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March 11, 2010

Today’s featured blogger, Jenna, writes a blog that gave me one of my very first traffic bumps.  I remember seeing my website linked on someone else’s blog and feeling like I’d really hit the big-time.  You can see the interview I completed for her here.  I am happy to report that Charlotte was, in fact, born without Donald’s Dumbo ears.  We all breathed an enormous sigh of relief.  We’re still waiting to see about the teeth.

At any rate, Jenna is a sweet and thoughtful woman with two beautiful sons.  Her blog is always a great place for me to find new blogs to read and more than once, I have based my entire dinner menu around something I saw on her website.  I hope you enjoy reading her blog (and her interview) as much as I have!  So, without further ado…

On Halloween!

I am a small town country girl living in Texas.  I love being a stay at home mom to my 2 year old twin boys, cooking, growing vegetables and most recently raising chickens.  If you would have asked me just a couple of years ago if I would ever have chickens you would have gotten a big HE (double hockey sticks) NO.  But don’t confuse me with a boring chicken lover, I also love reality TV, wine, sleeping in, and being lazy, not that I ever get to do any of those things, but a girl can dream right?

    1.  If you had a magic wand, what is one thing about the world that you would change?

Wow, what a tough question.  I guess I would erase hate from the world, and hope that would solve a whole lot of problems.

    2.  What is the hardest part of mothering twins?

I will have to say the hardest part is the first year.  When the babies need you the most, you have no time to yourself, and barely get a chance to even breathe.  It was a huge life altering experience for me.  Would I change a thing about it, never.  Even during the first few months we you stop and look at the beautiful babies god has given you, when you really treasure that second of them being so very tiny and think they won’t be this way forever.  But I think every mother feels that way, whether it be 1 or 2 babies.

I’d also like to answer the best part of mothering twins.  This part came in stages for me, but as they get older and start interacting and playing with one another, giving each other hugs, and kisses.  Being each other’s best friend and partner in crime (maybe I don’t like that part so much).  It brings me so much joy to see them together, truly enjoying each other and knowing they have a lifelong best friend.  That, and I get double the hugs and kisses.

    3.  What is the funniest bumper sticker or license plate you’ve ever seen?

“Eat Rice, Potatoes make you butt big”  Being a rice farmer’s daughter this one always make me laugh.

    4.  Is there a household chore that you absolutely despise?

Can I choose them all?  Ok if I have to pick on I’ll go with cleaning the bathroom, you know scrubbing the toilet, bathtub, ugh.

    5.  Okay, tell us one story that your family will tease you about until the day that you die.

I have so many but most of them include me getting tipsy and acting a fool, so since this is a mom blog I will keep those stories to myself.

How about the time I backed into our mailbox while texting!!  Don’t text and drive people, it makes you do stupid things…..

or the time I decided it would be a good idea to make a frozen pizza when I was about 10 or 11 and I dropped the oven mitt in the oven and it caught on fire, and we had to use the fire extinguisher, it took us weeks to get rid of that white powder film that covered the house.

Or what about the time (disclaimer I live in a small town and sometimes small town people or kids do stupid things) my best friend and I were driving around in the country one night around midnight, when a raccoon ran out in front of my car, I hit it, it died.  Well in the process it knocked out my fog light on my car.  Being the country kids we are, we decided I needed to bring home the dead raccoon as proof (to my dad) I hit it and not something else like another friends vehicle (but that’s a different story).  So my best friend picked it up by the tail, and laid it across the back of my car on the truck.  I wasn’t about to touch the thing when I got home, so I left it there.  Meanwhile, my oldest brother worked early in the morning he spotted the raccoon, and promptly removed it thinking someone was playing a sick joke on me.  Turns out he even called me to warn me about it.  They still laugh about the lengths I would go to, to not get in trouble.  So after all that my dad never did see the Raccoon but he believed me anyway.

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  1. By Cynthia on March 11, 2010

    Oh my goodness… That raccoon story is hilarious! Just a reminder of what all new parents have to look forward to, possibly!

    And I’m so jealous of the double dose of love! I don’t get even get one dose, my darling’s not one to be affectionate.

  2. By Jenna @ Newlyweds on March 11, 2010

    Thanks Sarah for the interview and your kind words.  I really had fun with this.

    Cynthia- Some days they are so affectionate other days I have to beg!

  3. By kbreints on March 11, 2010

    Love the halloween picture! Yours boys are darling :)

  4. By carolina on March 11, 2010

    i just read the posts that Jenna linked to. You are absolutely freaking hilarious. thanks for being so honest about everything.

  5. By sheila on March 11, 2010

    Yeah, she’s so cute.  LOVE that Halloween pic!  lol

  6. By Mindee@ourfrontdoor on March 11, 2010

    I just love Jenna’s blog.  Thanks for the in depth interview. :)

  7. By Cynthia Krajcarski on March 12, 2010

    At least they understand the begging Jenna! I can’t wait to get to that stage…

  8. By Heidi on March 22, 2010

    That porch swing is off the hook!

  9. By Heidi on March 22, 2010

    Well, not literally. But you know what I mean. I love it. I want one. But first I need a porch.

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