December 07, 2012

Someday I will write my daughters’ birth stories.

And I will write about breastfeeding during pregnancy.  And I will write about tandem nursing in those first few days postpartum.  And I will write about the difficulties I have encountered nursing Evelyn.  And I will write about the breast infection that nearly did me in last week.

Someday I will write about the photography projects I’ve been working on, about capturing the beauty of breastfeeding and the ecstasy of birth through a lens.  Someday I will write about the books we’ve been reading.  About the carriers we’ve been using.  About the seeds I’ve been dreaming of planting.

And I will write about the pride I feel when Charlotte speaks to me in French.  And I will write about her excitement upon celebrating St. Nicholas’ Day this year.  And I will write about the California native wildflowers we are going to plant together in the spring.

And someday I will write about Evie’s sleepy smiles.  And someday I will write about the bond Charlotte is developing with her father.  And someday I will write about how postpartum recovery went the second time around.


But for right now, it’s play-dates at the aquarium and twirling about in princess dresses.  It’s lazy mornings and apples with peanut butter for lunch.  It’s impossibly high-pitched voices and impossibly tiny hands.  It’s kisses and snuggles and painting all afternoon.  It’s taking walks and peeling tangerines and telling fairy tales.

There just doesn’t seem to be time for much else.

** Charlotte is three years and four months old.  Evie will be one month old tomorrow.

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  1. By on December 07, 2012

    Been thinking about you a whole bunch, and glad to hear an update. :-)

    When I first read through this real fast, I first read “peeing tangerines.“ I thought, wow….is that like peeing unicorns? Tee hee ;-)


  2. By Sara on December 07, 2012

    I love this - you all look so beautiful. And I love the wrap, I’m so afraid to use mine, but you and Evie look so cozy. I have a quick question for you - Maggie’s been really into nature and folk tales lately. I know you tell Native American stories to Charlotte, where do you find them? I have been looking for some to read to have in my arsenal (for when Maggie demands another story for the umpteenth time!)  Do you have any collections in a book that you can recommend?

    Ps: We did St. Nick’s day too - the girls get a book and an orange. And since then, Maggie puts her shoes at the fireplace every night. :)

    pps: Can’t wait to hear about the “some days!“

    ppss: I’m almost positive that we are going to send Maggie to a French immersion preschool too, has Char. language skills exploded with the experience?

  3. By on December 07, 2012

    I always love reading your posts.  We can all see how happy and in love you all are.  ♥

  4. By on December 07, 2012

    ...And when you write all that stuff it will be read with gratitude. For now, just as happy to see these pics!

  5. By tara pollard pakosta on December 11, 2012

    congrats on the baby girl~
    what a cutie!! love the name!
    I do love names with V’s in them.
    I have a Savannah and an Ava!






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