Baby mine.
January 14, 2010

Lately, my daughter has been a bit of a Momma’s girl.

My initial thought was that this was a sort of natural boob-loyalty program.  After all, she is more able to jealously guard the milk ejectors if she is two centimeters away from them at all times.  And believe you me: Charlotte protects her interests.  When I held a friend’s baby recently, Charlotte did not give a hoot about sharing her mother until the baby lunged at my nipples.  Then my daughter was all up in the other baby’s grill, all squawks and grunts and pathetic-sounding wails.  So the idea that she might just want to stay close to the milk made a lot of sense.

But as time goes on, I am beginning to think that she is not as worried about sharing the local dairy as I previously thought.  Even when I have stuffed her so full of milky goodness that she spits up at the mere sight of my breast, Charlotte is STILL a momma groupie.  As soon as she realizes that I am gone or that I am setting her down, she cries.

Not that I mind, really.  I have embraced this new role as Charlotte’s mother more happily and readily than I ever could have imagined.  I love that she so enjoys my presence (or at least so hates my absence) and I love knowing that when she makes a certain range of sounds, it is because my daughter just wants her momma, thank you very much.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

HOWEVER, look, sometimes I just pop my head out of the room or lay her in her cradle for an infinitesimal, tiny fraction of a second.  Every now and then, a woman needs to pee.  Or would like to inhale a bite of lunch.  Or needs to press a button on the laundry.  And it is times like that when I find myself wishing that Momma Time operated on a sort of bank system.  Like, hm, I just made a six-hour unadulterated baby-carrying deposit and now I would like to withdraw a millisecond of non-panic while I unscrew a jar of spaghetti sauce.  SHOULDN’T THOSE SIX HOURS KEEP A BABY SATISFIED FOR LESS THAN A SECOND?!

But then again, I suppose it is just a jar of spaghetti sauce.  My sweet Charlotte will grow out of this phase soon enough – long before I’m ready – and I do love these days of cradling her and singing to her and making her produce those wonderful maniacal peels of baby laughter.

So if the next time you see me, I am wearing dirty clothes and have not eaten in twelve days, fret not.  I am loving on my baby as long as she will have me.

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  1. By Kate (This Place is Now a Home) on January 14, 2010

    those pictures are to die for. what a scrumptious little thing.

  2. By *emilie* on January 14, 2010

    oh don’t you love to be needed, really needed ?

    but the thing is, i never know what to say to my husband when he comes home at night and asks me what i ate today…

  3. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on January 14, 2010

    Emilie - The answer is BABY TOES!

  4. By Mailis on January 14, 2010

    (And baby neck rolls, and baby ankles, and baby cheeks and baby palms. Yum.)

  5. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on January 14, 2010

    Oh goodness, DEFINITELY the neck rolls.  And the multiple chins.  And the baby fingers.  Mmmm.

  6. By Megan R. on January 14, 2010

    funny…I just commented to my husband last night that my babe is becoming a bit of a “momma’s girl”.  that happens when you spend every waking second with them, I guess.  poor poor daddy….

  7. By Lauren on January 14, 2010

    I loved being so needed :) I’ve talked to women who didn’t want to breastfeed etc because they found the intensity of their child’s need for them stifling, and while I can respect their choice, I don’t at all understand it personally.
    As my Cass (19mths) is getting more and more vocal, occasionally she’ll be cuddling my husband, then look at him, frown at him and say ‘Mama’, till he passes her to me. He always makes a sad puppy-dog face when he hands her over, and I commiserate with him, but a little bit of me inside goes ‘Yes! My girlie wants her Mama.‘

  8. By Megan on January 14, 2010

    Umm, can I frame those pix of her in my home?  JK, slightly!  They are STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. By Laura on January 14, 2010

    You are hilarious!
    My little Aiden is the same way right now. I put him in the Baby Bijorn sometimes when I make dinner :)

  10. By Jasmine on January 14, 2010

    Gracious! I just wore Isaiah in a sling everywhere. Which lead to him nursing… EVERY HOUR….

    I remember weeding my garden with the chunky baby of mine strapped to the front of me :)

  11. By Sy on January 14, 2010

    my niece is becoming a mommas girl and I think that it can be annoying at times but it also has a way of making my sister feel a little extra special

  12. By Amanda Brown on January 14, 2010

    Our second was such a momma’s girl that it made it impossible for us to get a sitter for the first year, which got mighty old after not too long. Lots of calls when we were about an hour into our date night, “She’s SCREAMING and won’t stop; you need to come home.“
    She’s better now, though, so that’s nice.

  13. By elijahssong on January 14, 2010

    She is beautiful….My son is mommas boy…my girl not so much…she is miss independence..and you better have roller skates on or you may not be able to keep up!  LOL!

  14. By on January 14, 2010

    A few weeks ago, husband and I came home from a date night. Isla was at home with Grammy, not missing us one bit. When Isla heard the door lock, she perked up and waited for us… As soon as she saw us, she started crying, reaching out and saying “Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma…“

    I know it’s horrible, but I want to intentionally leave her with Grammy so I can get that feeling ALL THE TIME.

  15. By Heather @ The Joyful Kitchen on January 14, 2010

    once again you have so lovingly and hilariously expressed the amazing love of a mother for her sweet baby.  the pictures are so stunning…i am loving getting to watch your baby girl grow!

  16. By Elizabeth Mackey on January 18, 2010

    Both of those pictures are gorgeous, but that first one should be printed out and put in a silver Tiffany frame!!!!! WOW!!!





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