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February 25, 2010

Today’s featured blogger, Lauren, lives in England.  She is half-French, living “in blissful sin” to a sweet Frenchman she fell in love with in Paris.  I’m sorry, let me repeat that.  Sweet.  Frenchman.  Love.  PARIS.  And they have a daughter together, a lovely little girl named Eloise.

Lauren loves visiting aquariums.  She does not have a driver’s license, and she is a firm believer that laughter really is the best medicine.  Unless, AND I QUOTE: “unless that medicine is Percocet.”

Enough said.

    1.  Who was your high school celebrity crush?

Paul McCartney.  I had a massive obsession (I mean MASSive) with the Beatles – I dabbled with crushing on George, John and Ringo but always came back to Paul.  Those doe eyes, that cheeky smile.  I would get myself really worked up over the fact I wasn’t a teenager during Beatlemania – at the very least so I could find my celebrity crush in weekly editions of Big Bopper as opposed to having to troll through flea markets at the weekend to buy yellowing copies of Tiger Beat circa 1965

    2.  What was your best moment from the last week?

Eloise and I had our first swimming lesson.  After the 30-minute walk in the snow and the bus ride, then trying to change both myself and a squirming baby into our swimsuits in a tiny cubicle I began to wonder if this was going to be worth it.  But she had a huge grin on her face the moment we got in the water and didn’t stop smiling for the whole lesson.  Everyone commented on how happy she was in the pool.  For her Birthday I’m going to turn us both into mermaids and live under the sea.

    3.  Of Eloise’s milestones, which has been your favorite?

Just one?  Ok.  Laughing.  I mean, the smiling early on was nice, but half the time she was smiling because she had to fart.  Now she not only laughs when her father or I crack some baby joke, she makes herself laugh which is wonderful to see her sense of humor develop.  She’s just recently started to turn her head so she can see something upside down and then she’ll crack up.  Which really I think is a life lesson for us all.  Upset or bored by something?  Look at it from a different perspective and it might just make you pee your pants (in a good way).  Hmmm but now that I think about it, being able to hold her head up was a pretty sweet milestone too.  Before that it was like, hey – can you try and keep this crying blob of Jell-O alive?

    4.  What is something very unique about you?

That’s a tough one.  Well, in keeping with the whole baby theme of this site, I got appendicitis and had to have my appendix removed while I was 25 weeks pregnant with Eloise.  I’m sure it’s not unique, (and if any of you Becoming Sarah readers have gone through the same thing I would LOVE to hear about it) but so far I haven’t met anyone that managed this horrible timing of having to get an organ removed while your body harbored a tiny being.  It was scary to say the least.  But I got one killer scar, so there’s that.

    5.  Okay, tell us one story that your family will tease you about until the day that you die.

My parents and aunt and uncle will never let me forget this. They all had an extremely boozy night at an old friend’s wedding.  The next morning (WAY too early) they woke up, greatly hungover, only to have this image great them:  My cousin and I in the kitchen – both under the age of 5.  The two of us standing on a chair in front of the fridge slowly dropping a carton of 24 eggs one by one onto the kitchen floor.  My mother says she will never forget the image of our little heads just above the fridge door and the pool of egg yolk and broken shell on the red tiles.  In our defense we were just trying to make our poor parents breakfast.  Can you imagine having to clean up raw egg while hungover at 7am?  But revenge is a dish best served cold and I’m sure my mom has a bottle of champagne set aside for the day I call and tell her that Eloise decided to wallpaper the plasma screen TV with peanut butter.

This is too cute - Lauren takes photos of Eloise as she makes her way through the stuffed animal ranks.  Here she is at 7 months, Mickey’s right-hand, er, little girl!

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  1. By kbreints on February 25, 2010

    What a cute idea with your pictures. Love the stuffed animals.

  2. By on February 25, 2010

    I have a friend who had a grape-fruit sized (non-cancerous) tumor on her ovary removed while she was pregnant.

    They found it when she was at like 6 weeks and she had to wait until after 12 weeks for the surgery. In the meantime, they were afraid that the weight from the tumor would cause her ovary to roll over, I guess, which is very painful.

    It was a pretty stressful time. Recovery was like recovering from a C-section except that she was still pregnant.

    So not an organ, but kind of a similar story.

  3. By Cynthia on February 25, 2010

    Lauren, you are hilarious! Awesome picture idea too!

  4. By Lauren on February 25, 2010

    Jessica - that sounds horrible.  And I can totally agree with the “C-Section while pregnant” feeling. 

    K and Cynthia - Thanks!!!

  5. By Mailis on February 25, 2010

    Hehe..great interview, funny momma and adorable kid. :)

    (and I am so glad I cannot relate to having an organ removed during pregnancy…ouch!)

  6. By on February 25, 2010

    YIkes, sounds scary! But to the other part I say..

    Ha! When you said you were crackings eggs I immediately KNEW you were making breakfast! How? One Saturday morning my parents were having a big of a lie-in and my younger brother decided to make breakfast; he was 2 at the time. We had stairs that exited into kitchen and as my dad came down stairs he saw my bro sitting on the kitchen floor cracking eggs with a frying pan and saying, broken every time he cracked a shell.

    We had a FisherPrice set where you crack the plastic egg and it comes out cooked so that is what he was trying to do!

  7. By Megan R. on February 25, 2010

    LOVE, Love, love the photo with the stuffed animals.  Too cute!  And…I have a similar memory from when I was about five.  I climbed up on top of the refrigerator while I was being babysat one evening.  The babysitter yelled at me and told me to get down.  I proceeded to open the refrigerator door and grab some eggs.  I told that babysitter that if she made me get down that I would drop the eggs on the floor.  She grabbed me to pull me down…so what did I do?  That’s right….dropped the eggs.  Naughty little girl. I wasn’t trying to be good and make a meal for my family.  But, I still dropped eggs.  Fun!

  8. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 25, 2010


    Jessica - I know somebody who had the same thing happen.  For her, though, they found the tumor when she was nearly halfway through.  They took it out when she hit 32 weeks because they knew the baby would be large enough to survive if the surgery turned into an emergency C-section.


  9. By Lauren on February 26, 2010

    I wonder if cracking eggs is a rite of passage….  might have Eloise have her way with a giant carton in the garden when she’s old enough - get it out of her system to avoid a nasty surprise!





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