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March 08, 2010

Today’s featured blogger is Megan, a teacher who is enjoying a year-long maternity leave with her first baby.  Although she looks forward to returning to work, she is enjoying this time with her daughter, Shiloh.  One day, she would like to be a full-time writer.  If she makes that dream come true, I’ll be first in line to buy her books.  Or newspaper articles.  Or whatever.

1.  What is one of the funniest things that has happened to you in the past year?

This is an easy answer, and the story happened merely a day ago.  Yesterday I grabbed a hunk of delectable multigrain ciabatta bread with a lovely piece of cheddar placed inside.

I sat down on the couch in between my darling red headed six-month old and my devilish, if not adorable, eight month old black lab.  As I open my mouth to take my first bite I notice a certain little one reaching her arms out towards me, mouth open wide, jumping out of her skin to try to steal my bread away.  She’s shaking she’s so excited for this completely out of the question piece of gastronomie.  As I am mid sentence explaining why bread and cheese is not for Ms. Shiloh Lily, I hear a distinct and all too familiar sound.

A low growl, followed by a high pitched yelp coming from about a foot away.

I turn my head to see a piece of drool falling from my pup’s mouth.  She lunges; she steals a hunk.

Can Mommy have a minute with her bread please?!

    2.  Do you have any pet peeves?

I am generally very hard to annoy.  I really try my best to empathize with people and place myself in their lives for a minute to figure out why they are doing something that irks me.  However- I have little patience for people that can’t assume accountability for their actions.  I think blame is all too often placed on others’ shoulders, or on ridiculous excuses.  I also understand that this is done subconsciously to a certain extent, but still.  Analyze yourself!

For example, I try to live up to this in my own life.  This morning my husband got a little annoyed with me because his socks have been unfolded in the same basket for almost a week.  I thought about yelling at him and saying “hey- there’s a lot of reasons why I can’t get upstairs during the day very often to fold those socks!“  But, really, sh*t, I keep forgetting and/or putting it off; that’s the true reason.  So that’s what I said.

    3.  Since you’re a teacher – Who was one of the most influential teachers of your childhood?

I am happy to say that my greatest influence also happen to be a new friend of mine.  Ms. Stormont, now my new friend Maggie, was my senior year creative writing teacher.  She solidified my goal to be a teacher.  She was brilliant, humorous, and approached class like a session at a coffee shop.  She wore her hair in a messy bun, wore long skirts, and complimented me on my then omnipresent birkenstocks.  I never felt confident in my writing until she validated it.  We recently reconnected and have gotten together a couple of times- which to be honest was always a goal of mine.

In my senior year yearbook she wrote, “Megan!  I want to be friends one day!“  And here we are!

4.  Who is hotter – Hugh Jackman or Robert Downey Jr.?

Confession time-  I love ALL things fantasy.  X-Men is one of my favorite trilogies, spilling over from my die hard love of the cartoon when I was a little girl.  Wolverine is by far the most romanticized X-Men hero, and for that, Hugh Jackman is infinitely hotter than Robert Downey.  I mean, doesn’t everyone just swoon when those rick hard talons slice out of those knuckles??  Is it hot in here?  Side note:  So glad HUgh Jackman didn’t have to wear the yellow jump suit for Wolverine- NOT HOT!

    5.  Okay, tell us one story that your family will tease you about until the day that you die.

I can’t think of anything specific for my family, but my friends are a different story!  My maiden name is Judge, and this story created not only a funny memory but a “move”!

I have been known to write performance, or slam, poetry on occasion.  I wrote one very long, very intense poem about literacy and the power of books for my freshmen students for the first day of school.

Months later I was having a lovely night at the local wine bar with some colleagues.  A friend of mine had an acoustic gig, and I had been known to join him on a song or two.  Feeling really warm and giggly, I slammed my palm on our table, slid it across the glass, and proclaimed, “I am going up there!“

Somehow my very long, very intense poem about BOOKS started free styling out of my mouth, very loudly, at one of the classier establishments in town.  Not my proudest moment, but it definitely entertained my friends endlessly.  That palm move across the table is now called a:

Judge Slide (n.)- A palm down, slow moving slide, usually intoxicated, that signals a revelation or proclamation.

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  1. By Megan R. on March 08, 2010

    Love the pics, Megan!  Also love the story and oh-so-fitting terminology that was created based on your actions that evening.  Too funny.  I recognize and relate to that “really warm and giggly” feeling of which you speak!

  2. By Mailis on March 08, 2010

    LOL…the Judge Slide. I will remember that and think of you next time I am intoxicated and have a “revelation”.

    Teach that man to fold his own socks…*grin*

  3. By Heidi on March 08, 2010

    Does Megan have a blog?  Am I missing the link?  Seeing as how I’ve got an extremely constipated little girl on my lap, fascinated by my computer, I could be missing it.

  4. By Sarah Christensen on March 08, 2010

    No, Heidi, you weren’t missing it, I’m just a moron.  This is the second time I’ve forgotten the link for one of these things.

    I need an editor, apparently.  Who knew?

    Her blog is:

    Check it out, I promise she’s worth the read =)  She’s got a hilarious post about the blue nose bulb that is the enemy of babies everywhere.

    Megan - Seriously, I am sooooo sorry that I screwed that up!  The post has been updated, though, and I’ll put up a Twitter link, so hopefully that helps redeem me?  A little?  Maybe?

  5. By Heidi on March 08, 2010

    Oh, Sarah, you’re not a moron.  You spend your days tending to that sweet baby girl of yours.  (At least, that’s what I always say when I forget to do something!)

    I can’t wait to check our Megan’s blog.  Thanks for the updated post.

    And, if you ever get serious about that editor thing…I was an English major in college and teach a writing course at our local college.  I might be able to help you out.  ;)

  6. By Megan at FASS on March 09, 2010

    No problem!!  No need for redemption!

  7. By Hangry Pants on March 09, 2010

    I love the Judge Slide story! And I can personally attest that Megan is the least annoyed person I’ve ever met; if she is ever annoyed I never know. I actually asked her for advice when I was trying to become a less easily annoyed person!

  8. By Elizabeth on March 09, 2010

    Yes to Hugh Jackman and Yes to a Mom that doesn’t get to eat in peace and Yes to another teacher on mat leave.  I’m going to visit your blog ;)





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