June 23, 2009

Do you see that water dish?  About two minutes before I took this picture, it was filled with fresh, clean water.  But Hank is incapable of letting fresh, clean water sit unblemished, so as soon as I set it down for him, he started making mud.  By the time I was done taking this series of images, he had turned the dish over and created a proper mud sinkhole.  We used to put a normal bowl out there for him, but he kept dehydrating himself because within ten minutes he would flip the water over and start to chase the bowl around in circles.  FOR HOURS.  So now we use this hideous beast of a water bowl because it takes a little more effort to flip it over and even so, the dog dehydrates himself because he does stuff like this.  Once the dish is tipped over and the mud sinkhole is finished, WHAT DO YOU KNOW, there’s no water left.

For those of you who have successfully trained really stupid dogs, I NEED SOME ADVICE, YO!

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  1. By Denae on June 23, 2009

    We bought this for our dogs:

    but Mia ended up scared of the noise it made when the air bubbled so we ended up giving it to Will’s parents for their dog who did the same thing as Hank, and it worked.  It’s too heavy when it’s filled with water for the dog to turn it over and it refills itself, so you have to fill it up less often. Win - Win in my book.  I hope this helps.

  2. By Vicky on June 23, 2009

    We have the same thing as Denae above.  Our American Bulldog has a thing with dumping bowls over also. Except of course his dog food bowl. That is the only one plastic one not chewed on. 
    Oh and he ate a hole in my carpet!!!!!  Freaking puppies man.

  3. By A Free Man on June 24, 2009

    I have successfully trained a mortally stupid dog. What you have to do is let them get to be about 8 years old, then they start to settle down. Works wonderfully.


  4. By on June 25, 2009

    My brother and his wife have a totally insane dog who never, ever stops moving.  She paces all the time and is very thin because while she eats huge amounts of food, all that manic energy keeps her burning calories.  So, yes, she also always turns over her water dish, so they went to the local farm supply store (Tractor Supply Co, do you have those in CA?) and purchased a couple of 10 gallon plastic troughs that are shaped to fit in a corner.  Then they tied them down with those black rubber bungee strap things.  So now, while neither dog, the sane one nor the crazy one, turns over their water, they do like to sit in them.  Not exactly clean, but with 10 gallons, they don’t run out.





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