald cut a hole in the closet door and inserted a pet door.  I know that most people use pet flaps to allow their animals to go in and out at will.  We use ours to allow our critters to enter and exit their own personal THRONE at will.  The pet door allows some light to get in, which is nice because it would be too dark for Anastacia’s sensibilities otherwise, and it also cuts down significantly on the amount of odor AND the amount of litter grit that escapes the closet.

So that’s how we dealt with the cat litter box.  Donald still cleans it out without me, and I never act paranoid about it because, well, it’s completely out of sight.  And you know what they say about that which is out of sight…

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  1. By Jinxy @ Jinxyisms on July 09, 2009

    That is just a great idea.  I wish I had a closet to put our boxes in.  They are in the basement right now which isn’t bad but it could be better.

    When I first got pregnant and told my hubby that I couldn’t clean the boxes anymore he laughed and thought I was joking.  Later that day he read the same thing in his Expectant Father book and cried a little as he took over the duty.

    Our daughter is 6.5 months old and I still have not scooped once, its great.  He does so much of a better job then me anyway.

  2. By on July 09, 2009

    we had planned on doing that back when we had kitties too. We had grand idea’s of motion sensor fan being installed into the closet as well but he have since moved and our kitties found a new home.

  3. By on July 10, 2009

    What a great idea!!  The litter box is always so annoying to deal with but we love our cats I guess!





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