Babies: (n.) blobs with personality.
May 06, 2010

Sometimes, I am background noise.  I keep flipping the pages, reading the words, but she completely ignores me.  There are plastic animals to throw!  Laundry baskets to empty!  Wood blocks to lick!  Walls to bop one’s head into!  Tables to walk along!

When I give up, she looks back at me.  Like WHY DID YOU STOP TALKING, MOMMA?

Sometimes, I am a human jungle gym.  I lay perfectly still with my arms outstretched and she climbs all over me.  She climbs over my legs, takes a nibble at my jeans, licks my cheek, bangs her head into my neck.  Then she climbs onto my belly and lays her head on my chest while she taps her fingers on my ribs.

When I give her a squeeze, she pushes me away.  Like MOMMA, I’M TOO BUSY FOR HUGS.

Sometimes, I am a servant.  I respond to her cues and her whims.  I pick her up and then I set her down and then I pick her up and then I set her down.  She throws a toy and I retrieve it and she throws it again and I retrieve it again.

When I interrupt a pattern, she shrieks in protest.  Like BUT MOMMA!  I LOVE THIS GAME!  COME ON, MOMMA!

Sometimes I am a kissing monster.  I stomp my feet and tell her that I am going to get her.  She squeals with delight and crawls as fast as she can in the opposite direction.  I tease her, string the game along, and then I catch her and swing her up into the air.  I tell her that I caught her and I kiss her all over, on her toes and her forehead and her cheeks and I blow raspberries on her belly.

When I ask for kisses, she always obliges.  But it’s as though she has to fit me in, somewhere between throwing plastic animals and licking wood blocks.  Like OKAY, I GUESS I CAN KISS YOU, MOMMA.  IF I MUST.

Yes, baby.  Yes, you must.

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  1. By on May 06, 2010

    This picture is absolutely adorable!

  2. By on May 06, 2010

    what a great pic!  the squinty eye smile are the best

  3. By Heidi on May 06, 2010

    Ah, yes…I’m so glad to know someone else feels this way.  :)  Perfectly written.

  4. By Kate (This Place is Now a Home) on May 06, 2010

    Charlotte’s chubbiness is delicious. To. die. for.

  5. By Mallory on May 06, 2010

    I love her little chubby cheeks!

  6. By Cynthia A on May 06, 2010

    I want to eat those cheeks!!  Nom nom num!!  Bailey has just started to really use me as a jungle gym… :)

  7. By Michelle on May 06, 2010

    Your Charlotte, Sarah, is so getting cuter by the day!!!!!

  8. By on May 07, 2010

    she is growing SO MUCH ! it’s unbelievable. what a sweetie pie

  9. By Mary @ Parenthood on May 07, 2010

    You captured the changing moods of a baby so perfectly.  Although if I were writing this there would be an example where Elizabeth is doing something that is not allowed (like wildly scribbling on the floor with a contraband pencil) and you sternly say: “baby.  That is *not* allowed” and she looks at you like “What? I’m a perfectly adorable baby being as good as gold.“

  10. By on May 07, 2010

    Love that cheeser grin! 

    Oh—the site is #9 as of this morning!

  11. By on May 07, 2010

    She is giving you a cheeser! That’s what we call that funny gum baring/ teeth showing smile accompanied by squinched eyes. I love it when Nia ‘cheeses’ me! And Charlotte does it perfect. What a cutie!

  12. By Rachel on May 08, 2010

    So true! What a great post. I’m new to your blog and I love it already!

  13. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on May 10, 2010

    It really is amazing to me how much of a personality little ones have at even such a young age.  The best part is to see more and more of it with every day that goes by.

  14. By Dandy on May 11, 2010

    I get the feeling she is quite used to the camera :)





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